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Why office politics sells

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A new forecast released Thursday shows the state's economy is recovering, but not fast enough to forestall yet another multi-billion budget shortfall next year. The governor's budget office projects state lawmakers will face around a $3 billion gap when they start writing a new two-year budget in January. It would be the third year in a row the Legislature has had to confront such a problem. And lawmakers aren't out of the woods when it comes to the current budget. The new forecast projects the state will take in $200 million less than was expected in the budget that runs through June 2011. The drop can be handled ...
Sex sells, so does Politics: What should be taught in the Safe ...
We are living on a little red dot, led by a group of efficiently productive, hypocritically conservative, rigidly over-protective, academically intelligent and obnoxiously wealthy people. This blog tells you the story of our daily life. INT.OFFICE - MEETING ROOM VALOUR - AFTERNOON Ah Tan, Ah Lim and Ali were all flipping through and reading some papers at the meeting table. Ah Tan then walked up to the whiteboard and wrote the words "Safe cycling clinic for foreign workers in Singapore". AH TAN: Okay guys, I've called for today's meeting to brainstorm on the syllabus for the Safe Cycling Clinic that ... market research, surveys and trends
The Spy Story As Workplace Dramady TV Review: Covert Affairs ...
Double O Section is a blog for news and reviews of all things espionage–-movies, books, comics, TV shows, DVDs, and anything else that comes up! I just wanted a place to collect all the spy news in one place, with plenty of opinions, as well. The Spy Story As Workplace Dramady TV Review: Covert Affairs Judging from the pilot, USA has another winning spy series in their line-up–a worthy stable mate for Burn Notice . I really enjoyed the first episode of Covert Affairs . There’s a lot of Alias in it–and a dash of Sex and the City for the ladies, in the form of name-dropping high end fashion and shoe ... market research, surveys and trends


The Way I Work: Marc Lore of
has a thing for numbers. How many types of boxes should his warehouses carry? How big are his competitors' operating margins? How long is the lead time from vendors? Lore's obsession has paid off for , which he co-founded with his old friend Vinit Bharara . Last year, the one-stop shop for new parents sold $89 million worth of formula, wipes, baby gear -- and about 200 million diapers -- to 550,000 customers. Lore spends his days on the floor of the company's warehouse office in Montclair, New Jersey . Nights, after his kids are in bed, he holes up in his home office or sits at the kitchen table, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Morgan Stanley Posts Loss, Sells Stake to China - DealBook Blog ...
posted a fourth-quarter loss, its first-ever quarterly loss, after taking an additional $5.7 billion write-down related to subprime mortgages. The investment bank said it would sell a $5 billion stake to the China Investment Corporation , that country’s sovereign wealth fund, to shore up its capital. The sale, which would give China about a 9.9 percent stake in one of Wall Street’s biggest investment banks, marks the latest instance of a foreign investor shoring up a Western financial firm in the wake of the housing meltdown. (For more on the China Investment Corporation, or CIC, see this related item on DealBook.) ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Transcript of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' Remarks on Shirley Sherrod
GIBBS: Well, let me -- Secretary Vilsack is -- has tried and is trying to reach Ms. Sherrod. When the secretary reaches her, he will apologize for the events of the last few days and they will talk about their next steps. I think it is -- I think, clearly, that a lot of people involved in this situation, from the government's perspective on through, acted without all the facts. Now, as you saw Secretary Vilsack's statement from last evening, now that we have a greater knowledge and a broader fact set, he is going to review all of those facts, and that's what he'll talk to Ms. Sherrod about today. QUESTION: So ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Why Reselling Tickets Is Good
Opponents of ticket resale -- derisively called scalping -- often claim that the practice of reselling a ticket after it's purchased from the box office is just plain wrong. However, as the purchase of tickets at the original sale continues to be a crap-shoot, the average fan has found ticket resale marketplaces to be a great source for greater ticket access and choice, not to mention value. Separating reality from perception is the first step in understanding how ticket resale works today. Legal Many people I meet think that reselling a ticket is illegal no matter how it happens. They may think that because it is often ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Celebrity Culture in America - Inside Politics - Your Guide to ...
In this essay, I describe why we have an age of celebrity, what factors have .... why celebrities are effective in running for office and speaking out on ... The National Enquirer sells around 2.3 million copies every week and the Star ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Virgin Islands Profile - Office of National Drug Control Policy
Politics. ➢ Governor: Charles Wesley Turnbull2 ... Crack is the drug of choice in the USVI and typically sells for $20/rock. Powder ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Winning at Office Politics...Without Selling Your Soul Marty Nemko ...
Here's how to win at office politics--without having to sell your soul. Positive Politics. In office politics, as in most things, an ounce of prevention is ...
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Why do Republicans contend that money taxed under the Inheritance ...
Not only are very few people effected by the tax, less than 30,000, most of this money was never taxed in the first place and here is why. Most of this money is "old" money meaning that stocks, bonds and real estate were purchased with after tax money (capital investment) years ago. These stocks, bonds, real estate and classic cars have appreciated in value and still belong to the same people. If Mr. Dead Rich Guy had sold any of these holdings he would have paid capital gains tax on the money. But since he did not and gave it to Little Johnny, Little Johnny wants to get off scott free with no tax at all. I realize that most ...
Why is there an apparent difference in book offerings? | Ask ...
During a recent trip to Borders, there seemed to be a disproportionate number of books ranging from conservative to very conservative on the Best Seller wall and in the political / current affairs section as well. It has been my experience that this is the same as most bookstores. Are the sales really that much better for conservative literature? Why isn't there a similar offering of more liberal books? I guess I expect there to be a fair balance of both sides at a bookstore, while also I'm surprised that it appears that more liberal books aren't consumed in the same quantities. Additionally, it is surprising ...