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Special Report on

Vulnerability of Appreciative Inquiry

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This chapter offers a distinction between traditional bureaucracy and an emerging organizational form, which we call positive organization, a byproduct of intervention techniques such as appreciative inquiry. We suggest that the root of the distinction lies in positive organization's greater reliance on a heretofore underexploited institutional pillar (Scott, 2001), which we label the relational–emotional. The relational–emotional pillar, unlike its regulative, normative and cultural-cognitive counterparts, owes its potency to attachment phenomena (Bowlby, 1969). We expand on the distinction by viewing the positive ...
Appreciative Inquiry: Generating Questions of Change : Outlook For ...
Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is increasingly recognized as a powerful tool in organizational change but its popularity is creating a few problems. Its positive approach to handling change projects has been potentially over-emphasized, leading to a vulnerability to being labeled as a fad and irrelevant to the often harsh realities of organizational life, according to Gervase Bushe, an AI Consultant and Professor at Simon Fraser University*. He argues that change agents need to better understand AI by grasping its central contribution - the idea of generativity. But what does this mean? Generative Inquiry: The Capacity to Question market research, surveys and trends
The Divine Community, the Church, and the Hospitality of the World ...
Today, I’d like to share some images and stories. Yesterday, we heard in Luke 10 about the sending of the disciples in mission across lines of cultural and social difference to rely upon the hospitality of the world. Today, I want to go deeper with you into the theme of hospitality and mission. I’d like to begin with God, the great host of the universe, and explore with you what it means to participate in the life and hospitality of the divine community. This image is perhaps the most famous Russian icon ever painted, Andrei Rublev’s “Holy Trinity,” from around 1410. Rublev interprets the three strangers who visit Abraham and ... market research, surveys and trends


Social Development
The future of Ethiopia’s drought-threatened agriculture is in the hands of the country’s resourceful women farmers, Development Marketplace 2009 winner Ehsan Dulloo says. Dulloo calls the women Ethiopian agriculture's “primary seed custodians.”  They’re the ones who “have to confront significant uncertainty in the climate every year and regularly face food shortages as crops fail,” he says.  That’s why Dulloo and the Institute of Bioversity Conservation in Addis Ababa – where he is a scientist – developed the winning project Seeds for Needs .  ( P ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Global warming to cost us
Global warming is known to be destructive, but a study released Wednesday shows it also will be expensive, costing Washington state and its residents millions of dollars in higher prices and remedial measures. Climate and economics (on right side of page): Greenhouse gases: Climbing temperatures over the next 40 years will boost the cost of timber, water and crops, cause twice the wildfire damage that occurs now, exacerbate health issues and require expensive shoring-up to avoid damage to Tacoma, Willapa Bay and other low-lying areas. Those are the top-level conclusions reached ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Generativity and the Transformational Potential of Appreciative ...
sense of vulnerability and trust will be ..... of the symposium, 20 Years of Appreciative Inquiry: The Best of the Past, Present, and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
workshop on Appreciative Inquiry (AI) was therefore conducted from 31 ...... Internal Report 15 Reducing Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS among COMPASS Grantees ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Vulnerability of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in Collaborative Open ...
Vulnerability of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in Collaborative Open and Distance Learning (AICODL) for Achieving Developmental Goals Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Secondary Teacher Education Department, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan Abstract The paper postulates that open learning approach is not self-sufficient in itself unless it appreciatively and positively shares the program development and implementation with other stakeholders. The concept assumes that development is essentially about systematic, open and deliberate application of appropriate policies and utilization of resources. AICODL may feature consensus ...
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Corey here again. My question today is in reference to my previous post about whether my meeting with a certain guy was a date. It seemed that most of you thought it was a date. Well, let me give you an overview what has developed since then. We met for dinner for 2 hours in the city he just left and enjoyed each other's company. His response was that he looked forward to more fascinating conversations in the future. I took this to mean that a second date was not out of the question. Well, now he has moved to my city and we have begun working as colleagues. We've met a total of two or three times, sometimes alone to go ...