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Buying Silver as an Investment

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From the very beginning of my interest in silver, my focus has been on basic supply and demand, with particular emphasis on remaining inventories. And why not? I am a commodity supply and demand analyst and the world did experience a structural deficit in silver for more than 60 years, beginning with World War II and lasting up until very recently. What could be more bullish for a commodity than drawing down and depleting an inventory that took thousands of years to accumulate? Despite this fact, I have never dismissed the potential impact of increased investment demand on silver. I always felt that investment demand would be a ...
pure metal known. Pure gold has a bright yellow color and luster traditionally considered attractive, which it maintains without oxidizing in air or water. Gold is one of the coinage metals and has served as a symbol of wealth and a store of value throughout history. Gold standards have provided a basis for monetary policies. It also has been linked to a variety of symbolisms and ideologies. A total of 165,000 tonnes of gold have been mined in human history, as of 2009. This is roughly equivalent to 5.3 billion troy ounces or, in terms of volume, about 8,500 cubic meters, or a 20.4m cube . Although primarily used as a store of ...
Silver Eagle Monster Boxes: the Best Way to Buy Silver in Bulk
are a great way to purchase a large quantity of Silver Eagle coins. A monster box contains twenty five plastic coin tubes. Each tube contains twenty American Silver Eagle coins. That means each sealed U.S. Mint box will contain five hundred beautiful, uncirculated American Silver Eagles! Perhaps you you are hesitant about investing in such a large quantity of American Silver Eagles at one time. Here are what I believe are the two most important reasons for purchasing a Silver Eagle Monster Box: Cost Savings When you purchase American Eagle Silver coins, your price is based on the current market spot price. The dealer then adds a ... market research, surveys and trends
Buying Silver In 2010 Is A Great Investment Decision
when it comes to investments but it should not be overlooked. Silver prices increased an impressive 22.4 percent from early February through late June. The price of silver is double what it was in November 2008 and the industry buzz has started. Investors who usually buy gold coins are now purchasing silver coins as well. The number of Silver Eagle coins sold by the U.S. Mint during the first quarter of 2010 exceeded the amount sold during any previous quarter in history. The year 2009 saw record sales of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. Silver should be added to the investment portfolio because it may outperform the precious ... market research, surveys and trends


How To Buy Gold, Silver or Platinum Safely – Avoid The Scams
Thus, the fight over gold and silver as media of exchange is about more than mere money, let alone making money. For it is a fight with only two possible outcomes: either control of their own lives by the people themselves, or control of the people and their lives by political and economic elitists. - Dr. Edwin Vieira How To Buy Gold Or Silver Reading time: 11 – 18 minutes HOW TO BUY GOLD OR SILVER How to buy gold, silver or platinum?  This is becoming a uncharacteristically common question.  Not all too surprisingly I receive this question all the time.  I buy gold and silver.   I do not sell gold professionally. Through ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Gates among investors ...
The biggest rally in silver since 1979 is benefiting the commodities market's largest investors, including Bill Gates, the world's richest man. The Microsoft chairman's Cascade Investment is the second-largest shareholder in Vancouver, B.C.-based mining company Pan American Silver. His 3.32 million shares of Pan American are valued at about $85.2 million and have tripled since 1999, when Gates made the investment. A 55 percent jump in the past 12 months has put silver on track for its best year since the billionaire Hunt brothers caused prices to skyrocket in 1979 by hoarding the metal. Silver, above $10 an ounce ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Gold Climbs Above $1200 in London on Higher Investment Demand
July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Gold climbed above $1,200 an ounce in London on speculation investors will increase purchases of the precious metal as a means of protecting wealth. The euro was little changed against the dollar before stress-test results today that may reveal loan losses at European banks. Gold gained 0.8 percent yesterday, the most in more than a week, and is headed for its first weekly increase since the five days ended June 18. “The dip-buying interest seen in gold over the past few days is an encouraging indicator and suggests ongoing diversification from fiat currencies by investors looking for more tangible ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Current dips in silver offer better buying opportunity
Silver prices have been on a roller-coaster since moving above $17.50/oz in March this year. Each rally has met with an equal sell-off. Each time the price of silver has moved above the $18.50/oz level, it has been capped by the bullion banks in the USA, especially J.P Morgan. They have done this repeatedly in spite of the bullish fundamental for silver. However, the supply side of silver is getting tighter and this could result in a shortage of the physical metal. Although it is almost impossible to predict a specific date when the price of silver will begin to reflect the strong fundamentals, I think it is going to happen much ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Silver Opportunity Still Available
silver would almost certainly outperform gold as an investment in the long term. As regular .... to mind to account for this disproportionate silver buying. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins Brochure
EASY TO BUY AND SELL. One measure of an investment is liquidity: How easily can it be converted to cash? Silver Eagles, with their unique U.S. Government ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
number, what we call a “silver metric”. ROX. Return on investment (ROI) ... periods as retailers and consumers adjust their inventories and buying habits. ...
Buying Silver: Is This A Good Idea? - Yahoo! Answers
I recently decided to start purchasing one or more .999 one troy ounce silver bullion bars per month as an investment toward the future that would not take a big chunk out of my wallet. This month I purchased 3 of them to "start the collection." I was wondering how financially sound it would be to continue the pattern through the next 10 or so years ( providing the price doesn't skyrocket to near the cost of gold). I figure if all goes as planned, that by the 10 year mark I will have between 200-250 troy ounce bars of silver bullion. I watch the spot price on silver. I know that it is down at the moment, but figure ...
Is silver a good investment? | Ask MetaFilter
With the US economy apparently getting ready to go 'foom!', a friend of mine has become very excited about silver as an investment. So apparently the great thing with silver is, it's seriously undervalued at the moment, due to ages of behind-the-scenes manipulation to keep the price artifically low, which is now getting ready to 'splode and send the price from $14/oz to $100/oz or more, and furthermore even if it doesn't, it's certainly not going to get any cheaper, so the worst possible scenario is breaking even. Plus the fact that it's hard value and not "fiat currency", and it's ...