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Special Report on

Active Portfolio Strategy

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This Balanced Scorecard is designed to measure the performance of funds under the active portfolio management approach. It consists of the quantitative metrics, asset allocation metrics, and risk-adjusted return metrics that allow us to measure the performance of the portfolio with risk adjusted metrics opposite to the absolute return, used in passive management approach. The appropriate choice of the performance measure mostly depends on the role of the portfolio under question that can vary significantly. Thus it can represent the whole investment fund or its fracture, or a sub-portfolio of many portfolios. Active Portfolio ...
strategy where the manager makes specific investments with the goal of outperforming an investment benchmark index. Investors or mutual funds that do not aspire to create a return in excess of a benchmark index will often invest in an index fund that replicates as closely as possible the investment weighting and returns of that index; this is called passive management. Active management is the opposite of passive management , because in passive management the manager does not seek to outperform the benchmark index.
Investment Portfolio Theory & Strategies
Many investors are interested in selecting individual common stocks for their portfolio, but aren't sure where to begin their search for a great investment idea. Saral Gyan experts will publish articles for building investment portfolio. Saral Gyan I|P|G section will guide you on how to invest in stocks and will help you find hundreds of investment ideas in your own backyard based on portfolio theory and various investment strategies. Share Note: Click on image auto closes the panel. Share Portfolio theory is an investment approach developed by University of Chicago economist Harry M. Markowitz (1927), who won a Nobel Prize ... market research, surveys and trends
Small-Cap Investors Get Sector Funds
One of the great things about ETFs is their ability to create tactical asset allocations with precision. Tactical asset allocation is an active portfolio strategy in which the investment manager accentuates certain categories of assets beyond the basic allocation in order to take advantage of exceptionally strong market sectors or pricing anomalies. After the manager makes some profits and the advantageous situation has run its course, she returns the portfolio back to its original strategic mix. The most popular way to make a sector play with ETFs has been to purchase one of the nine funds known as the Select Sector SPDRs. ... market research, surveys and trends


Portfolio variance
A zero-beta portfolio is constructed to have zero systematic risk, similar to the risk-free asset, that is, having a beta of zero. (i.e. in most cases, we assume the beta of debt to be zero). Zero-investment portfolio A zero-investment portfolio consists of zero net value because of a balanced establishment between long and short position, usually in the context of an arbitrage strategy. Active portfolio strategy A strategy that uses available information and forecasting techniques to seek a better performance than a portfolio that is simply diversified broadly. Related: passive portfolio strategy. Well diversified portfolio A ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mean-variance efficient portfolio - Financial Definition
the actual rate (or actual weighted average rate) paid to labor for the period minus the standard rate multiplied by all hours actually worked during the period; it is actual labor cost minus (actual hours X standard rate) (standard mix X actual hours X standard rate) - (standard mix X standard hours X standard rate); it shows the monetary impact of using more or fewer total hours than the standard allowed total actual cost of material purchased minus (actual quantity of material standard price); it is the amount of money spent below (favorable) or in excess (unfavorable) of the standard price for the quantity of materials ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hybrid Energy to Release Year-End Financials: 1800% Increase in Assets ...
RENO, NV, Jun 15, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Hybrid Energy Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: HYBE) announced today its scheduled release of it year end financials reflecting increased profits, operations, revenues, and including the company's Feb 18 2010 acquisition of 9 energy proprieties. This transaction increased the Company's Assets by 1800% including approximately $5,000,000 in cash. Full financials will be filed no later than 30 JUNE 2010, or earlier. These acquisitions were part of the Company's foundation building Phase I of the Company's strategic plan that called for traditional and proven fuel ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Capital Growth Investment Strategy
Capital growth investment strategy is a widely accepted and followed portfolio management strategy. As the name suggest, the strategy aims at capital growth, maximizing portfolio value, over time. Before we start, here is the danger signal – capital growth strategy is a high risk investment strategy which requires great investment discipline and money management. A portfolio which follows capital growth strategy is mainly comprises of equities. Often more than 60 to 70 percent capital is invested in stocks, preferably growth stocks. Remaining portfolio can be constituted of low profit low risk investments such as fixed ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


A hierarchical strategy for active portfolio management ...
we get an active portfolio strategy considering both getting a big wealth increment and spending small transaction costs. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Microsoft PowerPoint - CDIAC Portfolio Construction Oct05
Oct 14, 2005 ... Active Management Portfolio Strategy. ➢ Forecast. ▪ future interest rates. ▪ future interest rate volatility. ▪ future yield spreads ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Active Portfolio Management: The Power of the Treynor-Black Model
which reveals that the appraisal ratio (αA σA ) of the active portfolio determines its marginal contribution to the Sharpe ratio of the passive strategy . ...
Which option is the better way to invest...passive portfolio ...
I believe the market over the next 4 to 5 years is going to require active portfolio management. I believe we are still in a secular bear market and the market in general will have very lackluster returns until around 2014. In order to make a decent return during that time, you'll need to be over-weight in the industries that perform well during recovery periods. Market timing will still be very difficult as it always is. We'll need to rely on managers at companies like Neuberger Berman to know what industries are better to invest in. posted 9 months ago Instructor at University of Phoenix see all my answers Best ...
30-year investment portfolio which has to start before the end of ...
If you had a very strong incentive to invest money before the end of the year with a 30-year outlook, and a further strong incentive to not adjust your investment strategy over that timeframe unless absolutely necessary, what kind of portfolio would you assemble? I live in Germany, which has an effective 0% capital gains tax on long-term capital gains from financial instruments. The government has finally decided to end this peculiar state of affairs and will start to tax long-term capital gains at 25% or more starting in 2009. Investments made before 1/1/2009 and held for more than a year will continue to be (un)taxed under ...