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Better than Sicav

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A collective investment scheme organised as multi-class investment company with variable share capital under the laws of the Republic of Malta (EU) on the 31st October 2007 and licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority under the Investment Services Act, 1994. PROSPECTUS Home page of TEF THE TIMELESS ENERGY FUND: RETURN ON EUR 10,000 INVESTMENT (MINIMUM) WHY ENERGY? IT'S ABOUT KEEPING THE LIGHTS ON. Throughout history, energy has been an essential part of life - ever since our early ancestors worshiped the sun for its warmth and light mankind has been striving to "keep the ...
money with others to participate in a wider range of investments than feasible for most individual investors, and to share the costs and benefits of doing so. Terminology varies with country but collective investment schemes are often referred to as mutual funds , investment funds , managed funds , or simply funds (note: mutual fund has a specific meaning in the US). Around the world large markets have developed around collective investment and these account for a substantial portion of all trading on major stock exchanges . Collective investments are promoted with a wide range of investment aims either targeting specific ...
Madoff fallout and translation
Knowledge is warranted belief -- it is the body of belief that we build up because, while living in this world, we've developed good reasons for believing it. What we know, then, is what works -- and it is, necessarily, what has worked for us, each of us individually, as a first approximation. For my other blog, on the struggles for control in the corporate suites, see Last fall, investors who had lost money -- lots of it -- in the LuxAlpha Sicav-American Selection fund filed lawsuits against E&Y and UBS in Luxembourg. The reason they had lost so much money in LuxAlpha was that the ... market research, surveys and trends
Luxembourg Hedge Funds: overview of the fund vehicles
Luxembourg is, behind the USA, the world’s second ranking financial centre for the domicile and servicing of investment funds. Since 1959, when the first fund was established, the investment fund industry hugely expanded, counting 3,457 funds as of 30 September 2009. This success originated with the authorities' encouraging attitude to foreign capital and investment, and was considerably strengthened by its prime location in the heart of Europe - close to the main markets targeted by investment funds -, by its highly qualified multilingual workforce, as well as by its political, economic and social stability. This ... market research, surveys and trends


Rich Pumped for Fees in Banking Conflict of Interest (Update1 ...
March 24 (Bloomberg) -- After Steffen Binder and his partners sold a Frankfurt-based Internet research firm for $15 million in September 2000, he invested his share of the windfall with private banks. As the dot-com bubble burst, his holdings shrank faster and then rose more slowly than the market. Binder discovered that fees were eating into his returns by pushing the annual cost of his accounts to more than twice the management fee of 0.8 percent to 1.2 percent of assets charged by a majority of wealth managers, he says, declining to identify his banks. “Ninety percent of wealth-management clients are not aware of the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The promise of total-return funds - The New York Times
How times change. Last year, asset managers urged us to be adventurous and join the equity party. Now it would seem that risk aversion rocks. So it's time for a new line of total-return funds for fair weather or foul. Every total-return fund is different. Some are invested solely in fixed-income instruments, while others favor a mix of equities and bonds. But most allow the manager complete flexibility in the way assets are allocated, and all promise to deliver returns that beat the prevailing rate of interest and preserve capital at the same time. J.P. Morgan, the latest asset management group to focus on risk-averse ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Cohen & Steers SICAV Audited Annual Report For the year ended 31 ...
Cohen & Steers SICAV European Real Estate Securities Fund—Class I .... Regional malls (+63.0%) turned in a better-than-expected performance, benefiting from ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The France Growth Fund, Inc.: No Action Letter dated July 15, 2003
In your letter dated February 4, 2003, you request our assurance that we would not recommend enforcement action to the Commission against The France Growth Fund, Inc. (the "France Growth Fund" or "Fund") under section 12(d)(1)(A) of the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the "1940 Act") if the Fund invests its assets in securities issued by unregistered investment companies that are organized under the laws of, and operated in, France or other European Union member countries ("foreign investment companies") in excess of the limits imposed by section 12(d)(1)(A) of the 1940 Act. In addition, you request our assurance that we would ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Caveolin-1 Knockout Mice Have Increased Bone Size - AMULTITUDE OF ...
To better understand the role of the caveolar microdo- main in bone homeostasis and response to .... treated with siCav or scrambled siRNA in media with the .... endocortical area of cav-1−/− mice was similarly larger than ...
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What alternative energy technology investing opportunities are out ...
Thomas Friedman says the "ET" (Energy Technology) will dwarf IT - it has to be the next high tech boom for our world economy to survive. I want to find out about clean ET investment opportunities - whether they are stocks, or entrepreneurs looking for private equity, and whether it is now or still in the pipeline. Are you working on a project? Do you know someone who does? I'd like links to websites, news articles, stock quotes and ideas. One of the large projects I'm aware of that will surely have opportunities for businesses is Project Better Place, which is switching two countries (Israel and Denmark) to electric ...