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Special Report on

Double Bottom-line Profits

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The number of bleeding hearts has soared exponentially over the last decade. Celebrities embraced Africa, while conservatives went from showing disdain for humanitarian aid (“money down a rat hole”) to displaying leadership in the fight against AIDS and malaria. Compassion became contagious and then it became consensus. Skip to next paragraph This is the ninth and final essay in a series examining changes in the collective American experience. Yet all the wringing hands never quite clasped. Just as the bleeding hearts seemed victorious, they divided in a ferocious intellectual debate about how best to help poor ...
is a non-profit organization that strives to be a catalyst in the creation of social enterprises in the Greater China region. Through monthly events called Social Innovation Salons, held in both Hong Kong and Shanghai, Ventures in Development's Social Innovation Factory program brings individuals from various fields together to brainstorm innovative solutions to social problems. By incubating ideas that have the potential to develop into sustainable businesses, Ventures in Development aims to bring social and economic development to impoverished areas of China.
NFIB Survey Indicates Small Business Capitulates: "Owners Have No ...
• Strength in the USD across the board today, most notable against the GBP which is off over 1% after the RICS report data. • The UK housing market is showing signs of weakness, with the first drop in prices in a year according to the RICS report. Fears of a housing led double dip recession have been heightened. • Over 14 million people are likely to be effected by the floods in Pakistan which many experts say will have a more devastating human cost than the Haiti earthquake and the 2004 Asian Tsunami The NFIB Small Business Report came in at 88.1, down from 89.0 but just beating the expectation of 88. Yet there was nothing ... market research, surveys and trends
Impact Investing: Harnessing Capital Markets to Solve Problems at ...
Consider the following examples: A family in New Jersey is moving into a newly renovated, previously foreclosed home.The home is affordable because the nonprofit organization Housing and Neighborhood Development Services Inc., received timely access to a low-cost loan. That loan enabledit to buy 47 distressed mortgages from JP Morgan Chase from the Washington Mutual portfolio, renovate and sell them for a profit. The capital for the purchase of the loans came from Prudential’s Social Investment Fund. A four-year-old child in Clark County, Nevada, will be ready for kindergarten thanks to Acelero, a for-profit company that takes ... market research, surveys and trends


It Takes A Region - Research and Read Books, Journals, Articles at ...
American cities, reeling from the impact of relentless suburbanization, have taken a beating in recent decades. So, too, have many African Americans who fifty years ago, hoping to build a better life, left the South in large numbers and began settling in these cities. Recent dramatic demographic changes in cities and older suburbs brought on by immigration and shifting settlement patterns have added a new complexity to the regional picture. (1) While low-income communities and communities of color suffer the most negative consequences of regional inequity, the impacts of uneven and unhealthy development patterns create ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Double Bottom Line
A family of three community development funds in San Francisco is making a tempting offer to banks: Invest with us and you'll obtain a good return for your bank's bottom line as well as for your community.   The Bay Area Family of Funds says its bank investors can expect to get more than just possible Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit. Bay Area Fund Executive Vice President and Managing Director Elizabeth Ferguson says the fund's investments in environmental cleanup, local business growth, and real estate will seek to generate private equity market rates of return for bank investors. The fund describes ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Jet Blue flight attendant -- and pulling a Slater
now and then. We want to activate the escape slide. Maybe at work, maybe at home. We want to shout "It's been great!" and grab a beer and slater on out of there. Flight attendant Steven Slater got arrested, of course, because you're not supposed to deploy the emergency slide on a plane except in an emergency. But you can just picture what might have happened (and the Times story goes into some detail ): Some passenger for whom the rules don't apply, who perceives himself as more important than everyone else, leaps out of his seat before the plane has reached the gate. Slater tells him to sit back down. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Microfinance: Keeping the Mission When Non-Profits Become For-Profits
Most people with a lively interest in microfinance know that the majority of microloans dispensed throughout the world today come from for-profit microfinance institutions, rather than donation-dependent non-governmental organizations (NGOs). What may be less recognized is how these for-profit MFIs were born. Many of the world's largest and most successful microfinance organizations -- including India's SKS Microfinance, which just raised some $358 million in a closely-watched IPO -- started life as nonprofit NGOs. Riding on early success in attracting clients, they decided to undergo dramatic transformations: they ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Double Bottom Line (DBL) Media Industry
most media companies prioritize maximization of short-term profits over concern ..... In the first section, we examine the landscape for double bottom-line ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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STANFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS—There is a growing desire to practice socially responsible entrepreneurship, but no clear blueprint for doing it well, say managers involved in such ventures. "Especially after the September 11 events, more and more people want to find meaning in their business," said Ben Klasky, the executive director of Net Impact, an MBA network focusing on social missions. However, it is not easy for an organization to merge the business acumen of the corporate sector with the conscience of nonprofits, he added. "We need to get the best of both worlds, rather than the worst." Klasky, a Stanford ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Hi Vanessa - Those are great questions. I could spend my whole day writing about them. I'll just put down a few thoughts here, and hopefully it will help. #1) Managers motivate through LEADERSHIP, not by managing. They inspire the people around them with their palpable belief in the mission of the organization. #2) Challenges to overcome include the fact that many nonprofits have employees who are not producing good work. In the for-profit world, they would be fired, but the nonprofit world has a hard time letting weak performers go. Another challenge is to get nonprofit managers to manage the "double bottom line" ...
What do Ask and Bid prices do to your profits in stocks? - Yahoo ...
I am new with stocks and i used to think that you can buy and sell a stock for a single price. After I learned about Ask and Bid, I feel like there is no way to make profits of stocks anymore. Most the stocks I want to invest in have almost double ask prices as they do bid prices. And since they are penny stocks, a lot of shares means a lot more to pay. Is there anyway to purchase at or close to the bid price? 4 months ago (Tiebreaker) Answerer 1 You mean that if it wasn't for the bid and ask prices you would be able to make a profit? Lets say that you walk outside your house, and the guy next door has a car for sale. ...