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Special Report on

Union Shop Provisions

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The Human Services Policy Center (HSPC) is a research center at the Evans School of Public Affairs. The Center pairs applied analytic research with the promotion of policies that improve the lives of children, families, and communities. The Center addresses issues that matter to families, with special attention to the needs of those who are disadvantaged and focuses on policies affecting health, education, safety and economic well-being. Learn more about us by visiting our website at General Duties/Description : This position will work on developing maps using ArcGIS for a project analyzing the supply & demand of ...
One high-ranking Chicago Teamsters leader noted in 1954, "He is the mob. When he opens his mouth, it's the syndicate talking." 2 Glimco was active in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) and a close associate of Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa . He was a capo in the Chicago Outfit , an organized crime syndicate, and oversaw the syndicate's labor racketeering efforts. 1 3 He worked closely with Tony "Joe Batters" Accardo , who led the Chicago Outfit from 1947 to 1957, and Sam "Momo" Giancana , who led the syndicate from 1957 to 1966. 4 5 A United States Senate committee once ...
TA – Program on the Environment
is designed to teach students about the disciplinary roots, definitions, and theories of sustainability, while concurrently engaging them in a hands-on exploration of the sustainable – or not – practices at the UW. Autumn 2010, 9/16/2010 to 12/15/2010 Winter 2011, 12/16/2010 to 3/15/2011 Spring 2011, 3/16/2011 to 6/15/2011 For information on the course, see: What they’re looking for - TA Position: PoE is looking for a graduate student to serve as the FYI instructor. Qualities of the ideal instructor include: # Demonstrated experience mentoring ... market research, surveys and trends
Graduate Research Assistantship – Center for Information and ...
The Center for Information & Society (CIS) is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research center focusing on the impact of information and communication technologies on different aspects of society. Our mission is to provoke discussion; engage policymakers; and empower communities, public and private organizations and enterprises, governments, and individuals to make knowledgeable and well-considered decisions. The CIS is currently seeking a research assistant to support one of the Center’s projects. The RA will assist in a project titled Investigating the Social and Economic Impact of Public Access to Information and ... market research, surveys and trends


Presidents Bush and Obama. While this distinction may seem obvi ...
ment workers are members of unions, compared to just 7 percent of ... about $2 billion of union dues and fees a year. Greenhut describes ... collective bargaining and “union shop” provisions. Presumably, the public sector problems that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Public sector compensation is becoming a high-profile policy issue. While private sector wages and benefits have stagnated during the recession, many governments continue to increase compensation for public sector workers. At the same time, there are growing concerns about huge underfunding in public sector retirement plans across the nation. This article examines the compensation of state and local workers, who account for 20 million of the 23 million civilian government workers in the United States.1 State and local workers include teachers, college instructors, police officers, health care administrators, and many other ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mom-and-pop shop faces health care dilemma
Mike and Barbara Obermeier look up a part number Friday at their family-owned hardware store in Rockport. Barbara Obermeier suffers from multiple sclerosis, and the self-employed couple were forced to drop health insurance coverage for their employees to pay for her medications. ROCKPORT, Ind. — Ask Mike Obermeier and he will tell you without question that health care reform is needed. After all, Obermeier said, until recently the United States was one of the few developed countries in the world without a national health care policy. But for Obermeier, the health reform legislation enacted by Congress earlier this year may ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Unions to protest at widening the 90-day law
Prime Minister John Key faces a fiery reception at National's annual conference tomorrow as unions kick off a campaign against employment changes they say could affect hundreds of thousands of workers. Mr Key is expected to outline changes that include allowing all workplaces to use the 90-day probation provisions that presently cover only employers with fewer than 20 staff. Extending the 90-day law could be the most divisive change since National took office, and Mr Key will be confronted with a large union protest when he arrives at Auckland's SkyCity to unveil the plans. Unions have reacted angrily to a blanket ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Public Sector Unions and the Rising Costs of Employee Compensation
Union shop provisions require employees to become dues-paying members of unions, while agency shop provisions require workers to either join the union or ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
U.S. Department of Labor -- History -- Glossary
AGENCY SHOP: A union security clause whereby all members of a bargaining unit must pay a service fee, the equivalent of dues, whether or not they are union members. AMERICAN PLAN: A post‑World War I employer movement which stressed freedom of industry to manage its business without union interference. APPRENTICE: An individual in training for a skilled trade. ARBITRATION: The referral of collective bargaining or grievance disputes to an impartial third party. Usually the arbitrator's decision is final and binding, although there is "advisory arbitration" in which the decision of the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Utah History Encyclopedia
In 1955 Utah's predominantly Mormon and Republican legislature passed its version of a "right-to-work" law and Governor J. Bracken Lee, a conservative non-Mormon Republican, signed the bill. Utah thus became the eighteenth state, and one of the few outside the South, to enact this type of legislation. The passage and retention of this law, outlawing all forms of union security in Utah, has deep historical roots associated with the locally dominant Mormon Church, which has had a long history of conflict with the labor union movement. The beginning of official church resistance to union security provisions, usually ...
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Labor Unions: Union, union labor contract agreement collective ...
Can a company not renewal a union contact when it is up for renewal,dropping the union all together? Or can a company upon renewal of the contact eliminate one group of employees (Maintenance vs Custodial) from a union contact in a closed shop where every staff member must entered into the union contact upon employment?   Thanks in advance for your help!! Answer Aloha, Sandy: Let me attempt to answer your question in two parts, first: You asked, "Can a company not renew a union contract when it is up for renewal,dropping the union all together?" The answer is yes and no, depending on the circumstances.  The ...
What are the relevant laws that regulate employee speech in the ...
Thanks for the responses. The question was overly broad, and so to clarify: Can an employee claim first amendment protection if he or she refuses to use specific employer-crafted scripts or statements in addressing customers? For instance, can a waiter refuse to ask, "Do you have room for desert today?" if the employer has mandated this even though the waiter believes that a particular customer would be harmed by the additional calories? Location specific: Greater Atlanta Area posted February 9, 2007 in Corporate Law , Contracts | Closed Share This Business and Technology Lawyer see all my answers This was selected as Best Answer