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Absolute Return Capital

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Mr. Robert Hsu is the founder and president of money management firm Absolute Return Capital (ARCA), and private investment partnership Pearl River Greater China Opportunity Fund LP. Prior to forming ARCA in 2004, Mr. Hsu was a hedge fund trader at Goldman Sachs. Previously, he served as a quantitative analyst and trader at a top global macro hedge fund. Mr. Hsu is also the editor of two distinguished investment newsletters. He graduated from University of California, Los Angeles, with a B.A. in Economics. His upcoming book, China Fireworks: How to make dramatic wealth from the world’s fastest growing economy , is due to be ...
Originally conceived as an early-stage, growth-oriented investment fund, Bain Capital today manages approximately $67 billion in assets, and its strategies include private equity, venture capital, public equity, high-yield assets and mezzanine capital funds.
Absolute Return interviews Seth Klarman « Greenbackd
(free registration required), Absolute Return has a rare interview with the president and portfolio manager of the 28-year-old Baupost Group. In the interview, Klarman discusses several of Baupost’s positions over the last twelve months, including the fund’s stake in Facet Biotech, which I fumbled last year : Around the same time the CIT deal was playing out, Klarman took a sizable stake in Facet Biotech—a small biotech company spun off in December 2008 from PDL BioPharma—for an average cost of $9 even though it had $17 per share in net cash at the time of the spinoff. “We liked the discount and pipeline of ... market research, surveys and trends
Continuation Transactions -- Apple Inc, Hewlett-Packard Co ...
Friday, May 21st was options expiration for May2010. Today it was decided to retain the existing shares of Apple Inc(AAPL), Hewlett-Packard Co(HPQ), iShares MSCI China ETF(FXI), and iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF(EEM) and to establish Jun2010 covered calls positions. The transactions history as well as some possible results for each position are detailed below: 1. Apple Inc.(AAPL) -- Continuation Transaction The transactions history to date for Apple Inc.(AAPL) is as follows: 02/24/2010 Bought 100 AAPL @ $198.677 02/24/2010 Sold 1 AAPL Mar2010 $210.00 Call @ $1.57 Roll-Up-and-Out Transaction: 03/19/2010 Buy-to-Close (BTC) 1 ... market research, surveys and trends


The main idea of his talk was that by putting 10 to 20 percent of your ... It dwarfs the size of the NASDAQ market, which trades $11 billion a day, ..... Hsu is the founder and president of Absolute Return Capital Advisors LLC, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
details - Metropolitan DC Chapter AAII
and Validea Capital Management, walks investors through the systematic stock selection approaches of history's greatest investors (Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch & Ben Graham). Mr. Reese will discuss each strategy, their most important investment criteria, and share the recent and long term performance of each guru-based model. The presentation is appropriate for those interested in value investment strategies, long term investing concepts, quantitative equity analysis, and guru-based modeling. Mr. Reese is author of two books on guru investing, the owner of two patents in the area of automated stock analysis, and a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
No chance of Clyne nabbing the honours
is not developing any insecurities. Clyne is the only one of the big four bank bosses to have failed to make the list of finalists in the coming Australian Banking & Finance Awards. Westpac's Gail Kelly , ANZ's Mike Smith and the Commonwealth Bank's Sir Ralph Norris are in the running for the financial services executive of the year. Clyne was edged out by the chief executives of some lesser known pillars of the banking system, John Minz from the Heritage Building Society and Stephen Porges from Aussie Home Loans. As for the gong for marketing campaign of the year, Westpac has missed out on a nomination for its ad ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Evergreen Energy Receives Positive Court Decision
DENVER, Jun 09, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Evergreen Energy Inc. (NYSE Arca:EEE), a green energy technology solutions company, received a favorable ruling from the Court of Common Pleas Columbiana County, Ohio in the litigation commenced by certain holders of our outstanding 2007 Convertible Notes against Buckeye Industrial Mining Co., the Company and the holders of the 2009 Notes, AQR Absolute Return Master Account L.P., et al., v. Centurion Credit Funding LLC, Level 3 Capital Fund, LP, Buckeye Industrial Mining Company, et al., Case No. 10CV340 (Ct. Com. Pl. Columbiana ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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Jan 15, 2009 ... Absolute Return (Capital Preservation). Cash Equivalents (Capital Preservation & Liquidity). Distressed Credit: Real Assets: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Risk Managed Absolute Return Strategies Program Policy
investment portfolio by utilizing Absolute Return Funds to capitalize upon .... fees, expenses, invested capital, and any other items ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Office of the Treasurer of The
investments such as venture capital and buyouts is employed to increase ... Absolute Return. Core Fixed Income. Private Equity. Non-U.S. Equity. U.S. Equity ...
What is the return on capital expected in a year by prop trading ...
Any money is no good for Prop books, becuase your money is linked to your money making ability. So more money you make more money you take. Rather its not a simple question to answer. I can generate 40% return in year but I am taking 20% portfolio heat where as i may generate modest 20% but with 5% portfolio heat . which is better is question on debate but bottomline more money u make the more u get. posted 1 month ago It depends upon the Prop trading firm 1) The amount of liberty in terms allowed to traders 2) The risk management 3) Position to leverage Generally expectations are far higher becoz in India most of the prop firm ...
What's the best way to deposit a euro-denominated check into a ...
Bank conversions like you are talking about are not meant for individuals or small businesses to participate in. Every bank that I have taken business from were charging my clients anywhere from 3 - 6% on the spread. Basically, if the EUR USD is at 1.30, then their conversion rate is 1.33 to 1.36, or 3,000 - 6,000 per 100k. The best way to deposit a Euro denominated check into a US account is to open an account in EUR with a transfer service that can move EUR to USD internally for much less. The process is simple: Your accounts are open in both currencies, typically takes a few days to adhere to laws and regulations. Your ...