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Automakers Killing the Hybrid Market?

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The folks at Pike Research, a market intelligence firm specializing in clean technology, have spent most of 2009 looking at various dimensions of electric-drive vehicles. The Colorado-based firm’s latest study, Electric Vehicle Batteries , digs into lithium ion batteries—the enabling technology for robust plug-in hybrids and electric cars. Pike forecasts that the market for lithium ion batteries for transportation will grow from $875.6 million in 2010 to nearly $8 billion by 2015. That sounds like a steep curve, but Pike’s forecast for 2015 is about one-quarter of the size predicted by the Department of Energy. “The cost ...
U.S. vehicle CO2 emissions still almost double Europe and Japan
Despite ongoing efforts to wean itself off the teat of foreign oil, the U.S. car market is still almost twice as polluting as Europe and Japan. This new finding from automotive data provider, JATO Dynamics, comes despite the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) – better known as “cash for clunkers” – program that replaced over 690,000 vehicles on the roads with more fuel-efficient models and the fact that American consumers are significantly more inclined to adopt Hybrid technology than Europeans. Then why is it so? JATO’s study of the U.S. light vehicle market in the first quarter of 2010 reveals ... market research, surveys and trends
Would you buy an electric car?
chevrolet is designing an electric car called the volt. you can go to chevy’s website and vote for them to build it. do you think the volt will have the same fate as previous electric cars, or do you think it has a shot of being mass produced? sharethis GM had excellent electric cars 10 years ago and put them in a car crusher!! “Who Killed the Electric Car?” DVD The price of electric might kill it, but then again it HAS to be better then the EVIL-run gas companies !!! The same fate? don’t know. It depends on people, whether they will buy it or not. I think it has a shot because based on business ... market research, surveys and trends


Toyota Predicts First Loss in 70 Years | Hybrid Cars
"The environment surrounding us is extremely severe, and we are facing an unprecedented, emergency situation where we have no choice but see an operating loss this year,” said Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe. The global recession has finally caught up with Toyota Motor Corporation, which announced on Monday that it is anticipating a loss of US $1.7 billion for the fiscal year ending in March 2009. It would be the first time in 70 years that Toyota’s annual operating budget ended up in the red. The figure is especially shocking since Toyota projected a $14 billion profit earlier in the year, and re-adjusted that forecast ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How to Kick-Start the EV Market: Large-Scale Plug-In Hybrid ...
The electric car revolution is likely to start out at a walk, not a run, and few EV carmakers are talking about major volume in the first few years. It’s possible, though, that the pace of electrification could be sharply increased with conversions of existing fleet vehicles to battery cars and plug-in hybrids. That’s the premise of an ambitious Michigan-based startup called Alt E (short for “alternative energy”), and it’s also a campaign by plug-in activist and founder Felix Kramer , who would like the Obama Adminstration to get behind the idea with major funding as a way to “ cut oil use in half by 2020 .” This is ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Special report:Is Tesla the future or the new Government Motors?
(Reuters) - Elon Musk, the chief executive and major investor behind Tesla Motors Inc, has sometimes taunted U.S. automakers, painting his fledgling company as everything Detroit would like to be if it could start over: cooler, greener and ensconced in a much better neighborhood. Gulf Oil Spill As part of the roadshow to drum up interest in Tesla's initial public offering that prices on Monday, Musk showed potential investors a map of the electric carmaker's San Francisco-area headquarters and the nearby assembly plant it plans to acquire. Marked for easy reference was Tesla's location next to corporate neighbors ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Mercury's end means new life for Lincoln
— Since the day he arrived at Ford Motor in 2006, Chief Executive Alan Mulally has been focused on trying to strengthen the company's namesake brand around the world. Now he wants to do the same with its luxury Lincoln line. The automaker said Wednesday it will expand its Lincoln lineup with seven new or redesigned models, including a new small car. At the same time, Ford confirmed rumors that it will kill its ailing Mercury brand by the end of the year. Analysts say the carmaker ought to be able to hold on to most of its customers since Mercury cars are usually just gussied-up Fords. According to automotive researcher ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Toyota, Hybrid Innovator, Holds Back in Race to Go Electric
Aug 20, 2009 ... Club 15 years ago to urge automakers to produce zero-emission cars. “Toyota tells people the age of electric ... technology means a change in the market leader. ... wouldn't say Toyota is killing the electric vehicle. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Ten Plug-In Cars We're Impatiently Waiting For In 2010 — Autoblog ...
be many thousands more. Someday, we're pretty sure, plug-in cars will be as common as after-Christmas sales on December 27th, but for now we've culled a list of the cars that automakers have either announced will be making their market debut in 2010 somewhere in the world or, in some cases, will take a big step towards production status this year. In short, these are the cars that will make 2010 Year One of the new electric car era. We hope. Follow the jump to check it out and let us know of your additions in the comments. Aptera ended the year plagued with difficulties , but we're still dying to see these ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
U.S. Automakers Worry that Greener Cars May Not Sell by Jim ...
After many years of resisting calls to green their product lines, U.S. auto companies are finally getting the message. The North American International Auto Show in Detroit, which is open to the public Jan. 17-25, is a showcase for environmentally friendly technology. Many of the new cars on the revolving stands are hybrids (including at least two plug-in hybrids) and battery electric cars. The third generation of the Toyota Prius is parked close to an all-electric Smart car. But interviews with automakers present at the show reveal a profound unease with the industry’s new direction. With gasoline now below $2 a gallon, they’re ...
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Google Answers: electric car
Hello, You have asked a question which involves many opinions but no clear-cut answers! A combination of reasons have been cited as inhibiting the mass-production of electric cars. Expense, limited consumer demand, lack of continued government incentive, technology issues and competition from auto producers have all been accused of playing a hand in holding back mass-production. == The new documentary, "Who Killed the Electric Car", is not backward about stating several opinions. "The electric revival comes as an opinionated new documentary film, Who Killed the Electric Car?, has started playing in theaters in ...
Why are ford and GM struggling so bad? - Yahoo! Answers
and are there any other american automotive manufacturers that are also struggling. and how likely is it that they will collapse and when? They have been plagued for years by terrible union contracts. The UAW at one point had GM producing cars on a quota just to keep its people working regardless if the vehicles sold or not. They in turn cut their costs on materials for a number of years and stopped producing the high quality vehicles they where know for up until the late 60's. Quality has got better over the years but they failed to address the issue of energy early on. While Japanese companies made more and more ...