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Welcome to cadre!

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The CADRE workshop produced recommendations from six working groups:  Neutrality and objectivity in CADRe processes, Integrating CADRe into NEPA, Education and Training in CADRe, Community Building and Outreach – the Wiki, CADRe software and models, and  Research Needs: Neutrality and objectivity in CADRe processes – CADRe is predominantly a social and political process and not a scientific process.  The objective of a CADRe process is to arrive at informed conclusions about how a public resource should be managed given public preferences and values.  All people have prejudices and ...
The Industrial Workers of the World, despite running on an autonomous and libertarian framework, it is not politically aligned, and to call it a specific Anarchist organisation would be wrong to do so. However, many people do consider the IWW as an Anarchist union.
In Other News, The Earth Is Flat
The climate scientists at the centre of a media storm were today cleared of accusations that they fudged their results and silenced critics to bolster the case for man-made global warming. The damage has already been done. What’s of interest to me here is not the clearing of data – that’s never in doubt – but that the media has given so much attention to it. It provides ammunition (albeit blank) to people who deny manmade climate change exists. You know, the people who, purely on a hunch or because they read something in a newspaper, deny the massive increase in global mean temperature is anything to do with our ... market research, surveys and trends
CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NEWS: Restructuring of Cadre of ...
Subject:- Restructuring of Cadre of Artisan staff in Defence Establishments in modification of recommendations of 6th CPC. Sir, The matter regarding revision of pay scale of Master Craftsman in Defence Establishments has been under consideration of the Government of quite some time. Now in partial modification of the 6th CPC recommendations made in para 3.8.27 of its report and amendment made in Civilian in Defence Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, vide SRO 11(E) dated 28.8.2009, I am directed to convey the sanction of the President of restructuring of cadre of Artisan Staff in Defence Establishment as under, 2. The grade ... market research, surveys and trends


US NSF - News - NSF Director Arden L. Bement, Jr., FY 2011 Budget ...
Good afternoon, everyone and welcome to the National Science Foundation. I appreciate your interest in the agency and that you have taken the time from your busy schedules to attend our FY2011 Budget Request presentation. Google the word "innovation" and you will be presented with the words of Jefferson, Edison, Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Woody Allen and Willard Pollard, the chairman of the board of the Fortune 500 Company ServiceMaster. It is Pollard, interestingly enough, who may have made the most apt remark for today; "Learning and innovation go hand in hand," he said. "The arrogance of success is to think that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Poll: Jerry Brown Still Leads In California Governor's Race
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Democrat Jerry Brown may still be the presumed front-runner in next year's California governor's race, but a new poll indicates he shouldn't take that position for granted. A survey released Wednesday by the Public Policy Institute of California shows Brown would best any of the three Republicans vying for their party's nomination but would not have a 50 percent majority against any of them. In a matchup against billionaire former eBay chief executive Meg Whitman, Brown leads just 43 percent to 37 percent. Brown, the state's attorney general and a former two-term governor, has ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Welcome to the Naval Academy: 'You're too slow!'
Thursday was Induction Day at the U.S. Naval Academy, and 1,247 new plebe candidates showed up for the first step toward being a Naval officer. CNET Road Trip 2010 was on hand. Here, the plebes are taught to 'plebe their covers,' otherwise known as hold their hats. (Credit: Daniel Terdiman/CNET) ANNAPOLIS, Md.--With a grin, the plebe candidate approached Station 18, the last one before he'd hand over his freedom. The good nature wasn't returned. Enjoy that grin, the cadre member's scowl seemed to say. "This is your last chance to smile, big guy." This was I-Day at the United States Naval ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Selebi conviction 'a positive development'
Comment on former police national commissioner Jackie Selebi's corruption conviction in the South Gauteng High Court last Friday continued to draw reaction on Monday. "The outcome of the Selebi corruption case is certainly a positive development, because it demonstrates that not all senior ANC politicians are above the law," Democratic Alliance spokesperson Dianne Kohler Barnard said. However, the case should in retrospect serve to highlight two particular issues. Firstly, the essential role played by the former Directorate of Special Operations (Scorpions), which was controversially disbanded last year, in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Transcript for Listening
Welcome to CADRE's presentation on Listening. CADRE, as you may know, is the national technical assistance center for dispute resolution in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
CADRE TEAM MEMBER - Washington State Military Department - Welcome
Jan 13, 2009 ... The Washington Military Department is now recruiting for Cadre Team Members for the emerging Washington Youth Academy in Bremerton, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Cadre | Central Michigan University
LTC Aaron E. Kalloch, US Army, arrives at CMU as the Professor and Chair of the Military Science Department. He spent the last five years in the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas where he served as a Brigade Logistics Officer, Infantry Battalion Operations Officer, Brigade Executive Officer, Division Chief of Training, Division Rear Operations Officer, and Division Chief of Operations. During that time he twice served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, March 2004 – March 2005 and July 2006 – June 2007. Previously he served as an Assistant Professor and Director of the Military Art and ...
  1. profile image SamiObamat Welcome to the Naval Academy: 'You're too slow!': "Watches aren't allowed until the last week. Then (the cadre) wi...
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Some Sobering Realities About AdSense
As a moderator, I feel a little embarrassed to jump back in here, not having posted for quite some time. At one point I was ill, but I also I haven't been posting in this forum out of disquietude over my recent personal experiences with AdSense. For a couple of years I enjoyed a steady increase in AdSense revenues and reached a point where, in spite of the usual fluctuations, my sites running AdSense saw healthy income growth. No sooner did I become a moderator for this forum, than I began to witness a fairly dramatic falloff in revenue despite increasing impressions and clicks. My eCPM began to take some big hits on a ...
"Finding faces" is frozen - Picasa Help
A few days ago, I enabled name tags and Picasa Web (PW) found all the faces, I tagged them, and all was well in the world. I am about to undertake a great quest of scanning old family pictures and assembling a big album with all people properly tagged. To prepare for this I disabled, then re-enabled name tags through PW in an effort to clear out all the old tags I had made. It now seems to be broken, and all I see is this: Finding faces... Waiting to process photos (there may be a delay). Scanning will not be interrupted if you navigate away from this page. The first time I enabled it everything was scanned in under a minute, ...