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Special Report on

Carbon Trust/Venture Capital Programme

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The Carbon Trust can refer early-stage companies, who have developed innovative carbon-saving technologies with real commercial and technical promise, into their co-funded incubators. The incubators will provide strategic and business development consultancy, advice on corporate finance, legal advice, management team recruitment and mentoring, market research and engagement and guidance on intellectual property protection.  The Carbon Trust provides up to £70K of advisory support per accepted start-up/spin-out company, paid directly to the incubator partners for services provided to the company being incubated.  ...
Fuel Cells UK publishes Manifesto for the New Coalition Government
The UK fuel cell and hydrogen sector has the potential to become Britain’s low carbon energy success story – contributing to the achievement of the UK’s environment and energy goals and driving the transition to a low carbon future. At this crucial time for both the UK economy and the global environment, Fuel Cells UK calls on the newly established Government to adopt new measures to support the fuel cell and hydrogen sector in the UK so that it can play its role in delivering low carbon jobs together with a range of other policy benefits. Key priorities for the newly established Government include addressing the economic ... market research, surveys and trends
Green Energy Republic: Overcoming the obstacles to microgeneration
In a four-part series we've been researching the barriers to generating independent renewable energy, and here we suggest some potential solutions to the problems. Week 2 - Finance People are motivated to install microgeneration systems for environmental, self-sufficiency and - with the arrival of the Feed-in Tariff - economic reasons, but a major barrier for many is the initial capital outlay. Microgeneration installations can cost between £4,000 and £25,000. Access to sums of capital of this size is not realistic for the majority of UK homeowners. So how do we get around this? Grant funding Grant funding through phase ... market research, surveys and trends


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Major energy consumer, using around one third of a percent of the UK's electricity in 2006-7 .... ACAL heard about the Business Incubator programme at a clean ... Secured £1.6 million in venture capital during 2007. Carbon Trust support ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Peak Energy: Guns Beat Green For Venture Capital Investment ?
" - on some investors who think that there is more of a future in investing in guns (and surveillance technology) than there is in cleantech. Hopefully she is wrong (surely big brother is getting more data than he needs - or can process usefully - right now) but the last 6 years make me wonder. However - everyone needs clean energy and only a few countries are creating massive police state infrastructures like the US and China are, so the cleantech market opportunity must be bigger when you take a global point of view. Anyone tired of lousy news from the markets should talk to Douglas Lloyd, director of Venture Business ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Searaser device promises "lowest-cost" offshore power
The inventors of the Searaser, an ocean-based pump that drives an onshore hydro-electric turbine, claim it can generate electricity at a rate of 1.5p per kWh – less than a quarter of the cost of other renewable sources and even lower than coal, gas or nuclear. Dartmouth Wave Energy, the firm behind the device, says the device is so simple to construct and maintain that it will only cost around £200,000 per unit, with a total capital cost of £1.2m per MW. ‘It only has four moving parts so is much better able to stand the rigours of being deployed at sea,’ Dartmouth director Geoff White told The Engineer. ‘It doesn’t need any oil ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Invesco Income Growth Trust plc Annual Financial Report Announcement for the Year Ended 31 March 2010 Financial Information and Performance Statistics At At 31 March 31 March % 2010 2009 change Net asset valueaEUR per ordinary share: - per Balance Sheet 196.1p 138.9p +41.2 - after deducting proposed dividends 196.1p 135.8p +44.4 Mid-market price per ordinary share 174.0p ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Read the report here - Clean Capital
The Carbon Trust venture capital programme typically invests between £250000 and . £2 million alongside private venture capital investors on the same ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
INSEAD - Private Equity Club
Pollution control, "green" energy, social entrepreneurship: these buzzwords are not often associated with private equity and venture capital. This panel will look at how some innovative firms are tapping into the global equity markets to fund investment in areas that have been traditionally seen as too risky or otherwise unattractive.   For many years entrepreneurs seeking to address society's concerns regarding the environment, health, education, etc have only had access to funds from charitable organisations, government initiatives and self-help groups. In the recent past, several investment ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Renewable Energy for our historic Church. Solar panels, heat pump ...
Hi Neil, my company has direct experience here with ground-source in a Norman church, an engagment with the Church in Wales and several years' experience installing various renewable technologies into Listed property. We are MSC accredited in several technologies already and are working on other accreditations. Take a look at If you let me have your e-mail address I will send you some case studies. In the UK solar technology can rarely make much contribution to spatial heating as demand peaks when output is lowest. For most churches the big utility bill is for heat rather than electricity (unless heating ...
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Why are "aunt" and "uncle", emplyed in a nonfamilial sense, used as terms of endearment and honorifics in so many societies? Any tips for getting rid of static electricity in big, furry dogs? My Old English sheepdog is always rubbing against the couch and rolling around on the carpet. Every time I scratch him behind his ears, I get a slight jolt. I've tried rubbing down his favorite pillow with a Bounce sheet, but of course the static always comes back. Thanks to everyone in advance. I'm thinking about upgrading my laptop and use it for amateur DJ'ing in parties. What software and hardware do you guys ...