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Buy-to-let investment

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Buy-to-let investors seek a solid economic climate with an unsated demand for property rentals, be it in tourist or business environments. For this reason, Panama now offers prime opportunities for both types of buy-to-let investors. Eager to take advantage of a favourable tax regime under Law 41, large multinational companies are increasingly becoming established in Panama. With names like Hewlett Packard, Dell and DHL already there, others are following their example: Caterpillar have also announced new offices in Panama City and others such as Proctor and Gamble are following suit. Law 41 allows licensed corporations to ...
have invested in residential property to be let for profit, but since the mid-nineties there has been rapid growth in the property market leading to a surge in demand for rental property which is being exploited by many mortgage providers keen to encourage new amateur landlords.
Buy To Let And The Credit Crunch: Market, Mortgages,Tips
For Buy to Let market, the last few months have been difficult for the landlords with the credit crunch came increase on arrears, lack of buy to let mortgages and tougher lender’s criteria. But it is not all bad news, the houses are cheaper to buy, ... market research, surveys and trends
Buy to Let investment properties. Landowner Management Tips
Over the past 15 years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people who choose to invest in real estate for rental purposes. Buy to Let sales have become much more frequent. We believe that renting has become very popular among tenants due to the flexibility and freedom it offers, without a commitment to purchase a home. For many, buying and leasing properties has become a very profitable investment. They provide income, an increase is reliable and constant value of their property. Receipts from the rental of the property should be sufficient to cover mortgage payments homeowners and make a profit. Initially, it ... market research, surveys and trends


Vacant Homes in U.K. Prove Speculator Nightmare as Losses Mount ...
April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Lee spent 5.3 million pounds ($10 million) buying 20 rental homes across the U.K. with just 150,000 pounds of his own money. Today, the properties are worth about 60 percent less and owned by the banks that financed the purchases. Lee was one of thousands enticed by one of Europe's top five best-performing residential property markets during the past decade. Now repossessions are mounting and properties stand empty as many investors fail to find the tenants needed to cover their mortgages after a building boom flooded cities, especially Leeds and Manchester, with apartments. The unraveling ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Cyprus Real Estate News and Property Market Reviews
Cyprus.. a beautiful island with year round sun, stunning beaches, mountain peaks and a wealth of culture. The Cyprus properties and real estate blog is a resource center for property investors and real estate professionals. You will find a wealth of information on topics including property selling, buying, rentals, real estate agents, investment properties, off-plan, Cyprus housing, mortgages / home loans, land, relocating, market trends, latest real estate news and reviews. Find property buy and sale information for all of Cyprus including Pafos (Paphos), Larnaca, Limassol, Paralimni, Ayia Napa and Protaras. Property ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Lending on hold as landlords face growing demand
It’s rare for anyone involved in a sector such as buy-to-let to voice negative feelings about where the market is heading. Players are usually committed to their market and, in the case of buy-to-let, if they are active landlords why would they be in the sector if they had misgivings about its future? Of course, continuing to be active in buy-to-let and seeking to buy more investment properties are two different propositions at present. Uncertainty can result in a degree of pessimism about what is to come, regardless of the current situation. This anxiety is apparent in our landlord survey published last month. Last time the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
North and west face a house price double dip
A double dip in house prices is being predicted by some experts for large parts of the North and West of the UK as the limited market recovery over the past year comes to a halt. The news came in the same week as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said a survey of its members revealed the first recorded fall in average UK house prices in more than a year. Ian Perry, a RICS spokesman, said that this reflected "both the increase in supply following the scrapping of home information packs and the more cautious stance from buyers". Mr Perry said he expected the downward trend to continue at least for the next few ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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for your Buy To Let investment knowing the size of your loan in advance. ... The cost of a Buy To Let investment is far more than just your monthly loan ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Investor Tips: Margin - Borrowing Money To Pay for Stocks
"Margin" is borrowing money from your broker to buy a stock and using your investment as collateral. Investors generally use margin to increase their purchasing power so that they can own more stock without fully paying for it. But margin exposes investors to the potential for higher losses. Here's what you need to know about margin. Let's say you buy a stock for $50 and the price of the stock rises to $75. If you bought the stock in a cash account and paid for it in full, you'll earn a 50 percent return on your investment. But if you bought the stock on margin – paying $25 in cash and borrowing $25 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Economics Interactive Lecture: Internal Rate of Return
For some investments, like bank accounts, the internal rate of return is easy to figure because the bank tells you what it is. For example, a 5% simple interest bank account has an internal rate of return of 5%. For other investments, you have to do some work to calculate the internal rate of return. This is especially true of investments like building a factory or getting an education. These kinds of investments generally don't pay money in nice even amounts like a bank account does. Nevertheless, you can calculate an internal rate of return for these investments, and use it to decide which investments pay best. To ...
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Google Answers: Dubai buy-to-let investment question
I am considering purchasing a studio apartment in Dubai as a buy-to-let investment. I am resident in UK and have contacted a company called emmenproperties ( who have told of 3 studios in the Dubai Lagoon each costing �52,000. They give a guarantee for 10% yield rental income for 3 years following completion plus capital appreciation over that period. I am interested in making this purchase with a 25% deposit with the remainder financed by a bank in Dubai. Apparently the property is adjacent to a business district with a high demand for workers so therefore renting the property will be very easy. ...
Is Recession A Good Time To Buy A Property To Let? - Yahoo! Answers
First things first: Are you sure that buying a property and letting it out is a good investment for you? Buy to lets are no longer the cash cows that they once were. Both house prices and rental rates may continue to fall. Some forecasters are predicting that until 2010 house prices will continue to drop by as much as 30%, especially as many Buy-To-Let landlords decide to pull out of property ownership before things get worse. One famous couple –Judith and Fergus Wilson -- who were labeled by newspapers as Britain's first buy-to-let billionaires -- are expecting to start selling off their portfolio this year, as ...