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Special Report on

Time off Trade Union Duties

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Trade union reps involved in collective bargaining have a right to paid time off to attend appropriate union courses. Consultative bodies under the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004 (ICE) and European Works Council reps do not have that right, but the guidance says it is good practice to allow it and even provide it. It also says employers should encourage reps and line managers to attend certain courses together. It recommends various ones - depending on circumstances - including representation, negotiating, equality issues and TUPE. "E-learning tools related to the role of union reps should be ...
employers and employees. In Canada, employment laws related to unionized workplaces are differentiated from those relating to particular individuals. In most countries however, no such distinction is made. However, there are two broad categories of labour law. First, collective labour law relates to the tripartite relationship between employee, employer and union. Second, individual labour law concerns employees' rights at work and through the contract for work. The labour movement has been instrumental in the enacting of laws protecting labour rights in the 19th and 20th centuries. Labour rights have been integral to the ...
Facility Time – Here we go again | STRONGER UNIONS
The Taxpayers Alliance -the group that is NOT an alliance of ordinary tax payers is once again speaking up for..well themselves really. Taking up the invitation recently extended by the government for suggestions from the public for laws they would like to see repealed, the Taxpayers Alliance has shown that it has its finger on the pulse of the nation and the real concerns of employers (no, not really) by suggesting that one of the laws that it would like to see repealed is the one that provides for paid facility time for union reps. This is the latest development in what appears to be a concerted attack by sections of the press ... market research, surveys and trends
» Blog Archive » Working Time Directive? Tachographs?
In the last issue of Call Sign, Alan (the Ed) stated that he would like to see just one driver trade group representing drivers. Whilst I can understand his thinking that this would give the trade a possibly much stronger voice than it has. I must disagree with him. I think it would actually weaken the trade. (Ed’s note: to save confusion, I suggested the LTDA)… Due to the forthcoming election, many Bills have been pushed through Parliament in a process known as the wash up with huge amounts of horse trading going on, whereby parties from all sides of the House have agreed to amendments to Bills that they would normally ... market research, surveys and trends


Foreign Labor Trends Report: United Kingdom 2006
ASHE the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (Office of national Statistics) is source for Nos. 32-35. SUMMARY OF MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS Government The United Kingdom has been governed since 1997 by the Labour Party, with party leader Tony Blair serving as Prime Minister. The Conservatives (Tory) and the Liberal Democrats are the major opposition parties. Labour has governed on a broad centrist platform advocating open and competitive markets, increased spending on public services, improvements in education, and fairness in the workplace. Tony Blair and the Labour Party ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Trade Protection: Incipient but Worrisome Trends - TRADE notes ...
Feb 9, 2009 ... the US direct subsidy of $17.4 billion to its three national companies, Canada, ... European Union, state aids may not be conditional on the location of ... severe pressures to wall off trade competition. ... imposition of duties grew by 22 percent. ... Italian contractors in oil refining at a time ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Will the Great "Pink Sheets Makeover" Work?
The American writer and satirist, Sam Ewing, once observed that inflation "is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars...back when you still had hair." All good tragedy has a little comedy in it, and vice-versa. The reader may like to decide which is most applicable to Mr. Ewing's remark. After three years of cheap, excessively irregular barber visits in the developing world, your editor today ventured into a first world salon across the street from the Fairmont Hotel, here in Vancouver, for a quick "short back and sides." Given ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Was Thomas Jefferson a Great President?
Was Thomas Jefferson a great president? One’s answer to that question depends on how one defines “greatness.” If we define greatness as how far a president leads the United States down its historically determined path toward the centralized interventionist state, then Jefferson fails to qualify. On the other hand, if we define greatness as how well a president defended the true and original principles of the federal Constitution and the economic and civil liberties for which Americans had fought the Revolution, then Jefferson deserves to be ranked among the better presidents. Yet he also deserves to be ranked ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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duties. Section 2 deals with time off for training of trade union officials ... paid time off for trade union duties could be claimed to those covered ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Interunion competition bleeds the NHS
linen, and worked up to more technical duties. However, the ..... ment consider that time off to attend a trade union meeting might lead to an improvement ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Freedom of Association (freedom1.htm) - Worker's activities
Trade union freedom has been solemnly proclaimed as a fundamental principle of Italian industrial relations by art. 39 of the Constitution (1947), declaring that "labour union organisation is free". This norm is, first of all, a confirmation of the more general principle of freedom of association sactioned by art. 18 of the same Constitution; the confirmation being necessary to mark beyond any doubt the distinction between present practice and that of the fascist regime. 2.- The notion of trade union freedom. Trade union freedom has traditionally been held to imply the right of individuals to organise, to join a union without ...
UK Employment Contract Issues
Without getting into details or asking for legal advice I am hoping to be steered in the right direction to find out what the situation is regarding taking time off for job interviews when you are coming to the end of a short term contract (1 year). I am sure i read that you have to be allowed some (within reason) time off. Can anyone confirm/deny/steer on this issue.   8:18 pm on Jul 12, 2004 (utc 0) I looked into this some time back when advising a friend re accepting a contract. She took several concerns, including yours, and had contract revised prior to signing - something to consider next time. A solicitor may be more ...
What is the law regarding hours for salaried workers? - Yahoo! Answers
I am currently working 80-90 hours per week but as I am salaried am not being paid for the extra time. My boss told me it was required to work at least 10 hours per day. Some days I don't even have time to use the restroom. If you are working so hard that you don't have time to eat or drink either, then you will not need to use the restroom. There is no rule, except maybe if you have an occupation that is regulated by OSHA it may limit you to 16 hours a day, so that, 7 X 16 = 112 hours per week which is less than 90 hours per week. Now if you had to work 113 hours a week then maybe you could complain. ...