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Applied Value Investing, Austrian Style

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kürzlich einen gigantischen Jahresgewinn von 13 Milliarden Dollar vermeldet hatte, packte US-Präsident Barack Obama den Hammer aus. Er kündigte die weitreichendste Reform des Bankwesens seit Jahrzehnten an. Im Kern laufen seine Pläne auf die strikte Trennung von Privatkundengeschäft und Investment-Banking hinaus. Insbesondere sollen Banken mit Kundeneinlagen keinen Eigenhandel mehr betreiben und sich nicht an Hedge-Fonds beteiligen dürfen. Ein „Too big to fail“ soll es nach Obamas Worten nicht mehr geben: „Nie wieder wird der amerikanische Steuerzahler von einer Bank, die zu groß zum Scheitern ist, in ...
Austria was the only country to be (partly) occupied by the Soviet Union in the post WWII era to hold free elections and avoid authoritarian Communist rule by forced decree from Moscow. Today, Austria is a parliamentary representative democracy comprising nine federal states . 2 7 The capital —and with a population exceeding 1.6 million, Austria's largest city—is Vienna . 2 8 Austria is one of the richest countries in the world , with a nominal per capita GDP of $43,570. The country has developed a high standard of living , and in 2008 was ranked 14th in the world for its Human Development Index . Austria has been a member ...
Fwd: Who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes
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Articles About Mineral Makeup & Top Stocks Investing
Last weekend, as part of my course, we were tasked to bring home our false eyelashes, and as an assignment, to decorate them. Our instructor suggested glitters to decorate them, while I, bringing along ziploc baggies of multi-purpose minerals, was so game in using them to transform my plain, black false eyelashes to the most ostentatious and whimsical ones! Well, I wasn't able to create the most dazzling ones, but hey, I was able to successfully color my falsies! What I did was apply some false eyelash glue on the false eyelashes themselves, and use a small, synthetic eyeshadow brush and swipe multi-purpose ... market research, surveys and trends


Philadelphia Reflections: Investing, Philadelphia Style
Land ownership once was the only practical form of savings, until banking matured in the mid-19th century. Philadelphia took an early lead in what is now called investment and still defines a certain style of it. Feudalism was a system of military defense organized to protect the savings of communities from predators, since land ownership was almost the only practical system for permanent storage of savings. Jewelry and precious metals might serve somewhat, but their value depended on scarcity, which limited general utility. Paper money was too easily counterfeited until the middle of the 19th century. It took the invention ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Earnings Quality: An Important Indicator -- Seeking Alpha
(AFG’s) Earnings Quality variable is an important indicator of companies that may be more likely to have negative earnings surprises and underperform due to high amounts of accruals. With many firms under pressure to meet sales expectations in the current environment, it is important to watch out for those firms that may be trying to pad their sales numbers, ie. Channel stuffing (sending excess inventory to stores that cannot sell their products). The EQ score ranges from 1 to 100, 1 being the best EQ score resulting from the lowest accruals, and 100 being the worst EQ score indicating the highest accruals. Because high EQ ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Benjamin Graham, Meet Ludwig von Mises:
Value Investing from an Austrian Point of View. Chris Leithner .... To the mainstream, the conception of risk is almost invariably applied to a perceived ... For a Graham-style value investor, risk resides in the cumulative ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Embassy of the United States Ashgabat, Turkmenistan - Latest ...
Turkmenistan is a relatively large but sparsely inhabited country (about five million) with abundant hydrocarbon resources.  The government regularly proclaims its wish to attract foreign investment, but its state-control mechanisms and restrictive currency-exchange system have created a difficult foreign-investment climate.  Historically, the most promising areas for investment are in the oil and gas, agricultural and construction sectors.  Even in these areas, companies must conduct extensive due diligence.  The lack of established rule of law, inconsistent regulatory practices, and unfamiliarity with ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Price-to-Earning Growth Ratio and Value Vs. Growth Based ...
ratio whereas a value style strategy includes stocks with a low P/E ratio. ... earning applied is either the last observed earnings per share or the expected one. .... of Austria, France and Netherlands the abnormal returns increases from the ... International Value Investment Strategies, The Journal of Portfolio ...
Is it True That Ethics Cannot Exist in the Capitalism and Free ...
We get what we want by giving others what they want. The same is true in relationships or business. (Even in beliefs about spirituality: You give god worship and he gives you eternal life.) I hate to see people in other countries or our own put out of business, but what happens when in doing so you triple crop production? Many of the workers are better off. This of course must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and comes with its own closetful of ethical questions. We all want better lives. I grow potatoes, you grow tomatoes, Bob grows onions, and Tom grows carrots. We trade them at the market. Now we each have stew. ...
Tax on capital gain from stock investment? - Yahoo! Answers
i know that for long-term capital gain, we would be taxed at 15% of the tax bracket and for capital loss (regardless time frame), it can be tax-deductible for up to 3000. however, let say this year, I've have lost 3000 in one stock, and 3000 long term capital gain on another stock. According what I have researched, these will cancel out one another. Is this true, or these two transactions can be recorded seperately according the the rule i described above. in another word, the gain/loss is the net of investment or each transaction is applied toward the rule. thanks. The 3000 loss and the 3000 gain would cancel each ...