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Special Report on

Understanding the Minimum Wage

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The starting point here is the standard neoclassical analysis. The clue to understanding the minimum wage debate is the nature of the labour market in determining the overall level of employment and unemployment. The standard textbook treatment shows that if average wages are held at a minimum above the equilibrium wage then labour supply exceeds labour demand, resulting in unemployment. There is considerable empirical research on the labour market in Australia and the effect of rises in average wages on employment (see, for instance, Lewis and Seltzer 1996; ...
has been a challenge as there is no official government measure. There is an ongoing debate in Canada about whether a relative measure of poverty, or absolute measure of poverty, is more valid. Currently, an income inequality measure known low income cut-off published by Statistics Canada is frequently used as a poverty rate and is 10.8% as of 2005. 1 It is used by statistics collators like the Central Intelligence Agency in lieu of an official measure, noting that a relative measure results in a higher poverty figure than an absolute one. The Fraser Institute, a conservative think-tank, alleges that the federal Canadian ...
minimum wage 101
Devoted to political news and analysis, with a focus on election predictions and commentary. Began as an electoral vote prediction blog for the 2008 election, exactly projecting the popular vote percentages and correctly picking the winner of 48 out of 50 states. Taking a break from analysis of political news, polls and projections is something that I've only done a few times in this space. But, with congress on it's Easter recess, the news cycle relatively slow (unless you want me to do a history on bowing to Saudi Arabian leaders or whether Lindsay Lohan should get the rights to do a Fleetwood Mac movie), I thought ... market research, surveys and trends
unintended but foreseeable harms of the minimum wage
Understanding the minimum wage, and why an increase will be harmful to those it is meant to help, requires thinking beyond stage one. Commentary by David R. Henderson in the August 1, 2006 Wall Street Journal shows how the unintended effects may harm those who are still working after an increase in the minimum wage: … because the minimum wage does not make employees automatically more productive, employers who must pay higher wages will look for other ways to compensate: by cutting non-wage benefits, by working the labor force harder, or by cutting training. Interestingly, the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a ... market research, surveys and trends


The restaurant and hotel industries account for nearly seven percent of all jobs in the U.S. economy ... population of 22.8 million individuals. ..... A landmark guide to understanding the minimum wage, Employment ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Observations: 12/1/06 - 1/1/07
inconvenient things as truth and facts that contradict their perspective, but while so many of the good things that have happened there are kept off newscasts and newspapers in favor of the bad things, only a fool would pretend that no good results have been produced. The birth of democracy, like human birth, is never without pain, and difficult births are more painful yet. Where on Earth could circumstances exist that are more difficult for democracy to blossom than in Iraq, with its centuries-old culture of antithetical dictatorial repression? Yet, in three separate elections millions of Iraqis made a clear statement that they ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Fooled By Stimulus: Economists Still Missing The Huge Economic Regime Change
Bill Watkins, a California Lutheran University professor, provides a nice summary on New Geography of the failure of various stimulus efforts to do anything meaningful in the wake of a collapse by Lehman, a collapse he says is a "regime shift". Please consider Flexible Forecasting: Looking for the Next Economic Model by Bill Watkins. The world changed in September 2008. We call it a regime shift. It's a move from one (good) equilibrium to another (bad) equilibrium. Statistical models that worked well in the old regime don’t work in the new regime. We hustled to adjust our models, but admitted that ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Govt can't address all wage demands now
Financial constraints may prevent the Government from meeting some of its commitments and may also prevent it from acting on some of the proposals that the National Trade Union Movement (Natuc) put to Finance Minister Winston Dookeran last week at a meeting between them. Natuc President Michael Annisette led a team that met with Finance Minister Winston Dookeran at the minister’s office. The meeting discussed Natuc’s proposals for the upcoming budget. “The Finance Minister alluded to the fact that there may be constraints in trying to meet its commitments from different sectors of the national community. We raised the important ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


A Guide to Understanding the Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws for ...
Aug 21, 2009 ... A Guide to Understanding the Minimum Wage and. Overtime Laws for Household Employers. By Evan M. Gilder. This Complimentary Document is ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Minimum Wage
Washington’s minimum wage applies to workers in both agriculture and non-agricultural jobs, although 14- and 15-year-olds may be paid 85% of the minimum wage, or $7.27 an hour. Initiative 688, approved by Washington voters in 1998, requires L&I to make a cost-of-living adjustment to the minimum wage each year based on the federal Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W). See the September 29, 2009 news release . No increase to Washington’s minimum wage in 2010 See a History of Washington State's Minimum Wage by year. L&I recommends that businesses post this poster in their ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Minimum Wage Matters - Increasing the minimum wage may not help ...
The impact of increases in the minimum wage has long caused controversy in political and management circles. Supporters of regular increases argue that those raises are necessary to keep working people from falling below the poverty line. Opponents contend that the increases actually prevent less qualified workers from entering the labor pool because employers can no longer afford to hire them. Unfortunately, little data existed to support either side, until now. Recently, a Kellogg professor helped to build a model that gives an unexpected answer to the question in one particular type of situation: the service sector that ...
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What would happen if Kovalchuk is paid below 'minimum wage ...
Well, I guess my first question is— is the NHL minimum wage a minimum salary per season, or is it a minimum cap hit? Example: minimum is $500,000 as an example. Could a player make $400,000 one year, and then $1,000,000 next year to be above the minimum? If it is a cap hit, ignore the rest: Kovalchuk's deal is a very long deal, most likely front loaded with his salary decreasing as it goes on. 17 years is a long ways away... is it possible that by the end of Kovalchuk's contract, he will earn what would be below minimum wage? And if this is the case, what would happen in this scenario? Member since: September ...
What do you think the minimum wage should be? - Yahoo! Answers
I think $10 per hour is a good minimum wage. Certainly WalMart, Target etc will be upset about it and that’s why this measure is not coming up. My logic: $10 per hour at 40 hour per week goes to about $1600 per month. This amounts to less than $20k per annum and two people (husband wife) can make their family run at about $40k per annum. Of course this assumes that wife can work all the time (for example pregnancy will stop it from happening). I don’t think one can have a family in less than $40K per annum amount. Some of you will say that $40K is not a good enough amount for a family of four or five. I do agree, but hey, right ...