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Special Report on

Ethical Investing Makes Progress

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I found this information on the Financial Planning Council’s website and thought it might be of interest to you (my readers). Let me know if you have any questions about the information below. By kmaheu Financial literacy has become increasingly salient these past months in light of recent high-profile investment scandals and the economic downturn, which have compromised many Canadians’ financial wellbeing. According to Financial Planners Standards Council (FPSC) , a key aspect of financial literacy which is often overlooked is for Canadians to better understand what they should consider when hiring a financial ...
is a bank concerned with the social and environmental impacts of its investments and loans. Ethical banks are part of a larger societal movement toward more social and environmental responsibility in the financial sector. This movement includes: ethical investment , socially responsible investment, corporate social responsibility , and is also related to such movements as the fair trade movement, ethical consumerism , boycotting , etc. Ethical banking is a juvenile sector within this movement. Other areas, such as fair trade, have comprehensive codes and regulations to which all industries that wish to be certified as fair trade ...
Socially Responsible Investing for Idiots
If I have to be an idiot, at the least I’m a green idiot. I believe in clean air, corporate responsibility, community activism, licorice, pizza and Thai food. And healthy living, freedom, and of course freedom raisins. Shiny happy raisins I love trees, sky, and ah, the OXYGEN! But I’m worried about the dismal state of health care, education funding, the ozone hole, the Medicare donut hole, and your little dog too! Did you know the North Pole is melting? That really scares me. Plus I need to cut down on my Chunky Monkey intake. In everything I do, in every move I make, it seems that I’m part of the worldwide web of production and ... market research, surveys and trends
We're Making Progress: Obama's Latest Energy/Gulf Speech ...
On June 1, I wrote an op-ed expressing the hope that President Obama would use the Gulf spill disaster as a platform to launch a major push toward sustainability (you didn’t read it here because I submitted it first to the New York Times and then to Newsweek, neither of which published it). Last night’s Oval Office speech was definitely a step in the right direction. Here’s my article on the speech I’d hoped to hear, followed by the relevant portion of what he actually said: MY ARTICLE: The Energy Speech Obama Needs to Make—But Won’t If ever there was a “teachable moment” around energy, ... market research, surveys and trends


Two Million New Jobs From a $100B Green Investment? : Gas 2.0
if the US government were to invest $100 billion dollars over two years in six key areas of green and sustainable development — including advanced biofuels — the result would be the creation of 2 million high-paying jobs across nearly all sectors of employment. This represents four times the amount of jobs that would be created if that same $100 billion were invested in the oil industry for things like more offshore drilling . It also represents significantly more jobs of much higher diversity, pay, and longevity than were created by the $100 billion spent last April so that all us ‘mericans could all get our $600 tax rebates industry trends, business articles and survey research
Investing in the Building Blocks of American Innovation
Feb 1, 2010 ... Federal R&D increases $343 million or 0.2 percent over the 2010 enacted level. The 2011 Budget sets priorities and makes tough choices ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Insurance sector to see brighter prospects
KUCHING: Pertubuhan Insuran Sarawak (PIS), also known as the Insurance Society of Sarawak foresees Malaysia’s insurance industry as one that has a lot of room to expand. UNITY: Abang Johari (centre) flanked by Datuk Zamani (left) and Liew officiating the 31st anniversary dinner. Therefore, professionals in the industry can expect to play an important role in this environment of increasing complexity in the financial services industry. “The insurance industry over the years has seen significant progress and expansion. It is also significant that the insurance industry continues to play a more important socio-economic role within ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Doug Casey on Ethics, Part Three: The Ethical Investor
Doug, you said at the end of our last talk that I wouldn�t like what you had to say about business ethics. Given your two principles: Why would that be? Sounds like good business to me. Doug : Well, as far as completing your contractual obligations and not stealing from � or intentionally harming � people you do business with, that�s pretty obvious and we�ve already covered it. No need to discuss that further. Unfortunately, though, when most people think of �ethical investing,� it has nothing at all to do with ethics. Most people ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Political consequences of ethical investing: The case of South Africa
strategies by which ethical investing operates today. Of immediate relevance to managers is a recent judicial decision .... group, which then makes its claim on the state on .... after one year if substantial progress has not been ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
More calls for ethical investing
The Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) is calling on the CMA's investment arm, MD Management Ltd., to create an ethical funds portfolio so physicians do not have to invest in companies involved in the arms trade. CMA Holdings, which includes 14 subsidiaries, has $24 billion in assets under its administration, and 110 000 physician and family member clients. In May 2006, the SMA passed a resolution sponsored by Physicians for Global Survival that called upon MD Management to create a portfolio “to allow investment in a manner consistent with respect to militarism and environmental sustainability.” In a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Principles for Ethical Investing by Equity Investors in ...
members in their approach to compliance and therefore make greater use of ...... Principles for Responsible Investing, “PRI Report on Progress 2007: ...
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This looks like an easy answer but it is not. You just can not imagine how many IT Project Managers fail to satisfy this condition. posted August 16, 2007 A person who exhibits key traits of excellent project managers: o Effective communicator and planner o Leadership and Team work o Customer first orientation o Effective manager of issues, risks and change o Creative problem solver and detail oriented o Enthusiasm o Expert knowledge of their industry and business o Shows originality in the application of project management techniques. posted August 16, 2007 Besides all the other capabilities that a PM should have, what makes ...
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