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Special Report on

Double Bottom Line Project Report

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I've been saying for a good while now (a year maybe?) that the PTB would find some way to create a 'terrorism' event - or huge distraction - as the Dow drifts down toward the 8-thousand level in order that economic wonks (like you know who) would not be able to make a rock-solid, conclusive argument that we're in a Second Depression, Depression 2.0, Greater Depression, or whatever you've heard it referred to.   What's become frighteningly clear, over the past several weeks, is that the Gulf Oil disaster certainly meets the criteria of the ...
invited Lee to take command of the entire Union Army. Lee declined because his home state of Virginia was, despite his wishes, seceding from the Union. When Virginia seceded from the Union in April 1861, Lee chose to follow his home state. Lee's eventual role in the newly established Confederacy was to serve as a senior military adviser to President Jefferson Davis . His first field command for the Confederate States came in June 1862 when he took command of the Confederate forces in the East (which Lee himself renamed the "Army of Northern Virginia"). Lee immediately emerged as the shrewdest battlefield tactician ...
As Michigan goes through another round of tuition hikes and lawmakers debate whether to ax the state’s major scholarship program – making that four-year degree even harder to pay for – ideas are bubbling up in other states to keep a lid on costs, from “no frills” universities to legalizing and taxing video poker. Michigan is falling behind when it comes to making college affordability – not a good trend for a state needing a highly educated and talented work force to rebuild its economy. State support per public university student is now well below the national average, ($5,289 at Michigan’s top colleges ... market research, surveys and trends
Bill Cara's Blog for June 30, 2010 [See post-close report] | Cara ...
[7:15am ET] Perhaps it has been the equity market’s worst quarter since Lehman, but the worst may be over – at least through into next week. Then it’s a return to watching the 200-day Moving Averages. Of course, Friday morning’s US Jobs Report might make today and tomorrow a fleeting reprieve from an ongoing Bear phase that will ultimately end with the S&P below 900. But looking at the trading on European bourses and the US futures market today, there is a clear movement of capital back into risk equities, including banks, as well as Crude Oil and Precious Metals. This is quite a change from yesterday. The reason for the ... market research, surveys and trends


participating in the program, the percent that drop out, and the percent that ...... PCV has invested $3 million in 10 companies and provided adviso- ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Building Blended Value
million or more made up 45 percent of total charitable contributions in 1994. ..... Sara Olsen, “Double Bottom Line Project Report: Assessing Social Impact ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Liberia: It's Action Time
Since the IMF and the World Bank announced last week that Liberia's US$4.9 billion external debt was written off, Liberia having reached the completion point, exhilarated Liberians have been conjecturing about exactly what that means. Pres. Sirleaf Vows, Clarifies Debt Status, Forecasts Liberia's economic future Some even believe that it meant that the international community has awarded Liberia US $4.9 billion for reconstruction given the level of despair in the country. But serving as studio guest of SKY FM's "5050" Talk-Show host, T-Max Jlateh, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf endeavor to set the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
APG to develop asset class-specific ESG policies
NETHERLANDS – Dutch pension fund manager APG said it plans to develop a formal policy surrounding environmental, social and governance factors for each asset class in 2010. In its annual Responsible Investment Report, outlining its ESG activities in 2009, APG said its "engagement efforts will focus on high-priority issues that relate to responsible business practices and are of financial relevance to the portfolio". Spokesman Harmen Geers said APG has created 14 so-called building blocks that outline the managers asset classes and investment strategy. They include traditional asset classes like fixed income and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Helpdesk Research Report: Methodologies for Measuring the Value of ...
... n.d., 'Assessing Social Impact in. Double Bottom Line Ventures: Methods Catalog', Double Bottom Line Project Report,. RISE, Columbia Business School: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Double Bottom Line
A family of three community development funds in San Francisco is making a tempting offer to banks: Invest with us and you'll obtain a good return for your bank's bottom line as well as for your community.   The Bay Area Family of Funds says its bank investors can expect to get more than just possible Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit. Bay Area Fund Executive Vice President and Managing Director Elizabeth Ferguson says the fund's investments in environmental cleanup, local business growth, and real estate will seek to generate private equity market rates of return for bank investors. The fund describes ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
SROI - Resources
SROI UK is a network dedicated to the consistent and effective use of SROI. The growing membership is led by accredited practitioners who have pioneered SROI in England, Ireland and Scotland. SROI UK is a membership organisation for practitioners, academics, funders and investors who have an interest in the use and development of the Social Return on Investment methodology.   This is the main website for entrants and potential entrants to the competition. The GSVC is open to anyone with an idea for a social venture, or to expand an existing venture. Each team must have at least one current MBA student ...
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Why are conservative politicians have this dilusion about Amtrak ...
That Amtrak as a whole can profit? Amtrak can't profit because the demand to make it profit doesn't exist. Private passenger rail service lost the ability to profit when they lost the mail service. An individual route might be able to break even or profit. Also Amtrak can't be eliminated because it's intercity service keeps cars off the road which saves money on road repair. Answerer 1 Because they're Conservatives and as such they are hard wired to live in the past . The fact of the matter is that the population of the US will double in the next 50 years, fossil fuels will become ...
I need a catchy name for my Amway business
Of course, it all depends which product line is going to be your products, Nutrilite supplements, the Artistry line of make-up...   We had an Amway distributorship...maybe 40 years ago...and it flourished.  Back then SA8 and LOC were the two main products.  Nutrilite Double-X was the hottest supplement and the Artistry line of cosmetics was just beginning.   Whenever we approached anyone to purchase the cleaning products, if they thought they were a bit too expensive, we just signed them up as distributors so they could buy wholesale, too <:O)  Once they tried the products, ...