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Specific technical niche expertise and related research experience. We have teamed on SBIR efforts with experts in nutrition, drug abuse prevention and decision making. For all efforts, we are identifying training/learning requirements and translating them into interactive multimedia interventions. Expertise Provided: Developing interactive, multimedia learning applications for a wide range of government and commercial clients. We have experience in cognitive psychology, learning theory, user needs analysis, and the actual design, development and testing of learning solutions, whether they be distributed over the ...
Designing in Hostile Territory
The designer had to create a sales brochure for this extremely fancy lodge, but there was no budget for it. I was so fascinated by what the designer did: he created a very rough photo album with shots of the lodge ...... Chief Scientist of Alias Research and SGI Inc. He has been a lecturer at the Ontario College of Art and Design, and was principal of his own design and consulting firm, Buxton. Design, in Toronto. He is currently a visiting researcher at ... market research, surveys and trends
Elephants' wings : Pharyngula
Moe was in front, and found himself holding the trunk. "It has a tentacle," he said. "I think we have found a giant squid!" Larry bumped into the side of the elephant. "It's a wall," he said, "A big, bristly wall." Curly, at the back, touched the tail. "It's nothing to worry about, nothing but a piece of rope dangling in the trail." Eagletosh saw the interruption as an opportunity to sit in the shade beneath a tree and relax. "It is my considered opinion," he said, "that whatever it is has feathers. Beautiful iridescent feathers of many hues." The ... market research, surveys and trends


R&D Status and Trends in Nanoparticles, Nanostructured Materials ...
pressure phases, with application to beta-tin structure silicon. .... LaNi5 can be lowered by the addition of a few percent tin (Wasz et al. ...... daunting task, so it is natural to ask if there are alternative ways of achieving the cost ...... for production simulations on million atom systems using the SGI Power ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
NASA posts - Geek Gestalt - CNET News
A visualization of the Ares-1's main engine plume interacting during a type-4 stage separation with the Interstage, created at the NASA advanced supercomputing facility. The facility's current top-end supercomputer, known as Pleiades, is the sixth-fastest computer on Earth, measured recently at 973 teraflops--or 973 trillion floating point operations a second. (Credit: Goetz Klopfer, NASA Exploration Systems MissionDirectorate) MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--If you're a materials scientist at NASA's Glenn Research Center, or an engineer at the Johnson or Marshall Space Centers studying Space Shuttle flow-control ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


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Why invest in alternative investments? 2. Investment opportunities in the hedge fund sector. The benefits of Hedge Funds continue to attract investors ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
AF 1 parte Finance.FH11
Beta Gamma Sigma. The International. Honor Society. • Brandon-Hall, Execllence in E- ...... finance, through capital markets to alternative investments. ...... Please refer to page 48 of this brochure for more details on the MIAF program structure. Applied Finance .... Grupo de IngenierĂ­a (SGI), 2005-present ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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