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Special Report on

UBC Human Resources

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With award-winning research projects and outstanding contributions from the field of medicine to the theatre, the work of our faculty is recognized globally through many of these significant awards. Charles A. McDowell Award for Excellence in Research The award will be made to an outstanding young member of the faculty of UBC who has demonstrated excellence in pure or applied scientific research. not more than 12 greater than the year they received the PhD degree. Alfred Scow Award This award is granted to an undergraduate program or department that has contributed to student development in honour of Alfred Scow’s ...
Under the terms of the Canada Health Act, all "insured persons" (basically, legal residents of Canada, including permanent residents ) are entitled to receive "insured services" without copayment . Such services are defined as medically necessary services if provided in hospital, or by 'practitioners' (usually physicians). 2 Approximately 70% of Canadian health expenditures come from public sources, with the rest paid privately (both through private insurance, and through out-of-pocket payments). The extent of public financing varies considerably across services. For example, approximately 99% of ...
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The Benchmark Report provides recruitment and retention indicators and is an important resource for those who work in human resources at the university.  The Focus on People Annual Report features a collection of anecdotal stories that illustrate the university’s commitment to creating an outstanding workplace experience. to top The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBC announces a change in leadership effective immediately. Sid Katz , Managing Director, begins his transition to other roles at UBC following a one-year administrative leave of absence.  Long-time Chan Centre staff members Joyce Hinton and Cameron McGill take ... market research, surveys and trends
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is single sign-on authentication system of UBC. It is designed to provide you access to online applications of UBC with the same username and password. A CWL account presently offers you access to the Student Information System, the Library, myUBC, WebCT or BlackBoard Vista, and more…. There are three different CWL account types designed for a particular segment of the UBC community. Standard Accounts, Guest Accounts, and Basic Accounts are the types of CWL accounts. Standard accounts are for students, staff, and faculty who have active employee or student ID numbers. Screenshot of Standard accounts ... market research, surveys and trends


Agreement on Salary and Economic Benefits - UBC Human Resources
a) "Continuing member of the bargaining unit" means a person who was a member of the bargaining unit on (1) June 30, 2006 and who continues to be a member of the bargaining unit (after July 1, 2006), (2) June 30, 2007 and who continues to be a member of the bargaining unit (after July 1, 2007), (3) June 30, 2008 and who continues to be a member of the bargaining unit (after July 1, 2008), and/or (4) June 30, 2009 and who continues to be a member of the bargaining unit (after July 1, 2009), but does not include any Sessional Lecturer; b) "Sessional Lecturer" means a person who was appointed as a Sessional ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Milestones - University of British Columbia 2008 / 2009 Annual Report
UBC Thunderbird swimming sensation Annamay Pierse received the Borden Ladner Gervais award as Female Athlete of the Year. Photo: Rich Lam / UBC Athletics The Rashpal Dhillon Track and Field Oval, partly funded by Peter Dhillon and family, is part of the Thunderbird Park redevelopment. Photo: Rich Lam / UBC Athletics Bridging the sciences of grape growing (viticulture) and winemaking (enology), the Centre has attracted world-renowned scientists and close to $17 million in research funding. Of that, a new $3.4 million project funded by Genome Canada and Genome BC will help unlock the genetic secrets of grapevines and wine yeasts ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
City talks budget cuts, taxes
City commissioners discussed possible budget cuts and revenue sources at an annual planning session June 29 but no commitments were made. City Manager Michael Czymbor started the discussion by saying that the public doesn't understand the meaning of the proposed rollback property tax rate. According to City Finance Director Patti Clifford, the rollback rate keeps the same amount of property tax dollars coming into the city whether property values increase or decrease. "Historically, the millage rate was going down, but now that we're having (properties decrease in value) the opposite has to happen," Clifford ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Somalia/Uganda: Profiteers of terrorism other than those labeled "terrorists"
          “Like many of my countrymen who tasted the brunt of brutal suppression in the most cynical Machiavelli style rule under Meles Zenawi, I do know that what he touches or where treads will not be peaceful. On the contrary, what he does in collusion with the big powers of the world, may turn Somalia into Africa’s Lebanon, and Ethiopia into Africa’s Syria.So,I am afraid the bombs will go on to wreak much havoc.”                 May 22, 2007 on The New Vision letter column, Kiflu Hussain Introduction ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


HR Networks Report - UBC Human Resources Open Space June 12, 2006
Jun 12, 2006 ... UBC Human Resources Open Space. June 12, 2006. How can we build stronger and more effective working relationships between the many people ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Populus Genome Science Plan:
Identified human resources (May 2003). Canada: – Laval University: 1 post- doctoral fellow dedicated to Populus genome. – UBC: ?? Belgium ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Human Resources Research Guide: NCSU Libraries
Scholarly literature or articles that report on original research are indexed in databases that help you explore and find out what has been published on a given topic or subject. Although many of these databases contain full text articles, the original and key function they serve is to help keep track of the scholarly work being produced world wide, often organized around academic disciplines. Articles are published in journals and other types of periodical publications whether online or in print. The library subscribes to many of these publications and offers Tripsaver service for accessing articles that exist beyond our local ...
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How would you define the term "human business team"? | LinkedIn ...
That is an intriguing question indeed Perry! At first thought I am compelled to go in a number of directions with a definition but my mind is leading me towards the following definition: A human business team is an entity made up of professionals trained/blessed with the skills and abilities to use past experiences both work and personal as well as modern social media and other technological tools for the betterment of a companies human resources, marketing, sales, public relations, communications and overall management efforts! Just my thoughts! posted 3 months ago Master of Business Leadership, Founder | Author | CXO/BoD Coach ...
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Queen's MBA is the best MBA in Canada and the first-ranked international school, according to Business Week magazine's influential ranking of the world's top schools outside the United States… Email : 2.University of Toronto Program: Management/MBA Programs Location: Toronto, Ontario The JD/MBA Program is a four-year combined degree offered by the Faculty of Law and the Rotman School of Management. At the completion of the four-year integrated program, the successful ... email :