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Special Report on

Commodity Investment Analysis

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Commodity prices change when there are unexpected changes to supply and demand of the target commodity. WikiWealth tries to predict these unexpected changes by examining the companies, which supply and demand the commodity (See Fundamental Commodity Analysis). When demand potential is greater then supply potential, then prices will increase; the opposite is also true. WikiWealth's Main Street Analysis captures - along with user help - the impact of supply and demand changes by analyzing the commodity's importance. In general, the more important the commodity, the faster the price will increase when commodity demand ...
no matter for households, firms, or governments. An investment involves the choice by an individual or an organization such as a pension fund, after some analysis or thought, to place or lend money in a vehicle, instrument or asset, such as property , commodity , stock , bond , financial derivatives (e.g. futures or options ), or the foreign asset denominated in foreign currency, that has certain level of risk and provides the possibility of generating returns over a period of time. Investment comes with the risk of the loss of the principal sum . The investment that has not been thoroughly analyzed can be highly risky with ...
Commodity Bear Market | Gold News
ExxonMobil saw $38 billion erased from its market cap in just two weeks...more value than the entire market cap of most oil companies. More value than Nike's market cap, writes Matt Badiali, editor of S&A Resource Report , in Steve Sjuggerud's Daily Wealth email. As many DailyWealth readers know, ExxonMobil is one of the best-managed companies in the world...and one of the safest oil investments ever. The only time you'll ever see such a big chunk of hide torn from ExxonMobil is when you have a three-day period like May 4 through May 6, 2010. During those days, Nymex crude oil futures fell $9.08 per ... market research, surveys and trends
The Slack Wire: Dumenil on Marx
moves from the concrete, to the abstract, and back to concrete. Concrete reality is unitary, but concepts are necessarily partial. So the definitions of particualr concepts don’t matter except insofar as they form part of a particular science. Marx’s work contains several, at least partially independent systems of concepts. So for instance alienation is not part of the system of concepts, or science, constituted by value, capital, profit, etc. Capital begins with the commondity, builds via money to value, and then builds to capital. The error of idealism is to confuse the production of theoory with the exposition of ... market research, surveys and trends


Commodity Trends: No wheat export, futures slump | 20 March 2010 ...
With Sharad Pawar, India Minister for Agriculture ruling out any immediate plans for exporting the surplus wheat in the country, the wheat futures at National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange which was riding high last week on hopes of export news, suddenly slumped to near contract lows. Sharad Pawar said surplus wheat lying in the godowns may be used for allocating more quantities to those Above Poverty Line (APL) families. The most active NCDEX April Wheat contract when down to Rs 1,135 per quintal on Friday, near to contract low of Rs 1,126.6. Government procurement of wheat will begin in April with India’s wheat ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis
The index has gone negative. Typically when the index goes to -5 or lower for a couple weeks the economists at the ECRI start howling for more Keynesian stimulus. If next week is negative again expect to hear such talk. The interesting thing is the ECRI claims to have predicted every recession, but the reality is they are typically late. The last recession (assuming we are not still in it) started in November of 2007. It appears the ECRI was on time, but the only reason it appears that way is the NBER was even slower in declaring the recession. The ECRI was actually months late in "predicting" the last recession. Mike ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Time To Buy BP?
The rumors that BP is consulting bankruptcy attorneys and planning Chapter 11 are premature. In fact, with BP shares down 45% since the explosion (though up 10% today), now might be a good time for those with guts of steel to buy. BP is one of the world's most profitable companies, paying $10 billion a year in dividends and boasting a $20 billion annual capex budget -- both of which could be dialed back substantially to pay for oil spill damages. Daniel Pickering, head of research at Houston energy investment bank Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co., has taken a thorough look at BP's financial reports, and in his daily ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Livestock Funds 'Slaughtering' Other Agricultural Commodity ETFs
With the U.S. dollar soaring as of late on a wave of risk aversion, most commodities, which are usually priced in greenbacks, have suffered greatly as rising local prices have curtailed international demand. This is reflected in the recent performance of the PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund ( DBA ), the largest and most liquid ETF in the Agricultural Commodities ETFdb Category ; DBA is down about 12% this year and about 17% over the past 52 weeks (see the Ten Worst Performing ETFs of 2009). Despite this downtrend trend, one sector of the agricultural commodity category has managed to stay above water thus far in 2010; livestock. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Benefits of Commodity Investment: 2006 Update
agricultural, metal, energy, or livestock investment. The two primary commodity indices used in this analysis are as follows: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
A “Market of One” - Commodities and Equities: A “Market of One ...
The foregoing analysis indicates that the correlations between the equity and commodity return series may have fallen amidst the commodity investment boom. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Break-Even Method of Investment Analysis
Break-even analysis is a useful tool to study the relationship between fixed costs, variable costs and returns. A break-even point defines when an investment will generate a positive return and can be determined graphically or with simple mathematics. Break-even analysis computes the volume of production at a given price necessary to cover all costs. Break-even price analysis computes the price necessary at a given level of production to cover all costs. To explain how break-even analysis works, it is necessary to define the cost items. Fixed costs, incurred after the decision to enter into a business activity is made, are ...
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How to get free live & historic charts of commodity market ...
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Economics: currency, precious coins, commodity money
Basically a B.Sc (Physics) from the University of Madras, India. Started the career in production engineering under German and Italian experts. MBA in Management from IIM, Ahmedabad (India). Ph.D (Management) from the University of Bomaby (the first ever awarded in this subject). Headed the computer centres of Multi nationals; "Data Processing expert" of the Commonwealth, London (To implement World Bank and UNDP Computer softwares); "Consultant Adviser" to the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), Barbados. Associated with Nobel Laureate in Economic Science-1979, Arthur Lewis (Past President of CDB) & 4 more on ...