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Articles about Assets Under Management

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Check back each month to read the latest article related to hedge fund administration, long term trends, basic fundamental situations or some other topical study written by Dermot Butler of Custom House Global Fund Services Ltd.   Setting Up a Hedge Fund - Part 1 The problem with writing about a topic such as starting up a hedge fund is that there are so many questions that have to be asked � for example, where do you want the fund to be established. The answer to these questions usually begs another question, so I am just warning you that this is going to be a long and, perhaps, convoluted paper, and indeed it will ...
Designs and implements investment plans according to client needs, using their knowledge of tax and investment strategies and investment products. Meets regularly with clients to review financial performance. Alternate Title(s) : Financial Adviser, Wealth Adviser Salary Range : $30,000 to $60,000 and up Employment Prospects : Good Advancement Prospects : Good Prerequisites: Education or Training —Four-year college degree with courses in accounting, finance, law, or general business; industry certification helpful Experience —Several years in financial services industry, preferably in marketing or sales; college graduates with ... market research, surveys and trends » QDRO Preparation New York – Brief Lines About ...
A QDRO preparation New York is the end of the process pursuant to which a Domestic Relations order is a review by a Plan Administrator and determined to be in compliance with the Retirement Equity Act. As a consequence of the compliance termination by the subject plans Administrator the domestic relations order is thereafter treated as a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). A QDRO New York is the instrument required to transfer pension assets from a titled spouse to the non titled spouse who pursuant to the retirement equity act is termed as alternate payee. A qdro New York is the culmination of a process allocating the ... market research, surveys and trends


Articles about Assets Under Management - Baltimore Sun
Legg Mason Inc.'s profit dropped 18 percent in the company's fiscal second quarter, driven lower by a decline in brokerage revenue, higher legal reserves and lower profit on margin loans to customers. Still, Legg Mason's assets under management jumped to a record, investment banking revenue nearly tripled and stockholders' equity, or capital, shot past $1 billion for the first time. The Baltimore-based asset management and brokerage company made $30.4 million in the quarter that ended Sept. T. Rowe Price Group Inc. said Friday that its first-quarter profits tripled as investors sent more money to the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Articles about Legg Mason - Baltimore Sun
Legg Mason told investors Thursday that the company expects its headcount will fall by more than 350 worldwide — the number of job cuts announced this week — because it won't replace all the employees who leave voluntarily. Mary Athridge, a Legg Mason spokeswoman, said such a move could also mean a reduction in the Baltimore area beyond the 250 layoffs planned, but the company doesn't have a bottom-line number in mind. The layoffs represent 30 percent of the company's local work force. Legg Mason Inc. changed its bylaws Friday to require that board directors running in uncontested elections ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Fox News on the Misinformation Bandwagon About the Gulf Oil Spill
I wrote a couple of pieces back in May describing the best ways to clean up the spill. In particular, I endorsed a method develop by a Michigan company, Recovery I, which uses dried corn cobs, as a safe, clean and highly effective (tested) method of cleaning up the spill. To date, officials in charge, both at BP and in the government, have not responded to offers a demonstration, nor have they signed a contract, despite the fact that the company has gathered 34,000 tons of the material, enough to make a substantial dent in the mess down there. See: Good article, though I have to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Keeping other players out
The investment industry, like any other industry, has created and maintained "barriers to entry". These are apparent in many forms; some beneficial to the investor and others potentially not. Regulation requiring licenses and levels of qualification from industry participants like asset managers and financial advisors is clearly in the best interests of the investor. One may question, however, the current practice of largely removing front-end fees or initial charges and escalating the ongoing service fees through performance-based fees and layering of structures. The effect of this practice is to link profitability ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Saturday, March 28th New York Times Obituaries section ...
articles about two formerly prominent financial figures from another era – ... is now, and assets under management shrink, they respond by cutting many of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
U.S. Treasury - Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI)
A religious cult established in 1987 by Shoko Asahara, Aum was an organization obsessed with the apocalypse. Approved as a religious entity in 1989 under Japanese law, the group ran candidates in a Japanese parliamentary election in 1990. Over time the cult began to emphasize the imminence of the end of the world and stated publicly that the United States would initiate Armageddon by starting World War III with Japan. On 20 March 1995, Aum members simultaneously released the chemical nerve agent sarin on several Tokyo subway trains, killing 12 persons and injuring up to 6,000. The group was also responsible for other mysterious ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Aum Shinrikyo
Since its horrific sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system on March 20, 1995, the millennialist religious group Aum Shinrikyo has been a constant presence in the Japanese media. Criminal cases for fraud, kidnapping, and murder against Aum’s founder, Shoko Asahara, and other members of the group are still winding their way through the courts. Meanwhile, local governments throughout Japan are flouting the law in refusing to allow Aum adherents to settle and enroll their children in school. Aum changed its name to Aleph in early 2000, but in the minds of many Japanese this was simply a ...
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QUESTION: where can i find details of the Total assets under management and the Portfolio count of the top mutual funds in the US. i searched a lot on the net, but could not find this basic info. can you also recommend any US based website where i can ask this question? thank you in advance for your time and efforts. ANSWER: there used to be a site called morningstar.  you may want to give it a try. ---------- FOLLOW-UP ---------- QUESTION: thank you for your valuable reply. i got about 60% of the info i wanted at morningstar. can you recommend any similar sites for the companies which i could not find at morningstar? Answer
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Is there a website for pricing a home-based business? I will be retiring in one year. I have been in a small home-based bookkeeping business for 22 years located in New Hampshire. I am getting inquiries already from bookkeepers interested in buying my business. I would be selling my customer lists (both for bookkeeping and QuickBooks consulting) and goodwill. Is there information out there I could look at? I would like to get some money up front, plus a percentage monthly of the revenue for one year. I don't think that is unrealistic. posted 1 month ago in Accounting , Small Business | Closed Share This Certified Public ...