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Special Report on

AMD Personal Internet Communicator

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A short inventory of known projects related to ‘low cost ICT user devices for the developing world’, with special attention to the education sector. The projects and products included in this idiosyncratic list run the gamut from small research projects at universities to field-based experiments run by NGOs to commercial products from small start-ups and large multinationals. Products are in various stages of development; while most are still in the prototyping and/or beta-testing stages, some are already in the market (and some, it should be noted, have been discontinued). The products listed here come in many form ...
internet-access for all - wcit2006 in austin
is to develop strategies to bridge the digital divide between "Us" (people who are able to read this blog) and "Them" (people who can't access the Internet). I am an affluent middle-class, well-educated white-guy who lives in a big city in the USA... In a world of "haves" and "have-nots" I am definitely one of the "haves". I don't just surf the Internet's ocean; I swim in it, dive beneath the waves and explore the depths. Internet connectivity is pervasive in my world (desktop, laptop, PDA, mobile phone, public kiosks, etc.) and I feel lost without a good Wi-Fi ... market research, surveys and trends
Ohmynew Forum: Narrowing Digital Divide
closes the conference with a speech on “Citizen Journalism and the Digital Divide”, a topic near and dear to my heart. He starts by explaining that “digital divide” is a term that’s falling out of favor, and that people are reorienting towards the more positive “digital opportunity”, a phrase that stresses inclusion, not exclusion. We’ve just passed 1 billion internet users. It’s the first communication technology to reach 1 billion users all through the same medium (more or less.) It’s reached every nation other than North Korea, which has chosen not to connect to the ... market research, surveys and trends


Microsoft and AMD Announce “Pay-As-You-Go” PC Program to Drive ...
AMD (NYSE: AMD) and Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) today announced an agreement to jointly support flexible business models for emerging markets powered by Microsoft ® FlexGo™ technology. The initiative reflects both companies’ efforts to bring affordable access to technology to consumers around the world. At the 2006 Microsoft Windows ® Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in Seattle, the companies stated their commitment to support the initiative through a pilot program that provides consumers the opportunity to purchase PCs through a combination of innovative technology and a pay-as-you-go computing model. Through the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
tata group Resources | BNET
PETAH TIKVA, Israel -- Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ:GILT) today announced that it has been chosen by Tatanet, one of India's leading satellite service providers, to deliver a broadband satellite network that will serve the Small & Medium Enterprise SME and industry vertical market segments in India. The new... Tags : Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. , Tata Group , Tatanet Research articles 2008-02-12 Bumps Ahead ; The economy is slowing down, but the long-term story remains intact. Bumps Ahead The economy is slowing down, but the long-term story remains intact. By Rishi Joshi These are early days yet, but there are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


A New Model for Rural Connectivity
AMD's Personal Internet Communicator. The Personal Internet Communicator. (PIC) 31 is an inexpensive computer specifically designed for use in the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Slashdot | A Replacement for the i-Opener?
There are generally a few on eBay that are sold as hacked if you don't want to go through it yourself. Buy a hacked one, sell the old one for someone else to hack. I use to support these things while working for Earthlink/MindSpring. They're not that bad after you put Linux on them. I've thought of buying one myself just to throw in the corner for a stats setup for my network, computers and hosting servers - just don't have the time. A natural hack would be to add an IDE/CF adapter and run a "frugal install" (see the Damn Small Linux forums for how to do those) of a modern distro like Kanotix from a ...
What would you recommend as best practices for organizations ...
As part of my doctoral research into the use of online social networking, I am looking to come up with a set of recommended best practices that organizations should consider when they are trying to make use of social media. So far, there is a range of opinions on things like whether it is best to have a concrete strategy in place before starting, or just wade in and experiment. Also, there seems to be a general lack of policy frameworks in place to govern inter-firm communication through social networks, sharing of confidential information, use of personal social networking tools during work hours, etc. etc. So what would be on ...