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Special Report on

Counter-trend movements

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Parallel with these significant cultures, art of one form or another existed all over Europe, wherever there were people, leaving signs such as carvings, decorated artifacts and huge standing stones. However a consistent pattern of artistic development within Europe becomes clear only with the art of Ancient Greece , adopted and transformed by Rome and carried; with the Empire, across much of Europe , North Africa and the Middle East . The influence of the art of the Classical period waxed and waned throughout the next two thousand years, seeming to slip into a distant memory in parts of the Medieval period, to re-emerge in the ...
counter-trend movements
which I understand as being persistent movements of an individual security, a sector or an index in the same direction over a considerable period of time.  Significant recent trends have ranged from the twenty-year+ disinflationary trend that started in the early Eighties, to the rise of mobile communications networks and devices in the early Nineties, to the plain-vanilla inventory cycle that usually consists, in the US at least, of about 30 months of rising markets followed by 18 months or so of falling ones. Counter-trend movements are normal Trends are never one-directional.  Instead, they are punctuated by periodic ... market research, surveys and trends
How To Profit From the Coming Economic Collapse by Robert Blumen
Many writers of investment books approach the topic of saving and investing without any clear economic theory. Value investors often share the sentiments of fund manager Peter Lynch , who said , "If you spend 13 minutes a year on economics, you have wasted 10 minutes." From the other end of the methodological spectrum, MBAs trained in efficient portfolio theory look disdainfully on any suggestion that investors should at times be entirely in cash as "market timing". In contrast ... market research, surveys and trends


MSFT reported its fiscal third (ending 31 March) quarter earnings results on April 22.  This is what I thought was interesting from the numbers themselves and the related company conference call. the results Revenue, factoring back in sales that are deferred under GAAP, was up 8% year over year.   Operating earnings were up 17%.  The operating leverage is due partly to the fact that incremental copies of software cost virtually nothing to make, and are therefore almost pure profit.  It also comes from continuing strong cost control. Operating income benefitted a bit from the absence of severance charges ($290 million in the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Thailand Country Health Policy - Trends in Health Status
was 5.0 per one thousand people in 1997. It has increased to 6.1 per one thousand people in 2002. From the population and housing census of the Office of National Statistics of year 2000, the population structure of Thailand has changed to a structure of aged population. The proportion of aged female population has increased as shown by increase in their life expectancy since birth in the 1995-96�s survey of population fluctuation. In this survey, it was found that females have higher average life expectancy than males. The data show that the average life expectancy since birth of males was 69.9 years ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Zimbabwe: Struggle, dictatorship and the response of the social movements
"The MDC roots were in the popular challenge to ZANU-PF in the late 1990s and the social movements on which it rested." By Leo Zeilig June 28, 2010 – Zimbabwe’s economy has been in free fall. Between 2000 and 2005, the economy contracted by more than 40 per cent. Today GDP per capita is estimated to be the same as it was in 1953. Before the replacement of the Zimbabwe dollar with the US dollar and the South African rand in 2009, the country had the highest inflation rate in the world, soaring to 165,000 per cent in February 2008. At the start of 2007, the IMF calculated that 80 per cent of Zimbabwe’s population lived below the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Market Selloff Fear Train
When markets trade down, people go searching for a reason or catalyst for the markets actions. When the market goes up, anyone invested thinks they are a genius. From 1982 to 2000, stocks were in a major uptrend and this bull market launched a lot of geniuses. The 18 year bull market in stocks also correlated with two other  secular trends : a bull market in the bond market and a bear market in gold. Since 2000, stocks have swung wildly around in a very large range. In fact, the swings since 2000 have been dramatic: 2000-2002 - down 50% 2002-2007 - Up 100% 2007-2009 - down 58% 2009-2010 - up 83% Yet the net change has been ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


I believe it is prudent that I begin by prefacing this article ...
Counter trend movements are identified as the first rally after the ... Once you 've been able to locate these counter trend movements, I believe ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NIC - Global Trends 2015
In undertaking this comprehensive analysis, the NIC worked actively with a range of nongovernmental institutions and experts. We began the analysis with two workshops focusing on drivers and alternative futures, as the appendix describes. Subsequently, numerous specialists from academia and the private sector contributed to every aspect of the study, from demographics to developments in science and technology, from the global ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Countervailing Trends | Community and Economic Development in ...
are transforming society. It was an excellent and thought provoking speech. At the same time, I’ve also been reading Wendell Berry as well as various articles about the local food movement (a topic I’ve recently written about in this blog ). What I see here are two trends (globalism and localism for short), both tied directly to community economic development, yet seemingly pulling in opposite directions. On the one hand there are the forces of globalization that are shrinking the world, dis-placing people in the process. On the other hand, community self-reliance and sustainability (seem to be) making a comeback ...
Why do many conservative movements seem to exist solely to piss ...
A certain brand of libertarian ideology is about a principled dislike of government intervention into personal and economic affairs. Another brand, subscribed to by the Cato Institute’s David Boaz, is about sticking it to hippies. This in response to environmentalist suggests that people observe an “earth hour” and—voluntarily, I note—conserve energy by turning out the lights, he suggests that we deliberately waste energy in order to stick it to the hippies: [The Competitive Enterprise Institute] rejects the rejection of technology. They have declared the hour between 8:30 and 9:30 on March 27th was “Human Achievement Hour.” To ...
What will be the strongest currency in 2009? | LinkedIn Answers ...
This is a highly unscientific ballot but should be fun to get a feel for what opinions are out there on the various currency trends. Please note that we have purposely chosen individual currencies instead of the more traditional currency pairs. We're looking for views and opinions as to where specific currency strength might be showing next year. Simply select the preferred currency of your choice and vote: Thanks for your feedback! You can cast your vote here: Top right hand corner - select the currency of your choice. posted ...