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Special Report on

Beyond the Equator Principles

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A new joint effort between China’s government and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) will likely wean industrial polluters in the country off of environmentally destructive bank loans. In late January, China’s State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) signed an agreement with the IFC to introduce the globally recognized Equator Principles in China, according to China Daily . The Equator Principles are a voluntary set of guidelines for assessing and managing the environmental and social risks associated with project finance. Under the collaboration, SEPA and the IFC will conduct joint research on adapting the ...
Banks failing environment and social standards
A new study released by BankTrack and WWF today has found that there is a growing commitment to sustainable banking within the international banking sector. However, the report also highlighted the need for the sector to adopt more transparent financing policies, advancing sustainability while helping to reduce their exposure to risk. The report, Shaping the Future of Sustainable Finance: Moving the Banking Sector from Promises to Performance, ranked the financing policies of 39 international banks across 13 issue areas, from climate change to human rights. The study also benchmarked the banks’ policies against international ... market research, surveys and trends
environmental finance
Many European governments are likely to struggle to provide the required data to support their plans for the second phase of the system of emissions trading experts estimate that the carbon market. The European Commission insists that the so-called national allocation plans prepared by each member state government, including specific information on the contribution of other policies and measures, apart from the exchange system to reduce emissions , and proof of purchase of government carbon credits from the international market. Some countries did not devote enough resources to quantify the impact of other policies and measures, ... market research, surveys and trends


Enforcing the Equator Principles: An NGO's Principled Effort to ...
Apr 17, 2008 ... built by Spain's ENCE -- whose total investment was valued at ten percent of the ..... announced that it would withdraw from the $480 million ..... BEYOND THE EQUATOR PRINCIPLES ś43. While the Equator Principles continue ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Meeting with Peter Head - American Chamber of Commerce in Poland
of Clifford Chance law firm, talked about emissions trading and post Kyoto agreement after COP 14 in Pozna� and its potential effects for business in Poland. Tackling climate change in sync with EU directives As the EU okayed the Climate and Energy Package (C&EP) in December, which among many provisions sets a 20% reduction rate in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 with the benchmark being the emission levels in 1990 (1988 for Poland), the business of tackling climate change by the union, it seems, has entered a new, more decisive phase. “The package is supposed to get the approval of the EU Council,” said Robert ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Cafe aims to make a difference
There’s a lot more brewing at the Un Mundo Cafe on Fountain Avenue in Springfield than just a great cup of coffee. With a desire to “share the love of God from the coffee grower to the coffee drinker and beyond,” Un Mundo operates on biblical principles to benefit local community ministries. The cafe practices fair trade by purchasing coffee directly from farmers in small villages who can’t compete with bigger suppliers that grow and sell coffee in large quantities. Dave Black, a Cedarville University graduate and the cafe’s general manager, explained the importance of this direct approach. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Credit where it's due (2)
“The Rio Blanco mine in the mountainous Piura region of northern Peru is one project that deserves more careful environmental and social consideration by Chinese banks.” In the three years since the Chinese government introduced the Green Credit Policy , progress has been made in sustainable finance on China’s home front. While green finance is gaining traction domestically, however, there are no such policies governing the investments of Chinese commercial banks beyond the nation’s borders. This is the time, as China’s financial powerhouses are increasing their overseas transactions and grappling ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Banks & dams – beyond the Equator Principles
Banks & dams – beyond the Equator Principles. Background paper submitted to the UNEP DDP 'Financing dams and sustainable development' workshop ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
A Risky Environment for Investment
Floods in Europe. Heat waves in the United States. Snowfall in the deserts of the United Arab Emirates. These are among the unusual weather conditions witnessed in different parts of the world in the past five years, conditions that demonstrate how climate change is beginning to impact people. While governments negotiate targets for cutting down emissions of greenhouse gases—seen by bodies such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as the most viable mitigation measure to slow down the processes causing global warming—the fallout from rapid climate change has already set alarm bells ringing in the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Are the days and nights equal at the equator all year round ...
The Equator is one of the Latitudes or imaginary circles drawn around the Polar Axis which, together with the lines of Longitude, form a grid on which the land and seas are mapped in a fixed geographical and astronomical position. This grid or chart is used to mark the position of the sun at midday to measure the length of a day. Because the earth 's polar axis is at an angle to the earth's orbital trajectory the sun's light reaches the Polar regions for half a year at a time so we know that the earth tilts toward the sun for six months and away from the sun for six months. Therefore every region on ...
who is the creator of the polar (azimuthal) map projection?
In western literature, the retro-azimuthal projection was first proposed in 1909 by Craig. An alternate version was proposed almost immediately thereafter by the German cartographer Hammer (1910). These projections have as their main property that the direction (azimuth) from every point on the map to the chosen origin is correct. In this respect the maps differ from the usual azimuthal projections that render azimuths from the center correctly. As is the case with the normal azimuthal projections, the retro-azimuthal condition is not sufficient to completely specify the projection because two properties are required of most map ...