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Overview: IFSE and Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada, are pleased to announce the joint offering of a preparatory course for the mutual fund licensing exam, the IFSE Mutual Funds Course.�This course is created to help ensure the student has a fundamental understanding of the requisite materials to successfully write the exam. Cost: $325.00 + gst for Advocis members, $375.00 + gst for non-members. Advocis members enjoy a $50.00 discount from our collaboration with IFSE. Please note that course texts and study materials are extra. Register: or CFP EXAMINATION PREPARATION ...
a candidate must first complete the LLQP. Upon completion of the LLQP, it is possible for the candidate to apply to write the provincial certification exam, successful completion of which will allow the candidate to apply for a certificate (often known as a license) to sell life insurance and related products, such as annuities and segregated funds . The LLQP does not provide a designation, nor a post-nominal . Technically, most provincial insurance acts [1] only prohibit somebody from acting as an agent if that person does not carry a certificate to sell life insurance . Agent is defined as one who is financially rewarded for ...
Mortgage Hints, Financial Updates , Help and Info: Financial ...
Daily hints ,help and financial info to help you make the right decisions to get the RIGHT MORTGAGE. I will update new products and trends as well as market information. LET ME KNOW HOW I CAN HELP YOU. Send any questions that you may have to VISIT MY NEW WEBSITE • TSX +185.21 sharply higher as good economic news from China sent commodity stocks higher on the resource-heavy TSX and helped curb worry that Europe's debt crisis will seriously hamper the global recovery. • DOW +273.28 to 10,172 • Dollar +1.21c to 96.97cUS • ... market research, surveys and trends
Freedom 55 is now freedom 95 « The PEA Blog
In the last month, Prime50, a national recruitment firm that specializes in workers 50 and over had 500 new job seekers added to their roster of about 1,500 at their GTA office. “We’re experiencing a fair number of calls right now,” said Mike Harvey, director New Business Development for Prime50, a service of Drake International. “Many of these people are affected by the market … it’s not viable to retire when they wanted to,” he said. However, he said the economic downturn and the business jitters that accompany the drop in investments are also triggering an interest by companies in ... market research, surveys and trends


Socially Responsible Investing in Canada - GreenMoney Journal ...
Buoyed by climate change and other issues, the socially responsible investment (SRI) industry in Canada has grown significantly in the last few years. New companies have entered the market launching new funds and other products and grabbing attention from the media, policymakers and financial heavyweights. Yet-in spite of the accolades-there is a sense that the industry is not meeting its own very high expectations, or the expectations of Canadians as a whole. While there has been growth, there is still a long way to go before the industry gets close to the level of potential demand. SRI in Canada got its official start in 1986 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Forum December 2006 - Advocis
a combined market value of $50 billion, are now up for reconsideration. .... time with the aging of assets and shrinking cost allowances. .... LESLIE HAYMAN, an Advocis associate member, is president of the iTrust Institute, a non- partisan ... income tax rate of one-half percent- age point as of January 1, 2011. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Report Commisioned by the Advocis Pension Task Force consisting of: ..... Coverage is now fairly similar for females and males. .... At the same time as pension plan coverage is declining, the workforce is dramatically ageing ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Witness Testimony - James Kendzel, MPH, SPHR - House Committee on ...
The National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA) appreciates the opportunity to submit testimony to the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity regarding its hearing on updating the Montgomery G.I. bill, the nation’s primary educational benefit for military personnel and veterans. Maximize Use of Montgomery G.I. Benefits NOCA was an active participant in working with Members of Congress and the veterans’ community to expand the use of Montgomery G.I. benefits towards paying for the cost of obtaining an occupational certification or license.  Upon enactment of this ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Attorney Howard Roitman - Las Vegas, NV Lawyer - Cornell LII ...
Howard R. Roitman, Esq. has been practicing law for 22 years. Howard Roitman is one of the first attorneys to be recognized by the State Bar of Nevada as a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning. He is a member of the Bar in Nevada, California, New York, and the District of Columbia. He is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center (JD in 1984 and LL.M in taxation in 1985), and the Harvard University Mediation Program (2004). He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Charted Life Underwriter (CLU), and a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC). People in car accidents are often told to get legal help to make sure their ...
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Excel: Copy & paste cells using VB macro, paste cells, open cells
P.S. I am a beginner in VB and I do not use it often.  I would like to finish this task as soon as possible (part of a school project) and I am willing to pay for assistance.  If this sounds good, please email at ( ------------------------- Followup To Question - Jeff, Thanks for taking the time to help me. What does the following do? Selection(Selection, ActiveCell.End(xlDown)).Select and why when I run it I get "Type mismatch"? G. ------------------------- Followup To Question - Hi Jeff, Thanks for taking the time to read my question. I working in an excel file (xyz.xls) that column ...
Excel: Copy & paste cells using VB macro, paste cells, type mismatch
What I would like to do is automatically open all 1000 URLs in excel (possibly one at a time) and select & copy specific cells (i.e. B14 and F13 etc) into a new worksheet (Sheet2). For example: In the beginning I will have Sheet1 and Sheet2. I open URLs as excel sheets. When I open the URLs in excel the information that I want to extract is always located in the same cell [example: (Sheet3 cell G13) and (Sheet4 cell G13) display the "customers name". Sheet2 will be the one that summarizes info from all other cells (Sheet3, Sheet4....Sheet999, etc.) Once information is copied to Sheet2, then each worksheet will close ...