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a. "General Motors is too large a company, and it would be better for everyone if it were broken up into competing firms." b. " The government needs to do all that it can to provide economic assistance for the weak and the poor." c. "The poor deserve better economic opportunities than they have had thus far." d. "A general 5 percent reduction in the price of automobiles would increase the sale of automobiles by at least 2 percent." e. "What this country needs is a 5 cent beer." 2. When Adam Smith spoke of the principle of the "invisible hand", he meant: a. ...
has for over a century, played a leading role in economics education, research, and public service. Francis Amasa Walker, MIT’s third president, introduced undergraduate studies in economics more than 100 years ago. Walker, who rose to the rank of Brigadier General in the Civil War and directed the 1870 U.S. Census, was a leading economist of his day. He was a founder and president of the American Economic Association. In the early part of the twentieth century, Davis R. Dewey, the editor of the American Economic Review for twenty years and a longtime chairman of the MIT Economics Department, played a major role in preserving ...
Lecturer or Visiting Professor, Department of Economics ...
Eastern Washington University and the College of Business & Public Administration invite applications for a Lecturer in Economics to start September 2010 for a one year contract. Review of applications will begin after July 5, 2010, following certification of the applicant pool; position will be open until position is filled, however priority consideration will be given to completed applications received by July 16, 2010. This position will be responsible primarily for teaching introductory and principles of Economics courses. In addition, depending on the experience of the selected candidate in advanced fields in ... market research, surveys and trends
Obituary | The University Record Online
Steiner came to U-M in 1968, with a dual appointment as professor of economics and professor of law. He created the joint J.D. and Ph.D. law and economics program. He served as chair of the Department of Economics from 1971-74 and as dean of LSA from 1981-89. He retired in 1991. He became dean of LSA in the midst of a severe national recession, which hit Michigan especially hard. Despite the tough economy he improved the college by strengthening the faculty, especially in the natural sciences, and supporting excellence in the humanities and social sciences. Among his accomplishments were the expansion of the Department of ... market research, surveys and trends


Read The Use of Credit Card Debt by - Kauffman Firm Survey August 10
Department of Economics and Finance,. Leon Hess School of Business .... Only 8.1 percent (2.2 million) of small business loans were between $100000 and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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The Business Outlook Index derived from the December survey rose from -5 to 31 between the September 2005 and December 2005 surveys. The most recent survey found that 37 percent of reporting firms felt that future business conditions are likely to improve while 6 percent indicated that conditions are likely to get worse. In comparison, the September 2005 survey found that 20 percent of the reporting firms anticipated improved business conditions while 25 percent expected worsening conditions. A slight change in the proportion of firms indicating that business ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Why Parents Hate Parenting
about the challenges couples face after having children cites a four-year study by the UCLA Center for Everyday Lives of Families in which researchers tracked and videotaped nearly every waking moment in the lives of 32 dual-earner, multiple-child, middle-class U.S. households. Thomas Bradbury, UCLA professor of clinical psychology and a co-director of the Relationship Institute at UCLA, was quoted. A column published Wednesday in Bloomberg Businessweek comparing today's economy with the U.S. economy at the outset of the Great Depression cited research by Lee Ohanian, professor of economics and vice chair of undergraduate ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
U's graduate programs face 'right-sizing' in tough times
Faced with its own money troubles, the University of Minnesota is turning away more graduate students who would get financial help such as teaching positions. Still welcome are those who pay their own way or pursue in-demand studies such as biomedical sciences. The impact goes beyond disappointed applicants. Fewer grad students could mean less one-on-one attention for undergraduates and heavier teaching, grading and research loads for faculty. Graduate education "is what makes this a research university," said Prof. Jeffrey Pilcher, director of graduate studies for the Department of History. "It reflects on the quality of the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Department of Economics, University of Michigan
Academic programs, faculty and staff, course information, research, seminars, and related resources. technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Economics and Statistics Administration - U.S. Department of Commerce
.  The event was held at the Newseum in Washington, DC. In appointing its first set of Fellows in 2000, the Academy sought to recognize and honor individual social scientists for their distinguished scholarship in the social sciences, sustained efforts to communicate that scholarship to audiences beyond their own discipline, and professional activities that promise to continue to promote the progress of the social sciences. Each Fellow is designated to a position named after a distinguished scholar and public servant. The AAPSS was founded in Philadelphia in 1889 to promote the progress of the social sciences. ( technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
University of Chicago: Department of Economics
In the picture from left to right: Hector PEREZ SAIZ, Ph.D.; Professor Hugo Sonnenschein, Director of Graduate Studies; Nicholas TRACHTER, Ph.D. (kneeling); Matias TAPIA GONZALEZ, Ph.D.; Jorge MORENO TREVINO, Ph.D.; Tien Yuek (Priscilla) MAN, Ph.D.; Benjamin MOLL, Ph.D.; Tarun GUPTA, Ph.D.; Lorenzo CALIENDO, Ph.D.; Lee LOCKWOOD, Ph.D.; Professor Harald Uhlig, Chairman, Department of Economics.  Not included in the picture: Rahul BHARGAVA, Ph.D.; Adam Michael CLEMENS, Ph.D.; Tiago DA SILVA PINHEIRO, Ph.D.; Maris GOLDMANIS, Ph.D.; Asier MARISCAL ARLABAN, Ph.D.; Marc TEIGNIER BAQUE, Ph.D. Gary Becker receives the 2010 ...
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WikiAnswers - Why is there a need to study economics
Other contributors have said "Why do you need to study health economics?" is the same question as "Why is there a need to study economics?". If you believe that these are not asking the same thing and should be answered differently, click here . This question has not been answered yet. Related answers: Why do you study economics ? An easy answer would: because I'm interested in economics. More specifically, economics addresses many interesting problems in modern society. Macroeconomics: how do we eliminate cyclical... Why you study economics ? Why you study economics? Probably a very, very good ...
Who is Lloyd Reynolds in economics? - Yahoo! Answers
Lloyd G. Reynolds, a scholar who shaped the fields of labor and economic development and transformed Yale's Department of Economics, died April 9 at his home in Washington, D.C., after a series of strokes. He was 94 years old. Born and raised on a frontier settlement in the Canadian province of Alberta, Reynolds earned a B.A. at the University of Alberta, an M.A. at McGill University and a Ph.D. at Harvard University. He held an instructorship at the latter institution before becoming a professor at Johns Hopkins University. During World War II, as federal spending increased at a furious pace, Reynolds took leave from ...