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Special Report on

Alternative Asset Classes

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Are you one of the many who missed out on the spectacular rally in emerging markets, gold, energy, and other commodities since the market bottomed in the middle of August? Did you heed the advice of the mainstream financial media gurus who implored you to transition out of risky assets (i.e. the aforementioned groups, which have been trouncing other asset classes over the last five years) and into the so-called safer, higher-quality, US-large cap domestic names? Many of these advisors have been recommending these names to their clients' detriment since the rotation into hard assets and emerging markets began in late 2002. ...
consists of finding an asset allocation that is appropriate for a given person in terms of their appetite for and ability to shoulder risk. This can depend on various factors; see investor profile .
Where You Put Your Money Is Back In Fashion - Commentary - Share Cafe
The perceived importance of asset allocation in driving investor returns faded from the 1990s as a result of high overall returns from most asset classes and relatively high correlations between bonds and shares. However, the dismal returns of the last decade from global shares, a relatively constrained overall return outlook, increasingly wild swings in share markets and the return to more volatile economic cycles is serving to highlight the importance of asset allocation. The AMP's chief economist, Dr Shane Oliver looks at the renewed importance of an old dilemma for investors. Everything comes in cycles, and ... market research, surveys and trends
jdrive: Populist blather is approaching a high-water mark
Populism is fueling a vitriolic debate around Carried Interest tax 'reform', as demonstrated by the comments over at Chris Dixon's blog It can feel good to go off on extreme examples like Steve Schwartzman eating $400 crabs , but it's important to think through what will really happen if this legislation actually becomes law. Tax policy as it relates to finance and investment activities in the U.S. has as its primary goal the provision of incentives / disincentives based on 'preferential' activities. It is about incentivising behavior, not some individualized and debatable construct of fairness. ... market research, surveys and trends


Harvard Endowment, Largest in Higher Education, Plummets by 27 ...
Harvard’s invested endowment assets took a 27.3 percent hit this past fiscal year, amidst an economic maelstrom that Harvard Management Company CEO and President Jane L. Mendillo called “very likely the most challenging period in modern times for the financial markets as well as for the Harvard portfolio.” The decline brought the total value of the endowment as of June 30 down to $26 billion—on par with 2005 levels—after reaching almost $37 billion in 2008. The negative investment returns, combined with donations received and money paid out for operations, pushed the endowment’s total value down by $11 billion, or almost 30 percent. industry trends, business articles and survey research
Global investment manager search trends
Value of assets placed through Mercer’s manager search activity totalled US$76.3 billion in 2007, with average placement US$100 million Global equity and real estate are most searched product categories globally in 2007   Search activity in non-traditional asset classes continues to rise globally as investors seek to diversify their portfolios in the face of unstable markets, according to data released by Mercer today. The 2007 Manager Search Trends report gives insight into institutional investment mandate hiring patterns and trends across the world, and is based on activity reported through ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Atlantic Trust Adds Top Investment Talent to Master Limited Partnership, Multi ...
ATLANTA, Jun 09, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Atlantic Trust announced today the addition of portfolio manager Adam Karpf and senior investment analyst Clayton Santimore as part of the firm's ongoing commitment to enhance the depth and expertise of its investment team. Mr. Karpf, who has 11 years of industry experience, has joined senior investment manager Paul McPheeters on Atlantic Trust's Master Limited Partnership Strategy. Based in New York, Mr. Karpf has spent the last nine years analyzing the Master Limited Partnership (MLP) sector. Most recently, he was head of MLP ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Asset allocation makes a comeback
EVERYTHING comes in cycles, and one of the big swings in investment management relates to the perceived importance of asset allocation, i.e. the exposure an individual or fund has to individual asset classes, e.g., global shares, Asian shares, Australian shares, global bonds, unlisted property, cash, etc. Through the 1990s and into the last decade the investment management industry increasingly moved away from worrying about asset allocation to focusing on manager selection at the asset class level. This partly reflected the experience of the 1980s and 1990s, when most asset classes did well and so asset allocation was seen as ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Alternative Asset Classes: An Introduction
What are alternative asset classes? Beyond the three primary asset classes-- stocks, bonds, and cash-- many other types of investments can be used ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Item 5e: Roles of Asset Classes in Strategic Allocation
Consulting and PCA worked on the role of asset classes project and developed an alternative classification of assets based on their fundamental ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Private Pension Funds and Alternative Assets: Investments and ...
The goals of the Center for Retirement Research are to promote research on retirement issues, to transmit new findings to a broad audience, to help train new scholars, and to expand access to valuable data resources. by Divya Anantharaman, Rutgers Business School The potential depletion of Social Security funds and the declining personal savings rate in the United States have increased the importance of private pensions in the "three-legged stool" of retirement security. Private defined benefit pension plans are increasingly shifting away from investing in 'traditional' publicly traded stocks and bonds, and towards ...
  1. profile image ShawnDBaldwin May was dominated by sharp moves/high volatility. It is a difficult market for most traditional/alternative asset classes.Forex trading ...
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What is the reason for State Street To Buy Mourant International ...
Custodial bank and asset manager State Street Corp. (STT: News ) said Tuesday that it has agreed to acquire investment servicing firm Mourant International Finance Administration in a cash transaction, as part of the company's efforts to strengthen its global alternative asset servicing business. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The company noted that the acquisition will enable it to expand into Europe and Asia and broaden its capabilities for servicing investors' growing real estate administration requirements. Mourant International Finance Administration, or MIFA, is a provider of fund ...
What purpose do hedge funds serve and what is the different from ...
Equity Markets (3), Economics (1), Currency Markets (1), Personal Investing (1), Wealth Management (1), Franchising (1), Green Products (1) On an overall basis, hedge funds exist for the benefit of the fund managers to receive enormous compensation in exchange for mediocre performance. Mutual funds exist for the benefit of the fund managers to receive substantial compensation in exchange for mediocre results. posted 1 month ago Consultant at BP Solar and Advanced Performance Solar see all my answers Best Answers in: Derivatives Markets (3), Equity Markets (3), Public Funding (1), Risk Management (1), Government Policy (1), ...