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Special Report on

Alpha/Beta Separation

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The authors (Analytic Investors’ Roger Clarke & Harindra de Silva and Brigham Young University’s Steven Thorley) provide a clear and cogent argument for why you’d want to separate and re-proportion the active and passive components embedded in any actively-managed investment mandate. While the generic case outlined in the document involves a traditional long-only active fund, the authors also explore the potential role of hedge funds in alpha/beta separation. They point out that despite the popular assumption that hedge fund returns are nearly all alpha, this is “only partially true” in aggregate. ...
Alpha versus beta? | Team Hedge Fund
Alpha beta separation? Can’t beat beta? Beta based asset allocation is supposedly the driver of returns. Many papers claim that it is almost all that matters. That mistake has dominated conventional wisdom for too long. They reached that sample biased conclusion because asset allocation is what the selected investors focused on. Setting a stock/bond/alternatives mix determines variability of returns ONLY if you emphasize it. It is easy to debunk this portfolio construction “axiom” if you seek reliable performance. Suppose corporate pensions were required to invest 100% in its plan sponsor’s stock. Then we ... market research, surveys and trends
Alpha versus beta?
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1. Alpha/Beta Separation James L. Haskel, Director-Portfolio ...
billion dollars. Bridgewater Associates is not the only organization to make ..... outperforms life Cycle 57.3 percent of the time. But standard deviation ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Public Fund CIO Survey:
size in the study was $21 billion. the survey was conducted between July and ..... lack expertise. the growing popularity of alpha-beta separation programs, ..... currently makes up 26% of public fund assets. seventeen percent of the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
And for an encore, The Time Has Come
has completed one of the longest farewell tours in Australian corporate history after finally vacating his board seat at the Australian Securities Exchange. It is almost 12 months since Rowe penned a moving letter, in which he announced his plans to resign from the ASX and talked about wanting to get the balance right in his life. ''I am 67 years old and I believe it is time to better focus my incredibly active business life, as well as, frankly, getting a better work-life balance towards the end of my career,'' he wrote before his John Farnham-inspired goodbye tour. In the letter, Rowe quashed rumours that ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Bids are brewing for Foster's
AS THE new head of the Foster's beer division, John Pollaers, prepares for a two-day "urgent agenda" meeting with his top 150 managers in the first week of August, at least two investment banks are busy doing the numbers on behalf of clients, with a view to lobbing a takeover bid. One of the banks is believed to have been sounding out the market in the past couple of weeks, searching for candidates to sit on the board of the beer business should its client justify the numbers to buy the Foster's beer business at between $11 billion and $13 billion. BusinessDay has also learnt that hedge funds in Hong Kong ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Alpha/Beta Separation
Alpha/Beta Separation - Getting What You Pay For. 2. Understanding Returns: Alpha Vs. Beta .... The first goal of Alpha/Beta separation is to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Comparison of alpha/beta separation performance of commercially ...
QuantulusTM 1220 in this study. Optiphase HiSafe 2 scintillation cocktail shows its good alpha/beta separation ability compared with other cocktails. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Network and user driven alpha-beta on–off source model for network ...
Jan 8, 2005 ... Alpha-beta separation. First we describe the procedure to classify con- nections as alpha and beta. The alpha-beta prin- ...
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A 160-V battery is connected across two parallel metal plates of area 28.5cm^2 and separation 8.20mm. A beam of alpha particles (charge +2e, mass 6.64*10^-27) is accelerated from rest through a potential difference of 1.60 kV and enters the region between the plates perpendicular to the electric field. What magnitude of magnetic field is needed so that the alpha particles emerge undeflected from between the plates? What direction of magnetic field is needed so that the alpha particles emerge undeflected from between the plates if the charges are moving to the right and the electric field points upward? Member since: February ...
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Yeah, this could be the lamest applied math/engineering question ever - is there a good resource that can show me how to solve the heat equation in two (or more) spatial coordinates, with a source? Infinite, semi-infinite, and finite domains are all cool. The examples I've seen solve this equation in one dimension, or in the steady-state case, or without a source, or some combination thereof. I know that the beyotchitude of this problem is why numerical methods were invented, but I'm curious as to what the analytical solution looks like. And no, you're not doing my homework! I'm just curious. Really. If I ...