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Special Report on

Cabotage in the Andean Group

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On December 16, 2007, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile took a major leap toward regional integration. The presidents of the three countries signed an agreement to construct a road corridor that will connect the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. The 5,900-kilometer highway will tie the Brazilian city of Santos with the Bolivian cities of Santa Cruz  and Cochabamba, and the Chilean cities of Arica and Iquique .     Hopefully, this vital artery will expand the annual volume of commodity trade between these countries to two million tons, boosting both internal and international commerce. According to the Declaration of La Paz
signed a membership agreement on 17 June 2006, but before becoming a full member its entry has to be ratified by the Paraguayan parliament. The founding of the Mercosur Parliament was agreed at the December 2004 presidential summit. It should have 18 representatives from each country by 2010. Israel is currently the only non-South American free trade partner.
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Abandoned wells - Abandoned drainage wells and abandoned water wells on vacant farmsteads are of particular concern for agriculture. Abandoned wells can present both safety risks and a direct conduit by which groundwater can be contaminated by surface runoff. A number of states have incentive and/or regulatory programs to cap of seal abandoned wells. Acid deposition / acid rain - Abnormally acidic (low pH) precipitation (or dry deposition) resulting from emissions of sulfur and nitrogen compounds that transform during chemical processes in the atmosphere. Acid deposition can affect the chemistry of soils and acidify lakes, ... market research, surveys and trends
March 2005 Minutes
The MFPI has been tasked to be part of a multi-sectoral project to develop the Sierra Madre Trail. This is a 600+ kms. of trail traversing Sierra Madre similar to the Appalachian Trail in the USA. It covers nine (9) provinces of Eastern Luzon spanning the Sierra Madre mountain range. The project is spearheaded by Miriam P.E.A.C.E. and supported by Conservation International. It involves the LGU’s of the covered provinces, PO’s, NGO’s and DOT, DENR and other concerned organizations. MFPI has been primarily tasked to develop the trail. The United Nations (UN) grants 2 million seedlings to MFPI The UNESCO has ... market research, surveys and trends


Cabotage in the Andean Group:
For instance, Intra-Community exports rose 10 percent in 2001 to a level of 5 billion 680 million dollars, whereas bilateral trade in the same year shows ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Use of International Marine Containers in Canada - Use of ...
The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) tariff 9801.10 restricts the use of international marine containers to 30 duty free days in Canada with one incidental move for domestic carriage. Large retail companies such as The Bay, Sears, and Canadian Tire respect this tariff restriction. However, complaints by private companies were expressed to Transport Canada officials as part of the intermodal consultation process conducted in 2004. The tariff restriction is viewed as uneconomic because it has the effect of promoting inefficient movement of empty containers. U.S. regulations pertaining to international marine containers are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


The QUASAR combines the information contained in the WASA database, ... 4 See, for instance, The Brattle Group, "The economic impact of an EU-US Open ..... withholding/ownership, fifth and seventh freedom, cabotage and .... the Decision on the Integration of Air Transport within the Andean Pact (Andean Pact; ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The “Big Bang”Approach
... the Andean Pact countries, the Caribbean Community, Mercosur and certain countries in ..... [5] Cabotage or “true domestic traffic” rights relate to the right for ... In the end no special discussion group was set up for customs, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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