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Special Report on

The Rise of Shadow IT

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The rate of change in the IT industry has increased dramatically in recent years, just as overall technological change has moved ahead even faster. Such is the pace that it's been imposing a disruptive forward drag on enterprises for several years now. This has become a critical driving factor in particular with the emerging discipline of social computing. In my recent post on social business and the challenges currently facing modern CIOs, I explored the macro conditions that are altering the competitive landscape amid major changes in expectations by internal and external stakeholders. While the role of CIOs itself has ...
theory x theory y – the management battleground
I’ve been wondering recently just why is it that, whenever one talks about the shift in business and society as a result of the Web, two camps quickly develop in the room. Whatever the specific topic of the conversation, about half the folks in the room believe the change to be foundational and that new management approaches are needed urgently, and about half don’t. The camps often become more entrenched not less as the discussion progresses. Often there’s more than a little heat in the exchanges. Is it the usual battle between proponents of status quo and change, or something else? For me, it's something ... market research, surveys and trends
The reality of the 'China Fantasy' - By Will Inboden | Shadow ...
of that title identified the "China Fantasy" as the dogmatic belief of many Western political and commercial elites that China's economic liberalization and growth would lead inevitably to democracy at home and responsible conduct abroad. The operative word was "inevitably" -- the assumption being that China's remarkable economic success would automatically produce a middle class that demanded greater political rights, and that China's growing integration with the global economy would produce benign and responsible international behavior. Based on this assumption, the corollary policy prescription for the West was ... market research, surveys and trends


Nation & World | Millions of unemployed may never recover ...
Despite recent job gains, one grim statistic casts a long shadow over the recovering economy and the futures of more than 6 million workers: Fully 44 percent of the nation's 15 million unemployed have been out of work for more than six months. By Tribune Washington bureau and The Washington Post   Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., a deficit hawk Jobless-benefits fight today The unemployment benefits of hundreds of thousands of Americans may hang in the balance today. Senate Democrats hope to overcome a filibuster on a bill that would extend jobless benefits, subsidies for the COBRA health-insurance program and federal flood ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Chinese Shadow | The New York Review of Books
The “rise” of China has suddenly become the all-absorbing topic for those professionally concerned with the future of the planet. Will the twenty-first century be the Chinese century, and, if so, in what sense? Will China’s rise be peaceful or violent? And how will this affect the United States, the current “hyperpower”? In fact, China has been “rising” for some time (after several hundred years of “fall”), but for many years its claim to notice was obscured by more exciting events. Attention in the 1990s concentrated on the fall of Soviet communism, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Enterprise risk management lessons from the BP Deepwater Horizon catastrophe
The BP Deepwater Horizon catastrophe casts a shadow reflecting on all oil company CEO’s and senior executives, not just BP’s Tony Hayward. It also provides lessons that every large organization can learn. While CEO Tony Hayward and COO Doug Suttles will suffer the brunt of criticism and subsequent consequences; all enterprise board members should see this as a wake-up call. Ability to identify and manage risk Risk; business leaders know it exists. However, oftentimes companies aren't taking a holistic approach to assess and manage their risk exposures. Disruption happens. Natural disasters, technology ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
U.S. economy is doing penance for past sins
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- More manufactured goods, fewer homes. It's a positive combination as the U.S. economy is still doing penance for past sins. The recovery has proceeded at a disappointingly slow pace in large part because the U.S. needs to work down the excesses that grew in some sectors over the past decade. The uneven pace of the recovery was evident in data published Wednesday. Housing starts in May were down 10% -- far weaker than expected -- while industrial production increased 1.2% last month -- more than forecast. Although diversification remains a sound idea, market cap-based indexes have the perverse ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


My goal is to illuminate some overlooked areas
6 Hank Marquis, β€œThe Rise of Shadow IT,” CIO Update, article.php/11050_3633056, September, 2006. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The threat of Russian Organized Crime
rise of a new type of organized crime that has since permeated nearly ... connections to officialdom and to the shadow economy, organized crime took part in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Rise of the Shadow Warriors
not to be covert actions within the meaning of the law and thus do. The Rise of the Shadow Warriors foreign affairs . March / April 2004 ...
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