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Special Report on

Fed Model Critique

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Did the Fed Economist Slam Bloggers for the Same Reason that ...
Did the Fed Economist Slam Bloggers for the Same Reason that Fundamentalist Priests Slammed the Printing Press? - Washington's Blog Kartik Athreya of the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank argues that bloggers are stupid, and that only PhD economists have a right to say anything about economics policy. This distinction is a little ridiculous, given that many of the world’s top PhD economics professors are bloggers . And it must be noted that the Fed ignores any PhD economist who exercises any scintilla of independence. For example, all of the PhD economists who say the economy won't recover unless we break up the ... market research, surveys and trends
Gary Stern and Minnesota Macro
who retired last year after serving since 1983 as President of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank. For me, this conference was like going to my high school reunion, and it put into focus the remarkable achievements in economic research and policy that have come out of the Minneapolis Fed, and helped me think about the practicalities of the interaction between theory and policy. The foundation for the Minneapolis Fed model of economic research was built up in the 1970s through the hard work of people like John Kareken, Tom Sargent, Neil Wallace, and Chris Sims, academics at the University of Minnesota, who built a bridge with ... market research, surveys and trends


News Release - Energy Commission Analysis Says Klamath Dam Removal ...
The California Energy Commission said today that removing four PacifiCorp hydroelectric dams from the Klamath River would be more beneficial than originally projected. After reviewing data from a 50-page filing submitted by PacifiCorp recently to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Energy Commission issued a supplemental report showing that it makes more economic sense than first thought to remove the dams and buy replacement power. Removing the dams would be about $114 million less costly than relicensing the project and installing expensive fish ladders, according to PacifiCorp data. "PacifiCorp must ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Street Critique - Michael Farr of Farr, Miller, and Washington ...
TOM HUDSON: Tonight's "Street Critique" guest is waiting for a stock pullback and playing defense. He's Michael Farr, president of Farr, Miller and Washington and author of "A Million Is Not Enough." He's back with us from our Washington, DC bureau. Michael, welcome back to NBR. Nice to see you. MICHAEL FARR, PRESIDENT, FARR, MILLER & WASHINGTON: Thank you Tom. It's always an honor to be with you. HUDSON: So looking for a pullback. How soon, how far and how long? FARR: You know Tom, it may have started today. We've had 43, 44 trading days in a row now where we haven't ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Dr. Sama Banya's Old Tactics of Destructive Politics
The vivacious “New People Newspaper Online” carried out an attention-grabbing critique captioned “Is the APC Leadership Listening or Reading”,  written by Dr Sama Banya – Puawui. The reason behind the old man’s bias appetite is just to remind people about how much he has failed his people and tribesmen.  (Photo: Eddie Stanley – author) If SLPP intends to reinstate the good image of the party, the party should dribble Dr. Banya out of active political discussions. Allowing Dr. Banya’s political babble to dominate and disrupt healthy discussions in an atmosphere that chases reconciliation, socio economic and political ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
How will 787's new materials fare in a crash landing?
Boeing's new 787, the first airliner built largely from carbon fiber infused with epoxy resin, won't behave like a traditional metal airplane in a crash landing. Engineers have spent years modeling and testing the differences, and say they are confident the design is safe. By Dominic Gates Seattle Times aerospace reporter FAA The FAA in November 2007 replaced part of a metal fuselage with a 12-foot by 8-foot panel of the composite material similar to the Dreamliner and set a jet-fuel fire underneath it. FAA Some layers outside of the composite panel peeled away as the epoxy resin ignited and burned, but the mat of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


A behavioral defense of the FED model
A tool widespread used in asset allocation decisions is the so-called FED. In my view, the critique of the FED model has not always been fair and this paper ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
An Evaluation of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's Study of ...
(1990) for a critique of some of the more common measures of goodness-of-fit for limited. 4 dependent variable models. 6. The results of the Boston Fed ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Palley_Monetary Policy & Recession_Slides
Critique of the Fed's Model - 1. • Ignores two types of problem: (1) “Debt footprint” effects of bubbles = after- effects of debt on AD & interest rate ...
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Google Answers: Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns
I am interested in a discussion (and/or analysis) of a financial journal article. "The Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns" by Eugene F. Fama and Kenneth R. French, that appeared in the Journal of Finance (1992). Specifically, I am interested in what was discussed, what the implications are for the finance industry and the strengths and weaknesses of the paper as perceived by other academics. Johnleo -- It's an interesting question, as Fama & French's article is considered one of the most-important finance papers of the 1990s. In the process of doing the research, I found a Journal of Business ...
Should Heather have won America's next top model? - Yahoo! Answers
I totally think so! She took totally fierce pictures, right? Is it just me, or was Heather loved? She was pretty and a great model, and just 'cause she is the best socially active person, she got sent home. :( I was really upset. So do you thnk she should have won? Let me know! PS> I love Tyra, Miss J and Mr. J Manuel plus TWIGGY For me, Cycle 9 was the weakest of all the Cycles. Saliesha is pretty and all that but she walked the catwalk many times before being picked for, she was part of Tyras camp for girls with low self esteem too. Not that that means that Tyra was playing favorites or just ...