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Bivio Investment Clubs

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How to start an investment club from start to finish. We had our monthly investment club meeting this week. We formed the club about five years ago and have come a long way. If you are interested in starting a club of your own, here’s some of the information from the handout at our first meeting to get you started. Philosophy and goals (Rules and Expectations) Use the Official Guide from the NAIC: Starting and Running a Profitable Investment Club by Thomas E. O’hara and Kenneth S. Janke. This book provided the framework for getting our club started. It was very helpful to teach us the skills we wanted everyone to learn and ...
is a group of individuals who meet on a regular basis for the purpose of investing money. The invested sums can be as little as $10 a month.
Discover Tips And Tricks To Explode Investment Club MarketProfits
Investment clubs are about learning more about investing in the provision of some insand market profits. But without specific training in various areas Aclub can deal without a real understanding evercreating with its members. Who wants a return on the market is a good result is far too easy to simply understand.There investment markets thedifferent, regulations, learn how to make the selection NAIC'sStock increase earnings Guide.To When must the investment club is juststarting, investment calculator, It Out isgoing provide educational materials to ensure that all members an overview of the investingworks, investment ... market research, surveys and trends
even groups of average investors are pretty bad
A lot of studies have been done looking at individual investor underperformance. It’s been pretty well established that the little guy, on average, doesn’t fare very well against the market. In this study I’ll look at investment clubs and show that when individual investors work together (think “internet forums”) they don’t do much better… and maybe even worse. [logarithmically-scaled] What is an investment club? A group of individuals who pool their money to invest together. The club buys or sells based on a majority vote or some other agreed upon method. In the U.S. alone, clubs drive tens of billions of dollars. The graph ... market research, surveys and trends


bivio Investment Clubs - In the News
Boulder-based start-up has created a suite of free online services that aims to ease the administrative and a communication headaches investment clubs face. "We're the Quicken of investment clubs," says Ion Yadigaroglu, bivio CEO and co-founder. Bivio's site, located on the Web at, helps investment clubs do their accounting, keep track of their portfolio values, research their stocks and make investment decisions. The site also helps individual investors find others interested in starting a club. "Our mission is to make everything as easy as possible," said Yadigaroglu. "The ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A hedge fund operates like a traditional mutual fund
A hedge fund operates like a traditional mutual fund. The management team pools money raised from investors and puts that money to work in a wide variety of investment vehicles. But hedge fund managers allowed a great deal of flexibility in choosing their investments and can use investment tools and techniques not available to managers of traditional funds. Their goal is to hedge, or reduce the risk of owning, their investments. For example, hedge funds are allowed to play both directions of the market by being long certain securities and short others simultaneously. Hedge funds use derivative products, such as options and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Investment Club Accounting Concepts
May 24, 2010 ... Since most investment clubs operate as a general partnership, ..... IClubCentral software but with bivio software the cut-off is withdrawal ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
2009-2 Beery CV
Software Engineer, Bivio Inc. 2000-2001. Design and programming for database- backed online investment club accounting software. Field courses ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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