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Special Report on

Allan Gray Stable Fund

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The fund manager Allan Gray finds itself in the proverbial investment “sweet spot” as far as its local operations are concerned. It has managed to build up a considerable business over the last ten years or so, due to a combination of historical long-term out-performance and some savvy marketing and advertising generally.   Its unit trust offerings are less than ten years old but in that period of time it has stolen substantial market share away from the more established and older players, such as Old Mutual, Sanlam, Guardbank (now Stanlib) and others.   The investing public is easily convinced about the investment ...
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Allan Gray still king of the castle
Allan Gray remained the top domestic investment house in the PlexCrown survey of unit trust management companies for the periods to the end of March. Since Allan Gray first qualified for an overall rating in the management company rankings, this is the eighth quarter out of the past nine that it has occupied the top position. PlexCrown Fund Ratings determines the leading unit trust fund manager from an overall rating calculated on the basis of the PlexCrown ratings a manager achieves for all its qualifying funds. Each fund is awarded a single rating of between one and five based on four different measures of risk-adjusted ... market research, surveys and trends
experts urge investors to stay in the market in sa
An article published on the Personal Finance website draws attention to concerns over the current downturn in the South African market and urges investors not to bail out just yet. You will lose the substantial gains of the past five years and this may seriously hamper your ability to retire financially secure. The article likens the hammering being experienced by the property and equity markets in the current economic conditions to a war zone, suggesting that investors will most probably have to “keep their heads below the parapet for some time”. However, the equity and property experts are of the opinion that ... market research, surveys and trends


Q1 2002 - Quarterly Commentary
Annualised performance in percent per annum to 31 March 2002 .... funds on a segregated basis where the minimum portfolio size is R100 million. .... Allan Gray Stable Fund invested in any combination of Allan Gray Money Market Fund ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
BoB BSAR 2007 Pages 6.indd
percent from P2.3 billion in 2006 to P2.7 billion in 2007, ...... Allan Gray Stable Fund. Allan Gray Equity Fund. Allan Gray Balanced Fund ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Fund fact sheet - All FFS April
Sector: Domestic AA - Prudential - Low Equity. Inception date: 1 July 2000. Fund manager: Ian Liddle. (Foreign assets are invested in Orbis funds) ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Allan Rock comes a-courting
funds or new spending.” Rock's predecessor, David Dingwall, had no such ... 1997 ; 157 (12). © 1997 Charlotte Gray. Allan Rock comes a-courting. Charlotte Gray ... “build on what is already in place to create a stable stan- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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