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Special Report on

Envisioning Socially Responsible Investing

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Lauren F. Howard, assistant professor in the Department of Biology, and Gregg Moore, associate professor in the Department of Art and Design--both of Arcadia University "Think globally; act locally." In the context of ecological sustainability, these words suggest an important outcome we want all our students to achieve: the ability to frame their individual choices and actions in a global environmental context. Interdisciplinary teaching that combines ecology and studio art ...
is a bank concerned with the social and environmental impacts of its investments and loans. Ethical banks are part of a larger societal movement toward more social and environmental responsibility in the financial sector. This movement includes: ethical investment , socially responsible investment, corporate social responsibility , and is also related to such movements as the fair trade movement, ethical consumerism , boycotting , etc. Ethical banking is a juvenile sector within this movement. Other areas, such as fair trade, have comprehensive codes and regulations to which all industries that wish to be certified as fair trade ...
evil tobacco: a csr assumption up in smoke?
challenges an unwritten rule of corporate social responsibility (CSR): tobacco companies need not apply.  However, reflection on the trends shaping the next generation of CSR and its associated discipline, socially responsible investing (SRI), raises a slightly uncomfortable question: maybe a socially responsible tobacco company isn’t an oxymoron after all. There are many, good reasons not to like tobacco. Smoking causes problems:  health problems, social problems, environmental problems.  These are regrettable.  But, until we prohibit the production and consumption of tobacco, is it right to demonize companies that fill a ... market research, surveys and trends
Crowdfunding News and the “News Mutual Fund”
I’ve been looking lately at some of the “crowdfunding” models for journalism, in which audience members donate money to specific stories whose production they want to support. Here’s my idea for a “news mutual fund” – a concept slightly different from the crowdfunding models I’ve seen so far. One well-known crowdfunding project for journalism is Spot.Us . This organization provides a platform for public donations to proposed stories in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Potential donors can read a pitch for the story, follow the reporter’s blog and see other content related to the proposed story. market research, surveys and trends


May 22, 2006 ... 1.8 percent of endowment pool and pension funds in pooled ... Lyman P.Q. Johnson and David Millon, “Recalling Why Corporate ..... Steven D. Lydenberg, “ Envisioning Socially Responsible Investing: A Model for 2006”, 7 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
green@work magazine - Headlines
an environmental news portal, has recently launched, geared for those who want—and need—to stay informed about up-to-the-minute environmental news, but lack the time to search the ever-increasing number of news resources. Updated material is added each weekday from a wide variety of national and international print and Web-based sources—mainstream media, private newsletters, government publications and journals. Direct links to many of the sources make The Bonda Report a convenient and hassle-free entry to a broad spectrum of must-read media ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Societe Generale and Obopay Bring Mobile Money to Africa
Societe Generale, one of the leading financial services groups in the world, and Obopay, a leading mobile banking and payment provider, today announced they are teaming to bring mobile payment services to banked and unbanked customers who have access to a mobile phone. The partnership between the companies is intended to make mobile payments available in new markets, with the first stage of the initiative being launched today in Senegal through Societe Generale de Banques au Senegal (SGBS). The new service, offered as "Yoban'tel by Obopay", is a carrier-agnostic, mobile money transfer and bill payment service ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Nez Perce Oppose Oil-Gear Shipments Through Idaho
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The Nez Perce tribe in north-central Idaho said Friday it doesn't want 200 over-sized loads of oil-field equipment traveling a reservation highway en route to an oil sands project in Canada. The tribal government passed a resolution concluding the giant shipments, scheduled to move at night starting this fall along U.S. Highway 12, "would establish a dangerous and unacceptable precedent in one of the most beautiful and pristine federally protected corridors in the U.S." The Nez Perce also wrote that extracting petroleum from the Kearl Oil Sands in Alberta was an "environmentally destructive method ... ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


jcc7.lydenberg - Envisioning Socially Responsible Investing
EnVIsIOnInG sOCIALLY REsPOnsIbLE InVEsTInG: A mODEL FOR 2006. 5 The concept of incorporating social responsibility into the obligations of corporations has ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Envisioning Patient Safety in the Year 2025: Eight Perspectives
accompanying full investment in relevant research. At the same time, there is a need to revise ... to the responsible provider using the information system. ..... safety work by socially powerful groups within a field of practice is ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
International Business Program - The Fletcher School - Tufts ...
uses his extensive line experience to develop brand and competitive strategies for IBM. He has restructured functional units and designed reward systems to achieve operational objectives in the aerospace and defense, chemicals, electronics, financial services, food, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and utilities industries. He has had profit and loss responsibility, and units he has managed have sold in excess of $100M. His experience includes brand strategy, strategic and market planning, new product introductions, media strategies, industry and competitor analysis, direction of market research ...
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Web Development (2), Occupational Training (1), Advertising (1), Public Relations (1), Organizational Development (1), Communication and Public Speaking (1), Starting Up (1), Computers and Software (1), Using LinkedIn (1) Coincidence is the merchant's view of an accidental, mechanical universe. Synchronicity is that merchant's way of saying he met a philospher who caused him to speculate on an alternate view, but neither to seriously doubt his previous conviction nor to acquire a new one. The new one would be that the universe, and all of its great and small components, exist, and are driven by, pure Intent. If he ...
How are pretty lights being used to motivate readers at one library?
Recently, the brick exterior of the London School of Economics library has been turned into an urban light show: Bluerain. It's the work of San Francisco sculptor and installation artist Michael Brown, and will be officially unveiled Tuesday. Bluerain, which consists of 23,520 glowing blue light-emitting diode (LED) lights, works like this: As students check out books at the library's front desk or search for information on computers, the titles of their desired books and the subject headers of their search results will be broadcast live. The artistic strategy is that so many searches and loans are made in real time ...