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Special Report on

Working poor in Switzerland

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In this research project we will study the changes of the Finnish service system from 1995 to 2004. By means of the empiric data we will focus on the new competitive strategies of the welfare services. In addition, we will analyse the factors behind this widespread strategy and its consequences in the light of the changes in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The objectives of the sub-studies are the following: 1) Tracing the discourses on welfare services 2) Analysing the development of the number of health and social enterprises 3) Studying the generalisation of the outsourcing welfare services between 1993 and 2004 and analyse the ...
that yields a total area of . The Swiss population of approximately 7.8 million people concentrates mostly on the Plateau, where the largest cities are to be found. Among them are the two global cities and economic centres of Zürich and Geneva . Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world by per capita gross domestic product , with a nominal per capita GDP of $67,384. 1 Zürich and Geneva have respectively been ranked as the cities with the second and third highest quality of life in the world. The Swiss Confederation has a long history of neutrality —it has not been in a state of war internationally since 1815—and ...
Working Group on New TB Drugs
announced today a unique first-ever royalty-free license agreement between two not-for-profit drug developers that speeds progress toward markedly improved therapy of multiple neglected diseases. The TB Alliance has granted rights to DND i to develop a class of potential anti-TB compounds that also show significant promise for treating other neglected diseases that largely affect the world’s poor. This agreement highlights the efficiency and synergy of product development partnerships (PDPs), and how investment in PDPs is producing a robust and diverse pipeline of tools to treat a wide variety of neglected diseases. PDPs ... market research, surveys and trends
Stabroek News - In The Diaspora:Expectations for the 2011 National ...
By Harry Hergash, a graduate of the University of Guyana, taught at the Annandale Government Secondary from 1964 to 1969. He immigrated to Canada in 1974. National elections in Guyana are due in just over a year. By that time the ruling party would have been in government for four consecutive terms totalling nineteen years. While it may be a bit early to make predictions, this article – in two parts – looks at the state of readiness of the major parties and their prospects of gaining power. The governing PPP will be going to the polls with three potential vulnerabilities. First and foremost is the fact that, for the ... market research, surveys and trends


Who Rules America: Wealth, Income, and Power
This document presents details on the wealth and income distributions in the United States, and explains how we use these two distributions as power indicators. Some of the information might be a surprise to many people. The most amazing numbers on income inequality come last, showing the change in the ratio of the average CEO's paycheck to that of the average factory worker over the past 40 years. First, though, some definitions. Generally speaking, wealth is the value of everything a person or family owns, minus any debts. However, for purposes of studying the wealth distribution, economists define wealth in terms of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research - Study: U.S. workers put in most hours - August 31, 2001
Lawrence Jeff Johnson -- the chief labor market economist who has led the ILO team in producing its new "Key Indicators of the Labor Market 2001-2002" study -- also says American workers are, per person, more productive than their counterparts in other countries. "But we're not the most efficient, when you compare it per hour, looking at the Belgians and the French." Weigh in on the ILO's study finding: Are you working longer hours now than you were 10 years ago? It seems almost cruel to mention this to our Stateside readers on Labor Day weekend, but Johnson says the Europeans' comparatively ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
With Wimbledon win over Tomas Berdych, Rafael Nadal replaces Roger Federer as ...
With his win at Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal cements his status as the world's number 1 tennis player, a spot that Roger Federer (b.), now the No. 3, had owned for nearly a decade. WIMBLEDON - Rafael Nadal 's most enduring achievement on Centre Court on Sunday afternoon wasn't that he won his eighth Grand Slam title, or that he became the first man since Bjorn Borg , who was on hand to watch, to twice win the French Open and Wimbledon in the same year. It was that the moment his last top-spinning forehand winner hit the browning lawn and left poor Tomas Berdych helpless, Nadal announced the arrival of a new tennis era. market trends, news research and surveys resources
2010 World Cup: Five Differences Since Germany vs. Spain at Euro 2008
Though Del Bosque has replicated Aragones’ success at consistently coaching a winning team, he has drastically altered Spain’s highly effective midfield. At Euro 2008, Spain generally fielded Xavi Hernandez alongside Villarreal holding midfielder Marcos Senna in the center of the park, flanked by David Silva and Andres Iniesta. Del Bosque’s major change was to leave the 33-year old Senna, whose club season had been plagued by injury, out of his 23-man roster. Barcelona’s classy young ball-winner Sergio Busquets has filled the role of midfield enforcer effectively, but it is the presence of Xavi Alonso alongside him that has ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Working poor in Switzerland: ways out of social welfare
Mäder/Kutzner/Knöpfel: Working poor in Switzerland, NFP 45, October 2003. 2. Background Information. Poverty is widely assumed to be a consequence of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The effects of economic deprivation on psychological well-being ...
which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The association between poverty and mental health has been widely investigated. There is, however, limited evidence of mental health implications of working poverty, despite its representing a rapidly expanding segment of impoverished populations in many developed nations. In this study, we examined whether working poverty in Switzerland, a country with substantial recent growth among the working poor, was correlated with two dependent variables of interest: psychological health and unmet mental health need. technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Germany, Austria, Switzerland - Migration News | Migration Dialogue
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and the Social Democratic Party won 38 percent of the vote in September 2002 elections. In the new 601-member Parliament, the coalition SPD-Greens will have 301 seats; the opposition CDU-CSU and Free Democrats will have 294 seats. The campaign was marked by Schroeder's pledge to refuse to support any form of war in Iraq, whether or not authorized by the UN. That was popular in Germany, but increased tensions with the US. Immigration became a topic in the last week of the campaign.. Challenger Edmund Stoiber, who opposed a new immigration law scheduled to go into effect on January 1, ...
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Are kosher and halal meats illegal in Switzerland, Sweden, Spain ...
Because I heard that when making the meats in both Islam and Judaism, you gotta have the animal's blood drained out first, and that's apparently an extremely slow and painful death for the animal. So is it really illegal to slaughter meats by halal and kosher traditions in those countries? Lol, I wouldn't say "extremely kind" to animals. After all, the animal IS being slaughtered for consumption! I don't know what's the big deal if the animal were just stunned first and THEN killed. Would the Abrahamic God be THAT upset if there was stunning involved first? 1 year ago WHERE are you ...
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What is the importance of a commercial bank in the economy of a country?  What role do banks play in your economy?  The roles of central and commercial bank?  Role and function of commercial banks?  What is the role of commercial banks in the economy?  What is the role of commercial banking in developing the economy?  The Role of the Development Banks and how it had influenced in Sri Lankan Economy?  What is the role of private bank in an economy?  The role of bank in your economy?  Whta are the role of commercial banks in the ...