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Buy to Let Investment Property

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Whether you are a new or experienced landlord our services are tailored to help you achieve your London property investment goals. To discuss your buy-to-let requirements for investment property in London contact Chard's Buy-to-let team. Gareth Jones Buy-to-let Manager 020 7243 4500 Why buy to let with Chard? Chard began as a dedicated lettings business which has evolved into one of West London's largest lettings agencies as well as a full service estate agency business. Unlike many other estate agents in London, lettings is our core business. The buy to let team is headed by a director of the ...
in April 2008 following a downturn in the UK property market. Its sister company, Instant Access Properties, which sold properties to Inside Track clients, entered administration in September 2008, primarily as a result of the global economic crisis. The company advertised in newspapers and through mailshots, inviting customers to attend a free property investment session. The purpose of the session was to sell a full two-day investment course, priced at £2,500. If the customers proceeded beyond this stage, they would pay up to £8,000 to join 'Instant Access Properties', a 'property club' sister company of ...
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Find out everything you need to know about buy to let. Learn what to buy, where to buy and what not to buy. All this information about buy to let won't cost you a penny. buying 'If the area is full of buy to let property investors the supply of property to let might outweigh tenant demand and create pressure to reduce rents. 'Consider established areas with good communications links 'Research tenant demand as your highest priority. Find a letting agent to discuss this. 'Consider ongoing costs, e.g. maintenance, service charges etc. 'Be prepared to buy tired investment properties and refurbish them. ... market research, surveys and trends
Does Investment Land Complement Property Market Investments in a ...
often heard of Mark Twain adage – ‘buy land, they do not make it “has been indirectly taken to heart by investors in the United Kingdom scouring the markets for better investment. That is to say as compared to the growth of buy to let property market, it is not bricks and mortar which rises in value, but the land underlying the United Kingdom which is development. Indeed, the value of bricks and mortar deteriorates over time, so in some respects a UK investment property market is in fact an investment property UK more than anything else. In this paper, we look not at the relative merits of a land investment ... market research, surveys and trends


Buy To Let Investment Property
This is ’s next chapter of how to buy a property in Portugal, here we focus on the Algarve as it’s currently one of the most attractive places to invest and to enjoy investment growth while enjoying the sunshine on the beach   The Property Market   Why not choose to base yourself in an area with over 3000 hours of sunshine each year and give yourself the quality of life you deserve?     Portugal is an attractive location for house buyers, with the Algarve being the most popular area for British buyers, mainly due to the weather, golden beaches, and the abundance of golf courses. It is ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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Investing you money nowadays is such a complex and sophisticated activity that it takes a professional to truly understand all its subtleties and thus identify the premium investments. Heres how a financial services company can give your investment planning the professional factor that helps maintain the value of your assets and plan for your desired quality of life. Effective investment takes education, training, knowledge and experience something that many of the profession ... Tags: financial services , investment planning , internet marketing By: Royston Tan | - To embark your journey to wealth so as to check out for the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Buy-to-let loans bite back
The legacy of "get rich quick" buy-to-let property clubs continues to take its toll on the tax payer, with news that the government is mounting a giant legal negligence claim against law firms who advised Bradford & Bingley on hundreds of loss-making buy-to-let loans. The action relates to one of the most notorious areas of the buy-to-let loan market – same day remortgages – a technique used to dramatically inflate property values, popularised by buy-to-let seminar operators at the height of the property boom. As exposed by the Investors Chronicle's Property Swindles investigation in 2008, certain ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
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Prior to the G-20 meeting in Toronto in late June, the Obama administration decided that the 20 leaders would mostly focus on Europe because " China had announced plans to allow the yuan to rise ". Having personally railed against China's unfair trade practices for the better part of the last four years, including its outrageous 40% or so undervaluation of the yuan or renminbi, as I said back then, this was like being told to forget about a very bad hangover. The proof that this particular hangover continues, however, is that since China's promise to President Obama to let the renminbi float to its ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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A typical €100000 20 year Standard Variable interest rate mortgage for a Buy-To- Let/Investment Property will have monthly repayments of €656.08 APR 5.05%. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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of this Consumer Focus, a good real estate agent can be immensely helpful in your search and purchase of an investment property. Look for an agent who has experience in helping people buy investment property. Agents with experience in this specialized market will be able to find out about the income the property currently generates and estimate expenses for the upkeep of the property. Also, remember that this is a business decision . Be careful not to get caught up in the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Property Wide ranging information on investing in property aimed mainly at the private investor, buy- to-let ...
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I am considering purchasing a studio apartment in Dubai as a buy-to-let investment. I am resident in UK and have contacted a company called emmenproperties ( who have told of 3 studios in the Dubai Lagoon each costing �52,000. They give a guarantee for 10% yield rental income for 3 years following completion plus capital appreciation over that period. I am interested in making this purchase with a 25% deposit with the remainder financed by a bank in Dubai. Apparently the property is adjacent to a business district with a high demand for workers so therefore renting the property will be very easy. ...
Is Recession A Good Time To Buy A Property To Let? - Yahoo! Answers
First things first: Are you sure that buying a property and letting it out is a good investment for you? Buy to lets are no longer the cash cows that they once were. Both house prices and rental rates may continue to fall. Some forecasters are predicting that until 2010 house prices will continue to drop by as much as 30%, especially as many Buy-To-Let landlords decide to pull out of property ownership before things get worse. One famous couple –Judith and Fergus Wilson -- who were labeled by newspapers as Britain's first buy-to-let billionaires -- are expecting to start selling off their portfolio this year, as ...