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The debate over whether we are in for inflation or deflation was alive and well at the Agora Symposium in Vancouver this this week. It seems that not everyone is ready to join the deflation-first, then-inflation camp I am currently resident in. So in this week's letter we look at some of the causes of deflation, the elements of deflation, if you will, and see if they are in ascendancy. For equity investors, this is an important question because, historically, periods of deflation have not been kind to stock markets. Let's come at this week's letter from the side, and see if we can sneak up on some answers. Even on ...
open to a limited range of investors that undertakes a wider range of investment and trading activities than traditional long -only investment funds, and that, in general, pays a performance fee to its investment manager . Every hedge fund has its own investment strategy that determines the type of investments and the methods of investment it undertakes. Hedge funds, as a class, invest in a broad range of investments including shares , debt and commodities . Some people consider the fund created in 1949 by Alfred Winslow Jones to be the first hedge fund. As the name implies, hedge funds often seek to hedge some of the risks ...
Mallon PC Quarterly Newsletter | 2nd Quarter 2010
We take this opportunity to provide you with a brief overview of the major items we have reported on over the last quarter.  While we are a little late with the newsletter, the past couple of weeks have been especially busy with the passage of the Dodd-Frank reform bill.  There will be continuous rulemaking and proposals over the course of the next 12 months and this newsletter will provide an overview of the issues which we will be discussing in the future.  Also, please be sure to skim the ongoing compliance update below to make sure your firm is up to date with compliance. **** Financial Reform Bill – The Dodd-Frank ... market research, surveys and trends
Here Comes The Recession
We are halfway through the year (where did the time go?) and it is time to make some predictions about the last half of the year. This week we look at what the leading indicators are telling us, size up a new indicator, drop in on banking data, and do a whole lot more. Quickly, I will be on Larry Kudlow's show next Tuesday, which is at 7 pm Eastern. Larry has promised that we will spend some quality time on some of the current issues facing us. See you there! And now, let's jump in. I am on record as saying I think there is a 50-50 chance we slip back into recession in 2011, as I think the economy will soften in the ... market research, surveys and trends


2009 August 23 « Phil's Favorites – By Ilene
The global economic crisis is wreaking havoc on shipping: Demand and prices have collapsed and ports are filling up with fleets of empty freighters. The crisis has fueled cut-throat competition and not all companies will survive. Germany’s Hapag-Lloyd alone needs 1.75 billion euros to stay afloat. the global financial and economic crisis has stifled the boom in container shipping, and it has happened almost overnight. For the first time in its history, the industry has stopped growing and, in fact, is shrinking. In the first six months of this year alone, the shipping industry declined by close to 16 percent. The new giant ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
China statement: "To proceed with exchange rate reform ...
Chicoms (as RD so quaintly terms them) viewed two lessons: SEA meltdown of the late nineties and the Japanese deflation growing out of the Plaza accords mid eighties. They planned to cook up a new improved form of mercantilism that would avoid these pitfalls. Ensure national development while capturing moonbeam wealth (as Byz, I think, put it). When the time came to cut the credit junkies loose, domestic demand could take over. What doesn't fly using such a scheme is attaining even a basic industrialization of such a huge nation without incurring vast imbalances that effectively bankrupt your debtors before the development ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
OrbiMed Acquires Stake in Response Biomedical Corporation
OrbiMed, a leading investment management firm focused on the healthcare sector, is pleased to announce the private placement purchase of 13,333,333 common shares (the "Shares") of Response Biomedical Corporation ("Response Biomedical"), a Vancouver based company which develops, manufactures and markets rapid on-site diagnostic tests for use with its RAMP(R) Platform for clinical and environmental applications. The purchase price was $0.60 per Share for a total amount of approximately $8 million and the private placement was successfully completed on July 28, 2010. Upon completion of the private placement, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources MNDP, LMCO, MRGP, ELRA, PASO " Alert"
Visit our site at either or to sign up for our free ahead of the curve newsletter! Follow us on twitter at ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ August 6th, 2010-- Mundus Group (Pink Sheets:MNDP) subsidiary AirStar and its proprietary Industrial Drone UAV SL 4.0 (Super Lift) will provide a stable delivery system for a number of technologies and industries including Avalanche Control and Rescue. Mundus is interested in the market potential for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


State of Michigan Department of Commerce Lansing, Michigan ...
Dec 16, 1983 ... requests and proposed letters (accredited investor newsletter and individual trust beneficiaries as accredited investors). ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
U.S. SBA-Office of Advocacy--The Importance of Angel Investing in ...
For email delivery of Advocacy's newsletter, press, .... 5 The federal securities laws define the term “accredited investor” in Rule 501 of Regulation D as ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Palm Desert Graduate Center: April 2009 Newsletter
On March 17th UCR celebrated the inauguration of our new Chancellor, Timothy P. White. The theme established for this major event was "Living the Promise." As Chancellor White says, the legacy of every great institution begins with a compelling vision - one realized through the inspiration, contributions and life stories of its people. Here in the Coachella Valley, there are many UCR alumni that are "living the promise." Arlene Cano ('08) of the Riverside County Library System is working to stimulate the love of reading by piloting a summer reading program in Coachella. UCR alumni Ernesto Rios ...
WikiAnswers - What entity is considered an institutional investor
According to investment dictionaries an encyclopedias, any organization that trades large volumes of securities is considered to be an institutional investor. The current regulations do not define an institutional investor, they however define Institutional Manager and Accredited Investor, terms that may be treated as synonyms. Institutional Investment Manager According to the regulations dealing with SEC 13F filings, an institutional investment manager is an entity that either invests in, or buys and sells, securities for its own account; or an entity that exercises investment discretion over accounts owned by any other natural ...
WikiAnswers - How is an institutional investor different from an ...
An individual investor is a person, like you or me. In this example, assume we are each a rowboat in the ocean. An institutional investor is a business. It may be a mutual fund company. It may be a company that manages the retirement fund for teachers in your state. In this example, assume the institutional investor is an ocean liner. Now think of the rowboat and the ocean liner. Which makes the bigger wave? Which affects the other? Which can withstand a storm better? First answer by ID1108968817 . Last edit by ID1108968817 . Question popularity : 1 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these building your ...