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Special Report on

UAB Human Resources

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Needing to announce that the Scientific Writing Seminars (SWS) has a new name and wondering how to make that a bit more interesting for a blog post than, well, an announcement…I searched for “new name” on the internet.  I discovered this:   Getting tired of your name? Want to know what it feels like to be someone else? Can’t decide on a name for the baby? Fill out the form and let ( site name removed ) generate a brand new name for you! If you don’t like the name it chooses, click again! Wow!  Who knew?  So we plugged the Scientific Writing Seminar in and received this:  the CCTS Professional Skills ...
The schools have a total undergraduate and graduate enrollment of more than 49,000, with a little over 27,000 students in Tuscaloosa , just over 18,000 at Birmingham and 7,100 in Huntsville. The system operates on state appropriations, student tuition and fees, public and private grants and contracts, and revenue from the UAB Health System . The three universities' endowments are managed by the UAS office and have a total pooled value of $884 million.
Legal Schnauzer: Central Character In My Termination Bails Out At UAB
One couple's encounter with corrupt judges, slimy lawyers, and incompetent prosecutors in Alabama. . . and how you can avoid being cheated by the vermin who make a mockery of our justice system. The human-resources director who played a central role in my unlawful termination at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has left her position. Cheryl E.H. Locke became vice president for human resources and chief human resources officer at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina. Her appointment was effective October 20, 2008. Locke, a graduate of Brown University, had been chief human resources ... market research, surveys and trends
CyberCrime & Doing Time: Four Russian Spy couples (& two Solo Acts)
we looked at the Wireless Ad Hoc networks that are now part of SVR tradecraft. We'll look at the tradecraft in the rest of the case tomorrow, but for today we ask "Who are these people?" Donald Howard Heathfield and Tracey Lee Ann Foley were a couple in Boston, Massachusetts. They lived at 111 Trowbridge St., apartment number 9, in Cambridge, according to this piece from WBZ Boston . The FBI became suspicious of Donald, who was believed to be French Canadian, and spent much of his time in France and Europe, when they learned in 2005 that he was dead. The real Donald Howard Heathfield, who was Canadian, had ... market research, surveys and trends


UAB Hospital reports $57 million profit - Birmingham Business Journal
CEO Will Ferniany attributed the fiscal progress to improvements in investment returns. There were significant unrealized investment losses in 2008, Ferniany said in a written statement. “In 2009, the market’s recovery positively impacted investment income,” Ferniany said. “It’s important to note that UAB Hospital had a positive operating margin both years, and that it grew from $10.5 million in 2008 to $31 million in 2009, which is reflective of both revenue improvement and productivity improvement.” Ferniany said strong emphasis was placed on “organizational efficiency in supply ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Painful Prognosis: Teaching Hospitals Go Under the Knife -
If John Wayne were still making movies, his latest heroic appearance might be as a daring hospital administrator, bravely dodging budget cuts while rallying his troops to fight on, even as courageous comrades fall lifeless on the battlefield. University Hospital Executive Director Martin Nowak has watched with a strategic eye over the past two years as peer institutions across the nation have fallen victim to massive budget shortfalls induced by the 1997 Balanced Budget Act. A snapshot of those institutions includes: The University of Pennsylvania, which lost $90 million in 1998. Georgetown University Medical Center, which lost ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Top nurses from around world come to UAB to learn more
Nurses from Zambia and Latin America are spending three weeks learning leadership skills at UAB to help improve health in their own countries and beyond. Here, Cleopatra Chimfwembe and Rodgers Siyingwa of Zambia pose at a reception held in the group's honor. (The Birmingham News / Jeff Roberts) At home in Chile, Patricia Fernandez directs the nursing program at a university in the capital city of Santiago. But here in Birmingham, Fernandez is getting the chance to be a student again, this time at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She's learning about nursing leadership and management -- basically, how to teach ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


UAB Human Resources Employment Division
Dec 18, 2006 ... Responding to eLinks for Hiring Managers. UAB Human Resources. Employment Division. Responding to eLinks for Hiring Managers at UAB ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Award#0737703 - UAB-Birmingham Consortium for Advanced Education ...
J. Michael Wyss (Principal Investigator) John Mayer (Co-Principal Investigator) David Radford (Co-Principal Investigator) Alan Shih (Co-Principal Investigator) Jeffrey Gray (Co-Principal Investigator) University of Alabama at Birmingham AB 1170 Birmingham, AL 35294 205/934-5266 ABSTRACT The proposed University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) ITEST Youth Based Project draws on the strengths of several units at UAB to facilitate high-end information technology ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Welcome to UAB Employment
Procedures have been implemented to ensure that University employees with work assignments at University Hospital are in compliance with guidelines of the Joint Commission. The university is changing its job application process so that UAB employees seeking new job opportunities will be given priority to apply over external candidates.  The change will benefit employees, the hiring departments and Human Resources. For a complete listing of university job vacancies, please go to the BrassRing University external gateway. For more information, click here .   The Employment Division of the UAB Office of Human Resources ...
Google Answers: Teaching on an MBA course in Barcelona
I want to approach universities in Barcelona and ask to teach a module on an MBA course or something similar. TYhe modules would be on Sarbanes Oxley, audit and Infomation Security - very relevant to Barcelona because it seeks to attract foreign companies as a host for shared services and relevant to universities because it is such an 'employable' feature on a degree. There are public and private and foreign universities in Barcelona - how do I package such an application, who do I make it to? How do I make it attractive? What shall I charge, do I need course materials in advance, what references shall I offer? ...
Can anyone provide a link to stainless steel rod torque ...
Need to know SS alloy (such as 304, 316, etc.), setup / configuration (maybe a sketch), and application or failure mode (yield, ultimate, too much deflection, etc.). For a 9/16 inch rod that is 12 ft long, it won't be much (unless it is well supported). Hope that helps. posted 4 months ago Principal Jack at The Modern Jacks see all my answers Ron, I know just enough about metallurgy to make a mess out of trying to answer the question, but I will tell you that you will need to know more information than you provided. Typically, torque, or foot pounds stress on steal has as much to do with the precise type of steel (not ...