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Special Report on

Asian Structured Product Disclosures

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Celent believes that firms cannot afford continued fragmentation in the way prices are derived in the front office, and therefore advises firms to adopt a joint approach to the pricing functions. Greater transparency in pricing and valuation functions was a visible trend even before the onset of the credit crisis. However, in a post-crisis era that is moving towards financial reform, we are seeing unprecedented levels of scrutiny and requirements for firms to show procedural consistency in their complex deal pricing and portfolio valuation activities. Disclosure and pricing/valuation methodologies are now critical building ...
Bill Baker: Spoof Predictions for 2010 and Beyond
With each New Year, predictions thought out to be sagacious and sometimes offbeat are advanced by the gurus of Wall Street. The consensus this year seems to be that an improving economy will enable the stock market rally to continue but then be vulnerable in the second half to pressures from a rising dollar and higher interest rates, which probably ensures the opposite might happen. With levity the object, The Conservative Economist provides herewith an implausible alternative to the usual fare from the financial establishment, half in jest and half serious, which disturbingly seems possible in these unsettled political and ... market research, surveys and trends
Firehose #9
(Feb. 26): The Performance Rights Act issue. A final GAO report “will include more extensive quantitative analyses of the relevant issues.”  Ars technica reviews the bidding at Performance Rights Act might shut down some radio stations (June 8). The Register, Prisoner of iTunes – the iPad file transfer horror (June 7): “[T}he bad news is that - in this iteration at least - the iPad is a conflicted machine. It's a media consumption device, and if it's just that it's an expensive one. . . . . But alongside this it has a capability as a productivity tool, and it's here that the problems start to tumble ... market research, surveys and trends


Global Risk Management Survey: Sixth Edition Risk management in ...
stress tests of their structured product (or securitization ..... as 58 percent of institutions with $100 billion or more in .... ERM programs were more common among U.S. and Canadian institutions (at 47 percent) and among Asian institutions ... accompanying disclosures to the public.”14 The proposals ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SEC Market Risk Disclosures: Implications For Judgment And ...
SYNOPSIS: In this paper, we draw on Judgment and decision-making research to examine the behavioral implications of the SEC's Financial Reporting Release No. 48 on market risk disclosures. While these disclosures have been examined using archival data, no research has investigated how these disclosures might-affect individual users of financial statements. The purpose of our paper is to draw on research in the judgment and decision-making arena to identify and analyze the behavioral implications of the new risk disclosures. We offer three conclusions. First, FRR No. 48 users may have more complex evaluations of risk than ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Nov 23, 2009 ... Asian Structured Product Disclosures: How Much Is Enough? ;;;. ;;;. ;;;. ;;;. Derivatives Week is now accepting submissions from industry ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Comment Letter
Jul 25, 2008 ... variety of structured products. Our CMBS deal coverage includes North American,. European, and Asian CMBS as well as Commercial Real Estate backed ... it be necessary to require the disclosure of this information as ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Prof. Allen Ferrell | Curriculum Vitae
American Law Institute Project on the Application of U.S. Financial Regulations to Foreign Firms and Cross-Border Transactions Member , ABA Task Force on Corporate Governance Fellow , Columbia University's Program on the Law and Economics of Capital Markets Faculty Associate , Kennedy School of Government Research Associate , European Corporate Governance Institute Massachusetts Institute of Technology , Ph.D. in Economics, 2005 Fields in econometrics and finance Harvard Law School , J.D., 1995, Magna Cum Laude Recipient of the Sears Prize (award given to the two students with the highest grades) Editor, Harvard Law Review
Franchising: Franchise Kits - FDD Templates, Franchise Operations ...
Before investing in anything, I recommend your company take a couple steps back and hire a franchise expert to determine if your business has what it takes to be successful as a franchise model. Before undertaking the expense and commitments it takes to enter the franchise industry, you need to know if franchising is in the cards for your business or not. A franchise feasibility study by an objective franchise expert (one who doesn�t tell every client they�re franchise-able) is a solid investment. If the results are positive, then proceed. FRANCHISE KITS & FDD TEMPLATES � COST SAVINGS? The use of Franchise Kits and FDD ...
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Looking for a song that sounds like the song posted in the details. This song has been used in movie trailers, and has a very rich orchestral sound, but alas, I can't come up with the specific trailer in which I heard it... How much would I pay for a 20' shipping container from Tema, Ghana to New York? I know there are a lot of variables that will affect the answer, so I'm looking for a very rough estimate or range. Any information as to what variables are likely to affect the cost significantly would be so very helpful. Thank you! HELP - all you AV buffs. I have a huge AV project to undertake. It involves ...