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About Zero Alpha Group

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"A vast industry of stockbrokers, financial planners, and investment advisers skims a fortune for themselves off the top in exchange for passing their clients' money on to people who, as a whole, cannot possibly outperform the market." - Michael Lewis, Conde Nast Portfolio, The Evolution of an Investor "Investment managers sell for the price of a Picasso [what] routinely turns out to be paint-by-number sofa art." - Dunn, Patricia C., CEO, Barclays Global Advisors "It is not easy to get rich in Las Vegas, at Churchill Downs or at the local Merrill Lynch office." - Samuelson, Paul A. , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ...
A cast image from the Sonic Series. Clockwise: Jet, Wave, Omega, Storm, Rouge, Espio, Vector, Shadow, Knuckles, Sonic, Tails, Charmy, Big, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Tikal, Vanilla, Blaze, Silver and Emerl This is an alphabetical list of characters who have appeared in multiple games of Sega 's video game franchise , Sonic the Hedgehog ; further information on characters who have appeared in one game only may be found in that game's article.
In Depth: Microsoft Kinect: what the future holds
there have been endless questions from gamers and the gaming development community about how this new form of game control technology might (or might not) improve videogames. Hardcore gamers tend to be amongst the most vocal critics of any new consumer tech in online gaming and tech forums. And, to be fair, as a demographic, while they are mainly young and, more often than not male, they are always incredibly passionate about their games and any new technology that promises or threatens to upset the status quo. Their thoughts, opinions and feedback are vital to how the games and products that they will buy and play (and bitch ... market research, surveys and trends
On access policies, conventions, and sausages at Feminist SF – The ...
“There are two things you don’t want to let anyone see how you make, laws and sausages,” Leo McGarry says at some point in the West Wing . Well, I don’t know how to make sausages. Access policies generally begin by accident. A group of people organise an event. Someone who came (or wanted to come) had an unexpected amount of difficulty attending. The group take note and decide “oh, we’ll do that differently next time”. Eventually they decide to write it down. The result after some years is often confusing, badly arranged, and ineffective as a guideline for future actions. Here’s ... market research, surveys and trends


ZAG Study: 44 Percent of Real Cost of - About Zero Alpha Group
Small Cap Fund Trading Costs the Worst at 123 Percent of Reported Expense Ratios; New Look At Over 5,000 Funds Confirms Finding of Smaller ZAG Study From Early 2004 Click here to see full study. WASHINGTON, D.C.///November 17, 2004///U.S. investors in equity mutual funds are paying $17.3 billion in hidden mutual fund trading costs that are not reported openly in the stated expense ratios of mutual funds, according to a new Zero Alpha Group (ZAG) study of over 5,000 equity funds. The Zero Alpha Group is a nationwide network for eight independent investment advisory firms that manage a total of more than $3.5 billion in assets. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hidden Mutual Fund
financial advice to individuals in the top one percent. ... ABOUT ZERO ALPHA GROUP. Resource Consulting Group is a member of the. Zero Alpha Group. ... firms that manage a total of more than $3.5 billion in assets. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
PETERS: Blown Engine Produces DNF At Iowa Speedway
Timothy Peters and the #17 Red Horse Racing team were ready to get back to short track racing and excited that the Newton, Iowa .8 mile track would be the first stop on the nine-week stretch. With the Camping World Truck Series making only its second trip to Iowa, Peters used two practice sessions to learn even more about the track. He qualified his #17 Toyota Tundra in the eighth spot. After three weekends off from racing, by Sunday morning Peters was more ready than ever to see the green flag wave. The #17 maintained its position in the top-10, eventually climbing to the fifth spot before engine troubles surfaced. On lap 93 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
European Stocks Snap Four-Week Rally as BP, Bank Shares Fall
June 25 (Bloomberg) -- European stocks posted their first weekly drop in more than a month, after disappointing U.S. housing data and a surge in the cost to protect from a Greek default reignited concern about the global economic recovery. BP Plc led energy companies lower, tumbling 15 percent to a 14-year low. Piraeus Bank SA and Alpha Bank AE paced a retreat by bank stocks, both dropping 10 percent in Athens. BHP Billiton Ltd. and Rio Tinto Group lost more than 3 percent after the appointment of a new Australian Prime Minister failed to allay concerns about the government’s proposed mining tax. The Stoxx Europe 600 Index ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Survivor Bias Study - • "Survivor Bias" Distorts Returns in 41 of 42
ABOUT ZERO ALPHA GROUP. Founded in 1995, ZAG is today an international network of nine independent investment advisory firms that manage over $6 billion in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
SEC Speech: Remarks Before the Investment Adviser Association ...
Thank you, David, for your kind introduction and for all of the constructive commentary that the Investment Adviser Association provides to the SEC. I will discuss some of that today. It is an honor and a pleasure to be here at the close of your conference. I actually am a bit surprised that the Texas State Troopers allowed me to disembark from my plane to be here. After all, I grew up in Florida, cheering at many a Gator football game, and all these Longhorns probably do not take too kindly to being displaced by Gators. Gators, of course, are in the SEC � a different one than the one with which I am affiliated now. I hope ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Aug 14, 2008 ... Zero Alpha Group $7500 Research Grant for “Investor Timing and Fund Distribution Channels,” 2007. • Mutual Fund Flows and Investor Returns: ...
Astronomy: Bright star in the northeast sky, alpha lyrae, white vega
My husband has been watching a bright star in the northeastern sky that seems to have several vibrant colors as it twinkles rapidly.  I saw your answer from 2007 about Capella.  We are 30 miles east of Cheyenne WY in our location.  Can you tell us more about Capella? Is is a relatively new star?  The brightness of the star's colors is intriguing to say the least.  We know little about astronomy but are anxious to learn.  Could you also recommend some books for beginners?  Thank you.  Judy and Jack in WY ANSWER: Hi Judy and Jack, Well, you didn't give me a time of night, (the most ...
How do you know who's the alpha male? | Ask MetaFilter
Men: are you aware of who the resident alpha male is around your office, on your bowling team, in your circle of friends? Is this a shifting position? I'm a curious, moderately well-read girl, and a reasonably perceptive one, but the state of being male is of course a foreign landscape to me for the most part. I have read previous AskMe's (the what happens when men pass each other on the sidewalk? one is particularly interesting) but I still have questions. The following includes sweeping statements that may well not apply to YOU PERSONALLY. I understand this in advance, so you don't have to point it out. I am ...