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Beware of Internet investing

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Everyone knows the Internet is booming, so why not get in on the action? For anyone with some spare time, especially a retiree with lots of it, an Internet-based business can look perfect. You don't have to go to an office - you can work in your bathrobe. There are almost no serious upfront expenses - no space to lease, vehicles to buy or employees to hire. Obviously, lots of people are making money on the Internet or it wouldn't exist. Who am I to say it isn't so? After all, I make a living on the Internet. So why can't you ? Well, maybe you could. But, as the Money Profile story on Bernie Kreisberg shows, ...
These types of schemes have existed for at least a century some with variations to hide their true nature and there are people who hold that multilevel marketing , even if it is legal, is nothing more than a pyramid scheme. 4 5 6 7 Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
Who Should You Count On For Investment Advice? | Investing blog ...
If you tell people that you play the market, they’re likely to respond in one of two ways – either they want you to give them investment advice, or they think that they’re experts and they want to give you investment advice. Today, investment advice is everywhere, but investors should beware – free investment advice is usually worth exactly what you pay for it – nothing! Using a Stock Broker for Investment Advice All too often, stock brokers are trained salespeople, more so than trained financial professionals. Before you act on any investment advice from a stock broker, make sure you understand ... market research, surveys and trends
10 Money Making Tips – Everything You Needed to Know to Make Money ...
1. Maintain a good credit score! It will save you thousands of dollars in the short and long term when you need to borrow money to buy a car or a home. Creditors will give you an interest rate and the loan amount based on your income and credit score. 2. Large sums of money should NEVER be left in a checking account or even a low-interest bank savings account. Rather, put the money into a account (like an ING savings), , or other forms of short term high interest investments with a fixed return. 3. If you have an employer matching 401K plan, maximize your contributions, so that you double your money! 4. Set ... market research, surveys and trends


The Future of Investing - CBS
The harsh math of a 50 percent decline is that it requires a 100 percent gain to simply get back to even. Sure, a mere 100 percent gain seemed easy enough not so long ago. In the go-go 1990s, the S&P 500 doubled in less than three years (1995 to 1997), and then nearly did so again before the tech bubble burst in 2000. But that was then. We now live in a much stingier world. The fact is the forces that fed the fin-de-siecle bull market simply don’t exist anymore. That’s not just recessionary gloom talking. The great bull market that ended in 2007 benefited from a gale-force tailwind not likely to be seen again in our ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Beware of Buyout Firms Bearing IPOs - BusinessWeek
The stock market rally of the past year has encouraged leveraged buyout firms to sell more of the companies they own to the public. The people who buy shares in those companies, though, have had reason to regret it. Initial public offerings from U.S. companies backed by private-equity firms are losing money, on average, for investors for the first time in at least a decade, making them the worst performers in 2010's IPO market. The stocks have fared poorly even though in many cases buyout firms cut the prices and the number of shares in the deals. Prices of the 13 offerings this year by private-equity funds have fallen by ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Beware of Tiger bite
seems to be to trick or trap as many first time users of its services without caring if they never buy a flight with them again. The Singapore Airlines controlled low cost carrier merits respect for investing nine A320s in Australia, and compelling the other three domestic mainline carriers to keep significant capacity available at low fares in order to stay competitive. But is the business plan really one of punishing first time users so harshly they never come back, because there are alternatives in Qantas, Virgin Blue and Jetstar? There is seldom a day when at short notice they won’t sell fares for less than the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Punked for Profit: Beware of Social Media-Linked Ponzi Schemes
about Internet-based Ponzi schemes that purport to offer returns of 20%, 30%, 100% or more per day -- yes, that's per day. "These are unregistered investments sold by unlicensed individuals, both typically violations of the federal securities laws," says John Gannon, senior vice president for investor education at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Yet, that doesn't mean somebody won't try to tell you an HYIP is the ticket to the good life. The con artists behind high-yield investment programs are experts at using social media such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to lure investors and create ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Technologies of Risk? Regulating Online Investing in Canada*
it's true” (Beware of Internet Investing: Scams); “While computers can speed up the trading process, don't make the mistake of thinking trades happen ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FOREX Advisory
The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the federal agency that regulates commodity futures and options markets in the United States, warns consumers to take special care to protect themselves from the various kinds of frauds being perpetrated in today's financial markets, including those involving so-called "foreign currency trading." A new federal law, the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, makes clear that the CFTC has the jurisdiction and authority to investigate and take legal action to close down a wide assortment of unregulated firms offering or selling foreign currency ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Identity Theft, Part 3B: Preventing Identity Theft, Con't. - The ...
Unauthorized use of a credit card to fraudulently obtain money or property. Credit card numbers can be stolen from unsecured websites, or can be obtained in various identity theft schemes.   Steps to Avoid Credit Card Fraud... Don't give out your credit card number (s) online unless the site is both secure and reputable. Sometimes a tiny icon of a locked padlock or an unbroken key appears to symbolize a higher level of security to transmit data. This icon is not a guarantee of a secure site, but may provide you some assurance.   Before using the site, check out the security software that it uses to make sure your ...
Beginner Investing: Penny Stocks/Investing for beginners, investor ...
Last spring I subscribed to an online newsletter that gives tips on ground floor opportunities in the stock market, specifically penny stocks.  Having never invested in stocks before I have been apprehensive about going it alone, but have not yet asked anyone for advice.  So now I am asking... In your opinion, do online investing vehicles like E-Trade, etc. allow a person to choose stocks, purchase them, sell them, keep track of earnings, and bascially provide a "do it yourself" opportunity for individuals such as myself?  I have to admit, I am clueless when it comes to this sort of thing, so I could ...
BEWARE of ITT Tech scam *ALERT*? - Yahoo! Answers
If you’re thinking or planning on going to school after high school let me give you some advice, BEWARE of ITT Tech!!! First of all the price tag is $40,000 for associate degree ($80,000 for bachelors). They are involved in all sorts of legal scams nation wide. Not only that if you do get suckered in their teachers are the worst. Teachers ROB you of your education by only skimming through lectures and walking out on classrooms, and to add insult to the fact they still pass everyone in the class as long as they attend. They just hand out diplomas left and right which is where their scam comes in. And employers know it, that is ...