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Special Report on

Alpha Equity Fund Dividend

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This company is currently paying a juicy dividend yield of 5.59%! Any company paying that kind of dividend yield is definitely worth a look. It trades on the NYSE under the symbol AB. Company Profile: From Yahoo Finance AllianceBernstein Holding L.P. and its subsidiaries provide investment management and related services to institutional clients, retail clients, and private clients in the United States and internationally. It offers institutional investment services, including separately managed accounts, sub-advisory relationships, structured products, group trusts, mutual funds, and other investment vehicles to unaffiliated ...
In the preface to this edition, Shiller warns that "[t]he stock market has not come down to historical levels: the price-earnings ratio as I define it in this book is still, at this writing [2005], in the mid-20s, far higher than the historical average. ... People still place too much confidence in the markets and have too strong a belief that paying attention to the gyrations in their investments will someday make them rich, and so they do not make conservative preparations for possible bad outcomes." The P/E ratio ( price-to-earnings ratio ) of a stock (also called its "P/E", or simply "multiple") ...
» Outlaw: A great insight on which stocks to own right now [VIDEO]
For entertainment purposes only; information provided may be inaccurate, incomplete, or out of date. No warranties or guarantees provided. Stocks, precious metals and ETFs can lose value. UPDATE 7/24: Here is our revised Outlaw Midcap Premier Watchlist (subject to change; not a "buy" or "sell" recommendation).  Company / Symbol / Market Cap ( $ ) Bucyrus International, Inc (BUCY)    5.00B        Pitney Bowes Inc (PBI)    4.99B        BorgWarner Inc (BWA)    4.98B        China Eastern ... market research, surveys and trends
Seeking Alpha: Learning from the Japanese 20 years Mega-Bear ...
For those who do not regularly follow Japan, Japan has been down for so long that anything looks like it’s up. Jeremy Siegel of Stocks for the Long Run notes that it’s rare for stocks to go 10 years without giving a positive return. Yet Japan’s market has been in a secular bear market for not 10, but 20 years. In 1989, the Nikkei 225 hit a new all-time high near 39,800. Today, more than 20 years later, it languishes near 10,000 – almost 75% lower. The Nikkei 225 would have to rise 300% just to get back where it was in 1989. Japanese stocks are now among the cheapest and most unloved in the world. Despite all the ... market research, surveys and trends


WaMu Cuts Dividend and Jobs -- Seeking Alpha
Washington Mutual, the U.S. savings and loan slammed by slumping mortgage markets, on Monday said it would slash its dividend, cut more than 3,000 jobs and announced a $2.5 billion capital infusion. The Seattle-based bank also expects to report a net loss in the fourth quarter after recording non-cash write-downs of home loans segment goodwill. Wamu said the write-down will not hurt its key capital ratios or liquidity. "I'm not at all surprised. It's just another casualty in the mortgage tsunami sweeping over the country," said Sean Egan, managing director of credit rating firm Egan-Jones Ratings Inc. Among ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Jump Aboard WisdomTree's Emerging Markets SmallCap Train ...
The first exchange-traded fund with exposure to small-cap emerging market stocks is set to begin trading today. I thought it would be wise to explore the potential benefits of exposure to this unique combination of market capitalization and geographical region. After a quick glance into the fund, I am set to make an allocation to the WisdomTree Emerging Markets SmallCap Fund ( DGS ). The fund has strong performance (based on back-tested data provided by WisdomTree) over the last one-, three- and five-year periods, outperforming both the MSCI Emerging Markets and the MSCI EAFE (international developed markets) indexes during the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A 200% return from FTSE 100 – too good to be true?
Cater Allen's new investment is aimed at investors who believe the index will rise marginally over six years, but financial advisers say they may be better off elsewhere. Photograph Shaun Curry/AFP/Getty Images Cater Allen Private Bank has launched a structured product promising to return up to 200% of any growth in the FTSE 100 during a six-year period, capped at 50% of the initial investment. The bank says the Capital Guaranteed Enhanced Growth Plan 1 is aimed at investors who believe the index will rise only marginally during the term, offering a high return on minimal growth. Fernando Gasca, head of structured products ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Stock picking - With a little bit of luck?
In his book, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Burton Malkeil argues that "a blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a newspaper’s financial pages could select a portfolio that would do just as well as one carefully selected by the experts". Subsequently, numerous 'monkey' portfolio experiments have taken place, and with many a monkey outperforming those funds run by professional managers, the question arises as to whether stock picking is a skill or pure luck. Perhaps one of the most famous stock pickers was Peter Lynch, who employed a successful strategy for many years during his time at Fidelity. In ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Alpha Equity Fund 07-06-2010
Morning Star Ratings: DWS Alpha Equity Fund (Regular Plan - Dividend and Growth) rated. 4 Star on a 3 year period. The Morningstar fund rating methodology ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Final Plan of Distribution: Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated
Apr 7, 2010 ... 21 Morgan Stanley International Value Equity Fund. 22 Columbia Funds Series Trust - Columbia Advisor International ... 135 Morgan Stanley Global Dividend Growth Securities Fund ... 141 Lord Abbett Alpha Strategy Fund ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship: Private Equity ...
a financing event whereby angel groups and / or venture capitalists become involved in a fast growth company that was previously financed by founders and their friends and families. Back to Topˆ Accredited investor – a person or legal entity, such as a company or trust fund, that meets certain net worth and income qualifications and is considered to be sufficiently sophisticated to make investment decisions in private offerings. Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933 exempts accredited investors from the protection of the Securities Act. The Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed revisions to the ...
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You may receive various answers but differs each other. its better to approach a good MF adviser in your area and make it clear for each opinion. After all its your money and do not let others to play with that. If you mail me your contact details i can provide you the suggestions in detail. You can have a self analysis by using the site (might be simple for you) or other mutual fund related sites. Check each ones portfolio, if portfolio is good you can continue. Still according to market condition i ll suggest you to book part profit at least and invest later. Sign in to vote! 0 Rating: Good Answer 0 ...
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An investment instrument formed when investors pool their funds together. The mutual fund manager invests the sum in stocks, bonds, or other financial assets. Total questions 2800 What does the 'expense ratio' of an investment fund mean? Expense Ratios represent the amount of money a fund spends on management. The new ETFs have relatively low expense ratios... What is a mutual fund? A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that gathers funds from like minded investors and invests in equities, bonds of your... How do you calculate return of market index how do u calculate index of nse and bse? For indexes like the S&P ...