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Special Report on

Absolute Return Obsession

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Last year, Dave Kriege of Obsession Telescopes released the Ultra Compact 18".� At a clearance height of 14", the UC fits into places where large dobs have never fit before.� However for various reasons 18" may still be a bit more than some folks want to handle, so this year Obsession is introducing a 15" version of the UC.� And I had a chance to play with the prototype last weekend at a gathering up in Michigan's UP.� To make a long story short, if you've seen the 18", you probably have a good handle on what the 15" is all about.� It's smaller, lighter and less expensive - ...
where it replaces the Galactic Republic in the midst of a crisis orchestrated by Palpatine, then the Republic's Supreme Chancellor. In a scene towards the end of the film, Palpatine appoints himself Emperor in the presence of the Galactic Senate , afterward the Imperial Senate. By the time of A New Hope , the Empire has transformed into a merciless totalitarian regime, still struggling with the Rebel Alliance .
UN-Truth » Tony Blair says yes to Israeli obsession with control + ...
recognizes that Israel has legitimate security concerns that must continue to be safeguarded, and believes efforts to maintain security while enabling movement and access for Palestinian people and goods are critical. The Quartet commits to work with Israel and the international community to prevent the illicit trafficking of arms and ammunition into Gaza. It urges all those wishing to deliver goods to do so through established channels so that their cargo can be inspected and transferred via land crossings into Gaza. The Quartet emphasizes that there is no need for unnecessary confrontations and calls on all parties to act ... market research, surveys and trends
Sharpen Your Hooks: My Obsession With Opening Paragraphs
It’s really the smart play. You get bogged down in the minutiae, you’ll stay there forever. Tires sliding in greasy mud, spinning and digging you deeper. The words you write now don’t have to be the best possible words you’re going to put to page. This is only a first draft. You’ll get there. This is a multi-stage recipe. On the stove. In the oven. Cooling on a wire rack. Blah blah blah. Normally, I’m good at taking my own advice. Except. Except . Except when it comes to opening paragraphs. The opening lines of a novel are the shoulders on which the rest of the story is carried. It’s not ... market research, surveys and trends


LCM » Media
The rally can last for a few months longer, but investors should be vigilant in times of tightening in China and other countries, Robert Levitt, CIO of Levitt Capital Management said. 12/22/2009 — BFM 89.9 : The Business Station Robert Levitt, CIO at Levitt Capital Management, tells us the stocks he is bullish about in Malaysia because they are either world leaders in their industry or have the potential to be so. He highlights that Indonesia as a country is potentially more interesting than Malaysia but he’s not invested in any Indonesian companies yet.  – BFM 89.9 Podcast 12/01/2009 — Financial Advisor ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Lost: $720 Billion. If Found, Please Return to Owner, Preferably ...
home prices have fallen by about 6 percent in the United States on average over the last twelve months. By my rough calculations, that means that home owners have lost about $720 billion in wealth as a consequence. That is about $2,400 for every person in America, and $18,000 for the average homeowner. Relative to stock market declines, however, that loss of $720 billion over the course of the year doesn’t look quite so big. The total market capitalization of U.S. stock markets is the same order of magnitude as the total value of the housing market (between $10 and $20 trillion). In one week during October of 1987, the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Summer recipes: seafood
Jamie Oliver: 'Gravadlax sums up everything I love about Swedish food: it's elegant, clean and fresh.' Photograph: Dan Jones I've been making gravadlax since I was 10, long before I knew it was Swedish. The word comes from the Scandinavian word for grave, because historically they wrapped salmon fillets in beech bark and buried them with bricks on top to help push the salt into the fish and cure it. This beautiful, delicate dish sums up everything I love about Swedish food: it's elegant, clean and fresh, and not only does it look incredible, it's also a doddle to make. Of course you can buy it ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Around the World in 24 Frames 07.02.10: Burden of Dreams
Good Friday! Happy Belated Canada Day to all my brothers and sisters in the Great White North and Happy Early 4th of July to my brethren in the United States!\ Sponsored by... Click Here To Follow Beating Traffic on Facebook! Beating Traffic on iMDb So as previously mentioned, last weekend I took a trip down I-75 with the wife down to Atlanta for my Grandmother's 90th birthday bash. Everyone from my family showed up - even people I've never met. My family spans four continents and I don't even know how many countries. Anyways, for some God-forsaken reason, my talents as a SINGER was requested. I don't sing. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


lute Return Obsession” article. (December 2009). While absolute return. (AR) strategies come in several forms, the common denominator seems to be ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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and the return of menstruation when amenorrhoea has been present. The effect on ... to both parties, could this beconsidered as an absolute. "safe period"? .... preoccupation is often calledan obsession. Certain ideas, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Library 2.0: An Academic's Perspective: URLs: A Magnificent Obsession
A couple of weeks ago, I admitted to a long-term obsession with search engines. This time around, I'm admitting to a long-term obsession with URLs. I guess I'm just a neurotically obsessed individual. I'm into URLs for a number of reasons. First of all, without them, there's no hyperlinked-based Web. This should be reason enough. Second, they are elegantly rule-based. They have a syntax. Third, they are functional in all sorts of ways. They determine the nature of the conversation between your browser and the Web server host of the page you're requesting. They can not only take you to a destination, but ...
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Obsession about Hitler in modern society? - Yahoo! Answers
I am under the impression that he seems to have a larger than life presence in society. Despite him being dead for over half a century. He's either called a political genius, a raving loon, a sociopath or an egomaniac. Or any combination of them all. Yet he is talked about, to a much higher extent than even most political figures which are alive right now. Take for example even wikipedia. He has a whole page dedicated to his religious views. Or also to his diet, and how he was a vegetarian, who didn't drink alcohol or smoke. HIS DIET? Christ, I mean Roosevelt and co, or other important political figures are ...
Help getting over a crush on a straight guy. | Ask MetaFilter
I'm a dude; he's a dude. I'm in love with him, and I need to get over him. But I can't. Please help me. I'll save the longish story. I need to get over a guy whom I'm certain will never return my love for him, because he's straight and because I can never tell him. But he's so attractive , and affectionate , and funny . What are some logical ideas to ruminate that might help me get over him? I'd prefer to stay away from the "go sleep with someone" route, which strikes me as vaguely self-destructive and slightly peripheral to the real problem, which is in my head, and which every day ...