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Special Report on

Youth Leadership Toolkit

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What would our world look like if more people had access to leadership development? The Center's Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) effort aims to make leadership development more affordable and accessible in the world. Through LBB, the Center is extending leadership development to underserved populations in Africa, Asia, and North America, encompassing social sector and educational institutions, as well as young and lower-income populations. Social sector organizations take on significant challenges with limited resources. Creativity and leadership are important to those who work in nonprofits yet these individuals have ...
UNFPA supports programs in more than 150 countries, territories and areas spread across four geographic regions: Arab States and Europe, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa. Around three quarters of the staff work in the field. Some of the UNFPA's work involves providing supplies and services for reproductive health . They also encourage participation by young people and women to help rebuild their societies who are affected by poor reproductive health, which expands out into areas such as prevention of sexually transmitted diseases , including HIV/AIDS. Cite error: There are ...
CENTER STAGE: Real Mobile Innovation That Drives Real Results; Why ...
In brief: Moving on with another in the “best of” selection of executive interviews from the Netsize Guide 2010 we examine how innovation in user-centric design and user-centered services are improving lives and livelihoods in developing markets. Susan Dray, President, Dray & Associates , walks us through the real-life examples that set the bar. Despite the excitement about the advance of the iPad and the avalanche of smartphone apps, the real innovation is in services that harness universal tools and technologies, such as text messaging and speech recognition , to reach (and empower) every person on the planet. This is the ... market research, surveys and trends
Leadership project for disabled young people
The Royal Association for Disability Rights (RADAR) and Community Service Volunteers (CSV) are launching an innovative programme to enable young disabled people to be leaders and influencers, and get involved in opportunities for youth leadership with local organisations. With that goal in mind we are looking for 30 young aspiring people to present at three whole day events in early 2011 (3 teams of 10). Through these events representatives from up to 150 local disability organisations in London, the West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humberside will be encouraged and assisted to more efficiently engage with and utilise young ... market research, surveys and trends


ACtion StrAtegieS tooLkit
May 8, 2009 ... National League of Cities Institute for Youth, Education, & Families; ..... and an obese older teenager has up to an 80 percent chance of remaining .... Leadership for Healthy Communities, a $10-million national program ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
counseling; youth leadership activities. (e.g., Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, .... Only 6.5 million K-12 children (11 percent) participate in after school ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Vulcan Productions and EDC Launch Success at the Core
/PRNewswire/ -- During an event yesterday at the National Staff Development Council (NSDC) summer conference at the Sheraton Seattle, Vulcan Productions and Education Development Center (EDC) officially launched Success at the Core ( ), a groundbreaking professional development toolkit to help middle school educators improve classroom instruction. The web-based toolkit, which was developed in Washington State and is currently available only to Washington educators, is free thanks to the generous support of investor and philanthropist Paul G. Allen .  It includes seven modules for school leadership ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Youth Leadership Toolkit
Youth Leadership Toolkit DVD. She provided very helpful feedback and ... The target audience of this Youth Leadership Toolkit, consisting of a DVD and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Teen Action Toolkit: Building a Youth-led Response to Teen ...
The Teen Action Toolkit will prepare youth-adult teams to go through all four ... and facilitation to make youth leadership not just a cliché but a reality. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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My realtor has gone from a proactive go-getter to a neglectful, smarmy do nothing. I need to sell my condo (I know the market is bad) but it's a nice place in great condition and priced in line with others in the market. How can I get it to move quicker? My wife wants a pink laptop. Not just a pink laptop, but a really lightweight pink laptop (preferably 3-4 lbs or less). I've gone crazy googling for it and there doesn't seem to be such a beast. I seem to remember seeing pink Sony Vaios at the local Sony store (I could've sworn it was the TX series) but the only color for TX's on the Sony site is Sienna. ...