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Special Report on

Allan Gray Associates

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Allan Gray is the executive chairman of Orbis Investment Management Ltd. in Bermuda and the chairman of Orbis Investment Advisory Limited in London. He is also a director of Allan Gray Limited in South Africa. Following his graduation from the MBA program at Harvard University in 1965, Mr. Gray joined Fidelity Management and Research Company Ltd. He returned to his home country of South Africa in 1973 and founded the investment management firm Allan Gray Investment Counsel, now Allan Gray Limited. In 1988, Mr. Gray relocated to London and was ...
Companies traded on the JSE
Note: For companies without a listed external link there is generally plenty of information available at various financial information sites; please see article's External links section below. brass padlocks A glass cabinet lock Stock symbol Company Notes External link ASA ABSA Group Limited banking Absolute Holdings Limited quartz, quartzite, sandstone ACC-ROSS Holdings Limited resort and leisure project planning ACP Acucap Properties Limited industrial, commercial, residential property development and property management ADR Adcorp Holdings Limited human resources, market research market research, surveys and trends
Open letter to JZ
Alec Hogg says SA deserves its 90% corrupt rating, urges business and Zuma to do something about it, starting with pals of crooked cop Jackie Selebi. Dear Mr Zuma, Given some of the stuff written lately, one can't blame you for being sceptical about anything from the Fourth Estate. But the national mood is so dismal, that I hope you'll replace prejudices with a generosity of spirit by reflecting on what follows. Neither of us should have been surprised that yesterday's TNS survey on corruption painted a bleak picture. But to read that 90% of South Africans believe corruption has become a way of life in our country ... market research, surveys and trends


New Research on Boomers and Retirement | Merrill Associates
A flurry of articles about the impending retirement of 77 million baby boomers crossed my desk this last month. Several have important implication for the voluntary sector and manager of volunteers. Everyone is watching the Boomers. They are the largest generation in U.S. history (also the largest generation in much of the industrialized world) and by sheer numbers continue to affect everything in American life – work, leisure, consumerism, housing, funerals, and volunteerism. A recent article reported that funeral directors are becoming event managers, as boomers require services that include photos, videos and personalized ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
PPI: Powering Oil Independence on Peanuts
The PPI "State Environment Exchange" is a monthly email newsletter published by PPI's Energy & Environment Project. The newsletter is made possible by a generous grant from the Joyce Foundation. To sign up for a free subscription, click here . (Just make sure to check the box next to "Energy & Environment.") Original links are included though some may have expired. The revolutionary engine that Rudolph Diesel unveiled to the world in Paris in 1900 wasn't powered by diesel fuel. Diesel's diesel ran on peanut oil -- in no small part to make a point. To Diesel, his invention was more than a mere ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The accidental hero
Every time I hear the PCB’s latest explanation on the repudiation of a decision that had looked senseless in the first place, the more I empathise with Jack Nicholson’s character in ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.’ For all of us with an understanding of management and decision-making process, the level of senility in the ‘institution’ at Gaddafi Stadium is unprecedented. I have labelled the PCB under Ejaz Butt as Permanently Confused Board; the post-Australian tour inquiry committee as FARCE (Friends, Associates and Relatives Clearing Ejaz), Butt’s face as the more recognisable U-Turn traffic sign (a diagonal line across his ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
KU embraces Lew, warts and all
For all the twists and turns in his tenure as athletics director at Kansas, Lew Perkins still has supporters in lofty positions on Mt. Oread who say the school needs him more than ever during this difficult time of conference realignment. LAWRENCE — No one can deny the money or the influence. No one ever has. Lew Perkins, the Kansas athletic director who announced he will retire in September 2011, always has carried a reputation as a prodigious fundraiser. So when he was hired at financially stagnant Kansas in 2003, it wasn't a surprise that he soon doubled KU's athletic budget from $27 million to $55 million, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Corporate profile - Rode & Associates (Pty) Ltd Rode & Associates ...
main speakers always include Erwin Rode, CEO of Rode & Associates, and a leading economist ... Allan Gray Limited. ∎ ABSA Bank: Commercial Property Finance ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Processes of Disease' by J. D. Allan Gray and G. Discombe. Pp. xi + 857 illustrated. Oxford: Black- .... Associates No enries to corses can be acepted in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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What is the effect of repetition in the poem "The Bells" by Edgar ...
In each stanza, the substance that the bells is made of is different. They are all metal though, and metal is a conductor. So think of the bells as conducting emotion and meaning to the speaker and reader. If you look up the symbolism of each one: Stanza I - Silver = a precious metal, related to the rich, strength, distinguished (as in old and gray), and purity. Also, silver is a 25th wedding anniversary gift. It is a cool. Other phrases in this stanza are related to cold (i.e. icy, crystalline). Stanza II - Gold = a precious and valuable metal, related to the rich, is a symbol for justice, related to divine ratios to measure ...
Google Answers: Celebrity Suicides (1960-2006)
I've combined material from several online sources, and have compiled two lists for you. It should be noted that, in some cases, there is uncertainty regarding the matter of whether a death was or was not a suicide. This is particularly true in cases of drug overdose. ====================================================================== SUICIDES Stuart Adamson, (2001), lead singer of the Scottish bands Big Country and the Skids Chris Adkisson a.k.a. Chris von Erich, (1991), professional wrestler Kerry Adkisson a.k.a Kerry von Erich, (1993), professional wrestler Mike Adkisson a.k.a. Mike von Erich, (1987), ...