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Special Report on

The European technology gap

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Research and innovation help deliver jobs, prosperity and quality of life. Although the EU is the global leader in many technologies, it faces increasing challenges from traditional competitors and emerging economies alike. Joint programming pools research efforts and can thus deliver results that the EU countries cannot achieve in isolation. Research and development (R&D) contributes to economic growth and job creation. New technology also helps address social challenges, such as poverty, health problems and environmental degradation. Research and development intensity (GERD as % of GDP) in the EU, Japan and the United States ...
Can Legislation Fix America's Science and Technology Gap ...
As the United States struggles to right the ship of state and build toward a stronger economic future there are some glaring omissions from our national résumé. One of the worst is our lack of adequate science education, or investment in human capital for engineering and technical jobs. The United States has fallen behind most of the developed world in the quality of its educational system. According to figures from the OECD the United States ranks 27th in the world in Math education, and 22nd in the world in Science education. American students were once near the top of all world education rankings. Today, they are ... market research, surveys and trends
A New Approach to Innovation Policy in the European Union ...
Innovation policy is increasingly coming under the spotlight in the European Union, and has been given a prominent role in the EU 2020 strategy and in the flagship initiatives that will aim to ensure that Europe succeeds where the Lisbon strategy failed. In years to come, problems such as the fragmentation of competences at EU and member state level; the need to fill the �skills gap� and address the changing nature of innovation; the absence of a Community patent and a common framework for litigation; the need to refine the EU policy on technology transfer and standardisation; and the need to provide suitable funding instruments ... market research, surveys and trends


Technology transfer between the USA and Europe
can be drawn from the European technology gap of the '60s contribute to the ..... fees in 1977 amounted to approximately $4.28 billion. Eighty.two percent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Is Europe Becoming the Most Dynamic Knowledge Economy in the World?
No more than 4.6 percent of the European Commission's total budget is devoted ... I. Which News about the European Technology Gap? ..... European-U.S. partnerships for each billion $U.S. BERD, while the equivalent figure for intra- ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Well organised, nice people... shame about the football
Not enough good games and not enough goals (despite a ridiculous ball). Only an outstanding final can put gloss on a tournament whose lasting legacy will be goalline technology By Steve Tongue GETTY IMAGES South African players celebrate Siphiwe Tshabalala's (No 8) wonder goal in the opening match of the tournament Trying to decide which of the 63 matches played so far was the best of the 2010 World Cup emphasised the point that any tournament with so few contenders to choose from cannot be considered an outstanding success. Indeed, among the inevitable surprises thrown up was the fact that the organisation was at least as ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Success: Initiatives inspire real change
Following the success of the Imagine Solutions annual conference, attendees were sent an online survey asking them to complete the following sentence: Imagine if we could ... More than 400 actionable ideas for change in the areas of energy/environment, education, health, economy and social entrepreneurism were generated. Some of the most inspiring are listed here. As part of its commitment to providing members with year-round initiatives, Searching for Solutions invited its members to a two-day facilitated session coined the “IDEA” Initiative (Innovative Discussions Enabling Action), and IDEA teams have formed around ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


European Report on Science & Technology Indicators (REIST) Table ...
Executive summary and highlights of the Second European report on S&T indicators ... The regional technology gap: R&D concentration and technological bases ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Information Technology -- U.S. Commercial Service Italy
Italy is Europe's fourth largest market for the Information Technology (IT) industry.  IT also represents the country’s fourth most important industrial sector, with 97,000 active companies and 390,000 employees. Although the Italian IT sector still suffers from long-existing structural problems and is undersized and lagging behind in comparison with other major European countries, the technology gap has been narrowing and IT penetration has been improving, especially in the last few years. The Italian IT market is far from being mature in many segments, and the potential is significant. Although the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Bridging the Gap: European C4ISR Capabilities and Transatlantic ...
transatlantic C4ISR interoperability gap. The United States will provide initial .... critics suggest that European information technologies lag behind the ...
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