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Citigroup had hoped Citi Property Investors would propel its real estate activities into the same league as its better-established banking activities, a newly-hired platform boss Joseph Azrack told reporters back in September 2004. " Citigroup is a market leader in other areas," he told one reporter. "In merchant banking and alternative investment, including real estate, it wants to be in the top three globally," he said. Some reports suggested Azrack, who joined from AEW Capital Management, was set to lead an investment programme armed with a war-chest of up to $20 billion slated for future real estate ...
Historically, the Australian banking industry was tightly regulated. Until as recently as the 1980s, it was virtually impossible for a foreign bank to establish branches in Australia; consequently Australia had very few banks when compared with such places as the United States or Hong Kong . Moreover, banks in Australia were divided into two distinct categories, known as saving banks and trading banks . Saving banks paid virtually no interest to their depositors and their lending activities were restricted to providing mortgages . Trading banks were essentially merchant banks , which did not provide services to the general public.
billy blog » Blog Archive » Eliminating the great superannuation ...
I am currently doing some work on the superannuation industry. It will become part of a larger project with some European colleagues in the coming month. But it is also part of work I am doing on the design of a new financial system based on the application of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) principles which will ensure that nations can pursue full employment and equity without severe disruptions caused by wayward financial markets. While this analysis is about Australia, the general principles are universally applicable and should be part of the reformed financial system that is adopted by all nations. Today I am concentrating on ... market research, surveys and trends
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US homeowner Christopher Aultman stopped writing mortgage cheques. And Charles Prince of Citigroup paid. Some of the US$16.6 billion that Mr Prince's bank estimates it lost on wrong-way sub-prime bets flowed to investors who for the first time were able to wager that US mortgages would collapse. The sub-prime derivatives market created in 2005 by a group of Wall Street bankers made that payday possible. The derivatives were based on sub-prime mortgages, given to borrowers with bad or incomplete credit. Securities firms packaged and sold that debt in structured financial products where the risk was hidden by investment-grade ... market research, surveys and trends


Teen's $2 million fraud charge |
AN 18-year-old Brisbane student has been charged with defrauding Queensland's biggest bank of $2 million in a case that has set off alarm bells about online banking security. Philip Heggie, who is enrolled to study business at University of Queensland, appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court on New Year's Day charged with fraud and attempted fraud, The Sunday Mail reports. The alleged offences involved online banking and false identification. The money was allegedly transferred from an internal account where Suncorp holds a large percentage of the bank's own money. Just two days before the teenager's ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
US banking bailout breakthrough |
US politicians have struck a deal on an unprecedented $US700 billion ($840 billion) bailout for struggling Wall Street banks to avert the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. “We have given the (Treasury) secretary the authority and the resources and the flexibility necessary, that he feels is necessary,'' Republican negotiator Judd Gregg said, announcing the deal. “I think it's a good product,'' he added, saying he hoped the bill could be voted on as early as Monday (US time) by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The deal came after an overnight breakthrough by ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
FINSIA Asia Financial Services Summit
for that kind introduction. I'm delighted to be here because I'm delighted to support the efforts of any organisation that is promoting the development of Australia's financial services industry in Asia, as FINSIA is doing. The subject of this summit is one very much on the mind of the Government – positioning Australia for the "Asian century" and promoting Australia's financial services industry. Preparing for, and capitalising on, the opportunities that are being created by the growth of Asian economies is an essential task for any sensible Australian Government at this stage of the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Income the key to claiming super deduction
WITH the end of the tax year looming, some people with large capital gains are looking for ways to decrease their tax. For some that meet the self-employed definition, they can make a deductible super contribution. Q My wife is 45, has salary this income year of about $8000 and has received the benefit of the compulsory superannuation contribution from her employer. She is expecting a net capital gain of about $35,000 from the sale of a rental property. Is she eligible to contribute her after-tax income into her superannuation fund and claim this amount as a tax deduction? If she is eligible, what is the maximum amount she ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Weekly Banking Bulletin
Mar 13, 2009 ... Weekly Banking Bulletin. News & Views ... superannuation and property, the traditional staples of Australian investing. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
State Capitalism:
Nov 13, 2007 ... SWFs are not new. In fact some of them have a long history, with the first being ..... Or even to secure intellectual property rights in other fields. ..... investment bank. In July 2007 purchased a small stake in Apollo ...... Established to fully fund the future superannuation payments of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Responsible Property Investing - Asymmetric Movements of Real ...
urban problems and better management of both new and existing properties ... This paper discusses responsible property investing (RPI) as a positive way .... the World Bank's General Environmental Guidelines and pollution ..... offer superannuation funds, with assets of over A$3.3 billion, has awarded a ...
WikiAnswers - Investment Banking Questions including "How do you ...
How do you 'comment on your experience that would benefit you in the role you are applying for at our company'? First, I'm assuming you know something about the company, if you don't, you need to do some research first! Secondly look at... What the inter- relation between stock market bond market property market? What the inter- relation between stock market bond market property market? Bond prices have an inverse relationship with interest... How much money does an investment banker earn? First year analyst base is $70,000 with bonus of anywhere from $40,000 - $85,000. Associate base is $120,000 with ...
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Anyone have personal experience with ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) and/or Stephen Hayes 'Get Out Of Your Mind, And Into Your Life'? My husband is going to be staying in Provo, Utah, next week for work (visiting from New Zealand). He's busy during the day. What are the highlights for dinner food and things-to-see-at-night? He has a rental car. I've been sent an email from a company producing a calendar. They are interested in using some of my photos from flickr for their calendar - not as main images, but as smaller fill pictures. I've said I'm interested, but I've never done anything ...