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Understanding the emotional labor process

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This monograph advances and tests a model proposing that changes in performance levels, rates of absenteeism, and turnover are best described by a nonlinear interactive process that is controlled by the subject's abilities, intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors, and organizational climate variables. In an application to academic performance, changes in grade point average from high school to college were observed for 272 freshmen at a midwestern technical university. Operationalized control variables were American College Test scores plus others selected from the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory. Squared multiple ...
is a form of emotional regulation wherein workers are expected to display certain emotions as part of their job, and to promote organizational goals. The intended effects of these emotional displays are on other, targeted people, who can be clients, customers, subordinates or co-workers. 1 Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
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Lijiang session I proposed a new statistical method, most of all experts present here today, I think we can further develop this train of thought. Since October 2008 I was emotional at the bottom of CCTV say when the concept of emotional bottom that I am using four quantitative indicators to give you Interpretation. First, the dividend rate of more than deposit rates; second, the historical price-earnings ratio close to or above the lowest point; third, shares break rate of more than 30%; the fourth, breaking all listed companies net rate of more than 12%. This is when I talk about the stock market into a state of extreme ... market research, surveys and trends
The Marketing Mama Blog: The Secret of Birth (Guest Post)
As a doula, people often ask me, “Why in the world would anyone want to go through childbirth without an epidural or drugs? The drugs are there, so why not take them?” I’ve attended about 50 births. Many of those where unmedicated births, and nearly of all those women pursued medication-free births with their subsequent births, as well. If childbirth is so painful and horrible, as we are often lead to believe, why do so many women who’ve been through it want to do it again? Well, my friends, there is a secret about birth. It’s not that giving birth is hard. We all know that. The secret is that birth ... market research, surveys and trends


An Alternative To Bureaucratic Impersonality And Emotional Labor ...
People constantly experience emotions, yet in organizational theory, as in organizational life, the exploration of emotions has been largely deemphasized, marginalized, or ignored. Impersonal criteria for making decisions and restraints on emotional expression at work have long been the hallmarks of bureaucracy (e.g., Weber, 1946, 1981). Recent work has broken this emotional taboo, exploring how certain organizations require the expression of particular emotions at work to maximize organizational productivity, an aspect of job performance that has been labeled emotional labor (Hochschild, 1983). Van Maanen and Kunda (1989) and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Overview of Economic, Social, & Demographic Trends Affecting the ...
Table 3: Percent of Women in the Labor Force in Various Types of Families: ... BLS projections imply that over the next decade, 40 million people will ..... The struggle to juggle work and family likely takes a toll on the emotional health of parents— ..... improving their understanding of the production process . ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Early Childhood Attachment: Building a 'Safe-Haven' for You Child
Recently at a restaurant, I watched a woman trying to have lunch with a friend as she struggled with her two-year-old daughter. The little girl whined and clung to her pant leg like a kitten to a silk drape. Nothing shook her off. She tried to distract her with crayons. She told her to "stop it" in more ways than I could remember--sweetly, firmly, commandingly, pleadingly. Finally, irritated and frustrated with the situation, she yelled at her, "Do you want me to take you home? Then sit still!" Lucky (at least in short-term considerations) for the mother, the child did. She pouted, hurt and confused, and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Training, education key to safe global auto workplaces
As companies as diverse as Nike and Wal-Mart can attest, long global supply chains and extensive operations in fast-developing countries in Asia and other regions create risks that can be difficult to manage from headquarters in the United States. In an unfolding case that has been front page news around the world this spring and summer, an electronics supplier in southern China has been accused of creating working conditions critics say may have contributed to the suicides of 10 employees at a sprawling, 300,000-worker factory. All the facts aren't in yet, and the company may have done nothing wrong. But the controversy ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Emotional Labor: Why and How to Teach It
Understanding the emotional labor process: A control theory perspective. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 24, 945-959. Emotional Labor: Why and How to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NORA : NORA Symposium 2008 Poster 004 | CDC/NIOSH
Emotional labor and burnout have been the focus and concern of industrial-organizational psychologists for years. Although the positive correlation between emotional labor and burnout has been documented beyond doubt, research is still warranted in the area of moderators that influence this positive correlation. Most employees or workers are also parents with responsibilities towards their family, especially their children. Research has shown that work-family interplay has tremendous impact on a worker’s physical and psychological health. Considering the inevitable influence on work-family ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Episodic Processes in Emotional Labor: Perceptions of Affective ...
Therefore, if we are to better understand the process of emotional labor, we should examine it within a similarly time-bound, epi- sodic framework. ...
Coping with Change in the Workplace
In today�s business climate companies are forced to implement sweeping changes in an effort to grow and survive. A knowledge-based economy and global transformations require swift adjustments. This environment presents new challenges and demands for everyone, from the board and CEO to the entry-level employee. Change is and always has been an inevitable part of life. But for most people change and adversity are difficult paths to traverse, especially in our work settings where the challenges may abruptly alter the course of one�s career and lifestyle. Employees fear losing their jobs, or get transferred to ...
Emotion or Intelligence which should be more in the managerial ...
A good decision has the right balance between the emotional and intellectual aspects. In general neither can do without the other. It depends on the issue wether one of the aspects needfs more imput then the other. posted 4 months ago Satish, it greatly depends on situation. Decission making is all about taking tough decissions at times and striking the right balance is what is expected. Some times, decissions can be brain centered or Heart centred. posted 4 months ago Passionate Technology Development Leader, Nerd Herder, Geek Wrangler, Mentor and Motivator. see all my answers Best Answers in: Government Policy (2) Hi Satish, ...