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Special Report on

Fed July Loan Officer Survey

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The July 2009 Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices addressed changes in the supply of, and demand for, loans to businesses and households over the past three months.  The survey also included two sets of special questions:  The first set asked banks to rank the causes of declines this year in commercial and industrial (C&I) lending, and the second set asked banks about their expectations for lending standards going forward relative to the average level over the past decade.  The results reported here are based on responses from 55 domestic banks and 23 U.S. branches and ...
Fed says loan standards eased - Business News
WASHINGTON – The Federal Reserve pronounced on Monday bank lending standards eased rather over the final 3 months whilst direct for blurb operation and consumer loans was often unchanged. In its quarterly Senior Loan Officer Survey, taken in July, the Fed found which parsimonious lending conditions, which a little economists have related to the diseased mercantile recovery, were starting to ease. But which was often the box at bigger financial institutions, whilst not as big banks one after another to struggle. With benchmark seductiveness rates already effectively at zero, the Fed final week took stairs to palliate ... market research, surveys and trends
Just When You Thought The Economy Was Headed Back Into The Tank ...
As Northern Trust economists Paul Kasriel and Asha Bangalore observe, bank lending actually increased in July, for only the second time in the past 21 months. Most of the increase came from the purchase of Treasury and other government securities (banks love making a nice spread while taking next to no risk), but some of the increase also came from “other” securities. As Paul and Asha explain below, the expansion of bank credit is often followed by increases in final demand, as consumers and businesses have more money to buy stuff with.  The July data, combined with yesterday’s Senior Loan Officer Survey ... market research, surveys and trends


Fed report: Banks tighten lending standards even more
Banks have become even more squeamish about lending to both consumers and  businesses, according to a quarterly survey of loan officers issued Monday by the Federal Reserve. The survey showed that a large number of issuers "reported having continued to tighten their lending standards and terms on all major loan categories over the previous three months," the report  concludes. These new actions cutting back on credit card lending come atop the sharp tightening reported in the prior survey, released in July. "Nearly 60 percent of respondents indicated that they had tightened lending standards on credit card loans, while ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Banks continue to tighten credit card lending standards, Fed ...
Banks continue to make it harder for consumers to get credit cards, with about 16 percent of issuers reporting tightened credit card lending standards. The rate of tightening fell sharply in the third quarter of 2009, but lending standards remain far tighter than before the recession. Those are among the conclusions of the Fed's quarterly survey of senior loan officers released on Monday. The survey asked banking executives about changes to their institutions' lending standards for everything from mortgage loans to credit cards. When it comes to plastic, the report showed that issuers are still raising interest rates, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
US Household Debt Shrank 1.5% in the Second Quarter
Aug. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bryan Roberts, global reasearch director at Planet Retail Ltd., talks about the outlook for U.S. consumer spending. He spoke on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse" with Andrea Catherwood ahead of Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s second-quarter results. (Source: Bloomberg) American households pared their debts last quarter, closing credit card accounts and taking out fewer mortgages as unemployment persisted near a 26-year high, a survey by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York showed. Consumer indebtedness totaled $11.7 trillion at the end of June, a decline of 1.5 percent from the previous ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
US Data: Fed Senior Loan Officer Survey Comparison-C&I
Survey is for: July 2010 Released: August 16, 2010 Source: Federal Reserve Loans standards for large and middle-market firms (annual sales over $50 million) for approximately three month period prior to report release. All Banks # of Banks | % of Total July-10 Apr-10 Jan-10 | July-10 Apr-10 Jan-10 Tightened considerably 0 0 0| 0.0 0.0 0.0 Tightened somewhat 2 2 0| 3.5 3.6 0.0 Remained basically unchanged 48 48 52| 84.2 85.7 94.5 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Jul 6, 2010 ... to the Kansas City Fed's latest Low- and Moderate-Income Survey. Also, financial conditions for low- and ... July, despite weak real estate conditions, according to the latest edition ... Paul DeBruce, chief executive officer, chairman and founder of ... Loan loss provisions decreased; however, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FRB: Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey: July 2010
The July 2010 Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices addressed changes in the supply of, and demand for, bank loans to businesses and households over the past three months. The survey included a set of special questions that asked respondents about lending to European firms and their affiliates and subsidiaries. This summary is based on responses from 57 domestic banks and 23 U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks. 1 The July survey indicated that, on net, banks had eased standards and terms over the previous three months on loans in some categories, particularly those categories affected ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
1 The Credit Cycle and the Business Cycle: New Findings Using the ...
1 Lown: Former Research Officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY). .... 6 The Senior Loan Officer Survey is conducted four times per year, but the surveys are not always ..... Economic Policy Review, July 2000, 6, 1-16. ...
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