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Special Report on

Alpha, Beta, and Commodities

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Neither assumes any liability for any content on a third party website or material prepared by a third party. After rising and falling in tandem earlier in the year as the global economic outlook waxed and waned, prices for commodities diverged in the third quarter, driven by factors specific to each sector. Crude oil spent most of the past three months range-bound at about $70 a barrel, before ending the quarter with a 1% increase to $70.61, restrained by still-fragile demand and high inventories but with support from a weak dollar. Amid better-than-expected economic readings, copper, which has many industrial ...
Frantic Buying Takes Market Over 10000, June NFP Miss Now "Priced ...
BP's attempt to hide the amount of oil gushing from the sea floor led to months of counterproductive shenanigans like Top Hat and Top Kill ... All of a sudden, the world wants to buy this company while there is blood in the street and oil on the water. Sovereign buyers from China to Singapore to Saudi Arabia have been lining up. That well known value stock player, Libya, is in play. Cap that sucker, and the next stop is $40 or more. As the heat wave sizzles North America and Europe, global pension heat is rising. Let's hope stock markets keep sizzling instead of fizzling because at this rate, it won't take long ... market research, surveys and trends
Quick update « Stevetrade's Forex Blog
Thanks for putting up the stats. at least we can monitor the progress from day to day. I am amazed that you have amanged to put this altogether so quickly. From looking at the backtest results and your live stats – this EA certainly operates with minimal drawdown – great profits too ! – well done !! I wouold love to be a beta tester or to help out in anyway I can to facilitate you making this a finished product. Do you envisage that the EA will need to be modified / optimised periodically or do you consider that the version you have will operate under most market conditions as is ? Cheers David July 1, 2010 at ... market research, surveys and trends


A Survey Of Hard Asset Investing Vehicles: Part 1 - Hard Assets ...
Neither assumes any liability for any content on a third party website or material prepared by a third party. It's not an easy decision to make. The explosion of interest in commodities investing has been accompanied by an explosion in the types and styles of financial products available to investors. And though many of the products appear similar, they can be quite varied in their risks and reward profiles. Choosing one product type over another can dramatically influence both performance and tax considerations. This article aims to help you understand the options. Why Do Commodity-Linked Vehicles Exist? ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Fixed-Income Index Trends And Portfolio Uses - JOI Articles ...
Fixed-income indexes have always been considered a different index breed because of their complexity and the distinct challenges of managing against them, especially compared with their equity index counterparts. The fixed-income investment universe is much larger and includes securities issued by government, public sector and private sector entities. Index turnover is higher, as outstanding debt matures and new debt is issued continually to meet a particular issuer’s financing needs. Instruments are generally traded over the counter rather than on an exchange, making it imperative for index providers to be directly tied to the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Time to look at alternative mutual funds
If nothing else, the carnage of the past few years has served as a stark reminder of the value of portfolio diversification. In addition to stocks, bonds, cash and real estate, many financial advisers try to add alternative investments to round out the asset mix, typically allocating 10% to 25% to less correlated strategies. Alternatives can be acquired directly, of course, but advisers should also consider the alternative strategies found in the form of mutual funds designed to zig when the stock market zags. Morningstar Inc. counts nearly 200 mutual funds that fit into one of five broad alternative categories, including ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Norris navigates Argonaut Euro Alpha to top quartile
Barry Norris, co-founder of Ignis joint venture boutique Argonaut, has steered the £300m Ignis Argonaut European Alpha fund to top-quartile performance since its launch in May 2005. The fund is ranked third out of 79 vehicles in the IMA Europe excluding UK sector over five years to 14 June, up 71.1% compared to a sector average increase of 34.1%. Over one year, the fund is ranked 10th out of 109 vehicles, up 22.8% compared to an average rise of 14.6%. Norris also manages the Ignis Argonaut European Absolute Return fund. Launched in February 2009, the £13m vehicle is up 8.6% over one year compared to an average peer ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Alpha, Beta, and Commodities: Can a Commodities Investment be Both ...
Alpha, Beta, and Commodities: Can a Commodities Investment be Both a High Risk- Adjusted Return Source and a Portfolio Hedge? Rian P. Akey ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Schedule B Alphabetic Index - 2009 Commodity Six-digit guide
Schedule B Alphabetic Index - 2009. Produced: December 22, 2008. Commodity. Six- digit guide. Apparatus based on the use of alpha, beta or gamma radiations, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Is Managed Futures an Asset Class? - Graziadio Business Report
In comparing modern finance with behavioral finance, Dr. George Frankfurter, Professor Emeritus, Louisiana State University, and Dr. Elton McGoun, Professor of Finance, Bucknell University make the following astute observation in their article, "Resistance is Futile: The Assimilation of Behavioral Finance," [1] which can similarly be applied to our analysis of the various commodity asset pricing models we investigated: "What has happened is that we’ve used these assumptions for so long that we’ve forgotten that we’ve merely made assumptions, and we’ve come to believe that the world is ...
WikiAnswers - Which is most harmful - alpha beta or gamma rays
Gamma rays have the most enegy of those listed. They are the most harmful and can penetrate deep into matter. Alpha rays are the least harmful and are stopped by a piece of paper. First answer by GregorS . Last edit by GregorS . Contributor trust : 123 [ recommend contributor ]. Question popularity : 1 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these cheese questions? Related answers: What are the similarities between an alpha ray and a beta ray and a gamma ray ? The only similarity among these "rays" is that they are all a form of radiation. An alpha ray is not a ray, but is a ...
who is the cio at Bridgewater associates?
This is an interview with Ray Dalio, CIO of Bridgewater Associates. I do not know if this Bridgewater is affiliated with the Bridgewater that I have written about as appearing on CNBC Asia with Stephen Gollop, but some of the view are similar. You will need a subscription to read it. He is bullish on commodities and his two favorite equity markets are Australia and Canada (commodity based economies). His biggest equity exposure is Australia. I am big on Oz and have started to think about adding Canada. I do have exposure to Norway and New Zealand too. ___ Making Waves "One of the things they're doing well is thinking ...